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I love Spring/Summer season because this is the time when Magazines give out some lovely freebies. One of my favourite magazines is Glamour UK Magazine because it is affordable (it's only £2) and they usually include really lovely useful freebies. In the April Issue which is out now, there are four lovely products all from Balance Me. I am not sure what all the products are called because I was only interested in two products but I think they include: Balance Me Body Wash, Balance Me Lip Salve, Balance Me Face Wash and Balance Me Radiance Face Mask.

I picked up two magazines as you do. If I liked all the other products included in the freebies, I won't mind picking up all four magazines because I think spending £8 on these deluxe samples is not too atrocious. I previously tried the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash and I really liked it but I have no idea why I never repurchased it. I only picked these products up a few days ago so this is not a full review but mainly to inform you (in case you missed it) that they are on offer. So, this will be a first impression/mini review of these products.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash
I already mentioned I previously tried this face wash and I really liked it. Balance Me pride themselves in creating products which are usually made from 98% natural ingredients and I think that's impressive. The Pure Skin Face Wash is designed to cleanse, balance and refresh the skin. It is a water based cleanser and it is does not contain Sulfate, Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oils, Artificial Fragrance, etc. It is also enriched with Anti-oxidants and Spruce Knot Extract which gently balances the skin's PH. I use this after I have taken off my makeup with a wipe/micellar water. It feels like a slightly creamy lotion which goes on easily on the face and forms a little lather once you massage it. I use the word lather very loosely and I am not sure that's the right word but it feels slightly creamy. I massage this for a minute or so and wash it off with warm water. It makes my skin feel really soft and it has a spa-like fragrance which I can't quite pinpoint but I like it. This Pure Skin Face Wash is designed for normal to combination skin. I really like that it does not make my skin feel tight rather it makes my skin feel clean and soft.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask
This is a new one to me and I don't think I have even read any review on this Face Mask. Just like the Pure Skin Face Wash, it is also made from 98% natural ingredients. Balance Me claims that the Radiance Face Mask polishes, hydrates and smoothes the skin and it is suitable for all skin types. Of course, I was very curious about this claim which is why I picked it up. It is designed to be a triple action face mask made with Kaolin Clay, Walnut Shells and Fruit Acids which work together to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten the skin. When I first used it, I was surprised that it felt like a scrub and I was a little confused on how to use it. Should I use it as a scrub or smooth it over my skin as a mask? I guess the little granules which made it feel like a scrub was due to the walnut shells in the formula. Don't get me wrong; they really felt like micro beads so it is not abrasive but they were just a little unexpected. Anyway, I went ahead and smoothed it over my face and left it for a few minutes (5 minutes or so). It was pretty easy to wash off. I know it's too soon to say but I really liked the results I got after a couple of uses. It left my skin feeling really soft and quite smooth. I would report back on this when I have tested it out for longer.

Overall Thoughts
I am pretty impressed with these two products from Balance Me. As mentioned, there are other generous samples which are lovely. If you wanted to pick only one, I would recommend the Pure Skin Face Wash because it is really easy to use and I don't think it will be unsuitable for any skin type. I know it says suitable for Normal to Combination Skin but I think it would be good for other skin types. The Radiant Face Mask is designed for all skin types but I think it would be suitable if you have acne/blemish prone skin because it contains Kaolin Clay which is really good for keeping the skin clear. Would you be picking up Glamour Magazine to try one of these Balance Me samples? See you in my next post...xx


  1. Can't believe these were a magazine gift, thats so good, usually it's really cheap products or sunglasses, maybe have to get this issue!

    Check out my blog, I interview big bloggers like In The Frow and Peony Lim

    1. I know right!!! Spring/Summer is the best time for magazine freebies!! I will check out your blog in a bit...xx

  2. I was surprised at the exfoliating bits in the face mask too! I quite liked it though :) I don't think I've ever been completely blown away by Balance Me though xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. You should have seen my absolutely surprised face when I felt the exfoliating bits but it's lovely though! I am not blown away either but I think they are good!!...xx


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