Empty Beauty Products #1 (Empties Video)

I don't want to kid myself and jinx everything but I think I may be uploading a video every Sunday. I enjoy making videos and I hope to get better. I am still getting grips with the best kind of lighting for my videos and I hope I sort it out soon. If my face appears too bright, just bear with me until I figure it out. I am talking about my favourite empty beauty products today and it features some lovely products and some not-so-lovely ones.  

Empties Videos are one of my favourite videos to watch because it gives me a good insight of well loved products especially if they have been repurchased. I hope you enjoy watching it. It would make my day if you subscribed to my channel here and if you are reading the blog on your phone; you can find a link to the video here. Let me know what you think of my empties in the comment below and I will catch you in my next post tomorrow...xx


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