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I am pretty sure this will not come as a surprise to you all but La Roche Posay is definitely one of my favourite French Skincare Brands. I am super pleased you can buy majority of their products from drugstores like Boots and online from Escentuals, Garden Pharmacy, etc. I have featured many of these products in their own reviews but I thought it would be nice to do a lovely brand review. I was contacted by La Roche Posay to see if I would like to try their new Sun Screen- The Anthelios XL Sunscreen SPF 50 and of course, I said yes. They kindly sent it over to me with some other products for a complete skincare overhaul. If you read my blog regularly you would have seen some reviews of these products which I purchased for myself. I was really pleased to receive back ups of all my favourite products from La Roche Posay and I will be giving out some tomorrow so stay tuned for a giveaway. I also received one product which I have not tried before so I was very delighted and I love it as expected.

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleanser*
This was one of the products I had not tried although I had my eyes on it. I love the pristine white packaging complete with a pump which I always love to have with skincare products. It is such a gentle cleanser and it removes all my makeup without any hassles. I don’t have to scrub or rub my face at all; all I do is a gentle massage in circular motions. It is enriched with La Roche Posay’s thermal spring water which I think may be why it feels ever so gentle. The good thing about this cleanser is that it does not strip my face out at all and it stabilises the PH of my skin.  As expected with many La Roche Posay products, the Physiological Cleanser is colorant-free, paraben-free and free from alcohol. For my combination/oily skin (also blemish prone), this cleanser is really good and I have not broken out at all. I still use my Neutrogena Visibly Clear Wash every other day to ensure my skin is gently exfoliated. Together, they have worked to keep my skin clear.

La Roche Posay Micro Exfoliant Astringent Lotion*
This is actually my third bottle of this toner and I absolutely love it. I got the first one when I went to Paris and I have not looked back since. This is actually my third bottle and I absolutely love it. It is described as a micro-exfoliant which helps tighten and unblocks the pores. If you suffer from acne/blemishes and/or congested pores, you would enjoy suing this toner. I use it straight after cleansing and I just tip some onto a cotton pad and swipe downwards on my face. Although it contains alcohol, you can hardly tell as it does not dry out my skin at all. It is really gentle yet effective and it has been a staple in my skincare for a few months now. Due to its Salicylic Acid content, it can be classified as a BHA exfoliant which penetrates the pores to decongest it and prevent future breakouts. I just love this stuff and I use it almost every day. If you have sensitive skin, I believe you can still use this.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+)*
Say hello to one of the most hyped acne skincare products in the blogging world!! I remember a few years ago, it was literarily the bee’s knees and I can understand why. The first time I tried it out, I purchased it from Boots when they had 1/3rd off La Roche Posay products. Four tubes later, I can say hand on my heart that it is one product that I have repurchased a lot and I can’t be without it. The Effaclar Duo is targeted at people with congested skin who are also prone to breakouts. When I first tried it, I did not quite see any huge differences until I stopped using it. I would classify it as more of a preventative product which ensures my pores stay clear. It works to ensure that I don’t break out and if by any chance I do (sometimes hormonal breakouts are just nutters), then it ensures it does not leave a scar. I have incorporated this in my skincare for a long while now and I can say my skin has really made a turn around. I have also noticed that some new spots that managed to get on my face did not leave any pigmentation/blemishes because I was using the Effaclar Duo as well as other products. I don’t think it works as effectively on older blemishes/hyper pigmentation as it does with newer ones. It’s one of my favourite products from the range. I have a full review here.

La Roche Posay  Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector*
I cannot even articulate how much I love this product and it has featured on my Empties Product Video and French Skincare Video. I can no longer even count how many times I have repurchased this product because it is so good. As the name suggests, it is a targeted breakout corrector which helps minimise any active spots. It is one of the products that actually works and it always gets rid of any spots I have usually within one day (at the worst two days). The best thing is it can be used under your makeup as it is non-comedogenic and it gets absorbed so quickly without interfering with your makeup. I don’t use it every day; only on days when I sense I may have a breakout (when I eats crap or near my period) or when I have one (usually after I have been neglecting my skin).  I find that using the Effaclar Duo and the Effaclar A. I is one of the ways that have successfully kept my skin blemish free. I strongly recommend this product as it is one i always fall back to and it absolutely works for me. I have a full review here

La Roche Posay Serozinc 
We all chimed a resounding Hallelujah when Escentual announced that the coveted La Roche Posay’s Serozinc was available to be purchased in the UK. Before this year, we all had to get Serozinc from across the pond or from Ebay at very extortionate amount. Why take all this trouble? Well, the simple answer is mainly because it is actually effective. It is made from only three ingredients (Water, Zinc Sulfate and Sodium Chloride), yet it works so well with many reviews online raving about it. I use it particularly when my skin is feeling a little worse for wear and needs to be refreshed. It helps relieve redness from spots and generally reduce the size and eventually get rid of it with the help of other skincare products. It feels so refreshing and I love how it comes out from the nozzle; not too much and not too little. I have a full review here.

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Sunscreen SPF 50 (Dry Touch Gel Cream)*
A few years ago, I was on the haunt for a good sunscreen. I understood the benefits of using sunscreens especially to prevent my spots from getting darker. I tried a few sunscreens which were so greasy, left white/blue casts and difficult to get absorbed which meant it was almost impossible to use under makeup. I stumbled upon the Anthelios XL Sunscreen in Boots and tried it out and was super shocked as it was everything I want in a sunscreen. I particularly like that they are designed to suit your skin type. I chose the Dry Touch Gel Cream which has a matte finish and even acts as a primer for my foundation. I love, love this sunscreen and it has an SPF 50 which protects my skin from UVA/UVB rays. La Roche Posay have recently changed the packaging and they sent me this new one to try which I absolutely love. It feels like the same formula but in a slimmer tube which looks cute. I have a full review here

Overall Thoughts
I am sure you can tell that I am obsessed with La Roche Posay skincare products especially their Effaclar range which is designed for combination/oily skin that is also acne/blemish prone. They are the first products I always add in my shopping basket whenever Escentual have their 1/3rd off French Skincare which is sadly ending today so hurry up if you want to bag any bargain. I also want to thank La Roche Posay for sending me back ups of all my favourite products. It is really lovely when one of your favourite brands appreciate your blog. Remember to check back tomorrow because I have a Giveaway for your guys to win some of these products. Have you tried any products from La Roche Posay?
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  1. I love this brand so will definitely be taking some of these recommendations on board...I love the Serozinc, Effaclar Duo + and also the Physiological Soothing Toner :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

    1. Yes, I love La Roche Posay and their products are so well soothed for my skin. I am glad you enjoyed this post....xx


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