Primark Haul (Video)

I never understand why people look down on Primark! It is one of my favourite stores to pop into; granted it may not have the best quality every time. Primark has really improved over the years especially with the quality and price (I have to add). One thing I really like Primark for is the wide range of items available there. They are also very good at creating dupes for many higher end and some high street stores like the Zara Mini City Bag look alike which I featured in a recent post. There are so many hidden gems in Primark and you just have to look and find the right one. It may be very chaotic on some days but it's always a nice store to pop into for basic items. I would stop rambling now and dive in. As always, I filmed the haul and it's on my channel on YouTube which you can find a direct link to the video here and you can watch it below if you wish. It would mean a lot to me if you subscribed here so you don't miss any updates.

I picked up two tops/blouses which look really lovely and very Spring appropriate. They both have lace detailing at the top which gives way to a pleated chiffon flowing body. I got them in Peach and Black. I always wear a nice camisole underneath because it is transparent/see-through. I also got some workout wear which is surprisingly good. I love H&M Sports wear and I thought they were the best affordable ones out there but the Primark ones are really good and slightly cheaper. I picked up a workout top, bottoms and a fleece jacket and the total cost for all three was just under £15 which is such a bargain. I also picked up some accessories including the Primark Mini City Bag (featured here) and two sunglasses which I adore. That's pretty much all I picked up and i hope you enjoyed this video. Have an amazing week ahead and see you in my next post...xx


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