Sleek Makeup I-Quad Palette Review + Swatches (Midnight Blues)

I think the Boots near my work place has to be one of the best  especially when it comes to showcasing new releases. I just popped in as you do during break to actually pick up a bottle of water and spotted this Beauty. Apparently Sleek Makeup have just released their new I-Quad Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Palette. They were three lovely shades to choose from: Midnight Blues, Morocco Myrhh and Medusa's Kisses. I settled for Midnight Blues because I thought it was the prettiest and it was also limited edition so I wanted to snag it before it flew off the shelves. Already, Sedusa was sold out and I can see why people love that palette. It is perfect for smoky eyeshadow looks. These I-Quad palettes are designed to accentuate, illuminate, define and line the eyes and the eyeshadows within the palette are well formulated  to back up this claim.

You know the drill; Sleek Makeup packaging is always so classy and sleek (pun very much intended). I actually like the smaller palette packaging (same as their Brow Kit) as they feel much more sturdier and secure complete with a click so no accidental wastage/damage can happen. I always disregard the little makeup tools including eyeshadow sponges and brushes in most palettes but I actually the little eyeliner brush that this came with. It does the job really well so I would not toss it although the eyeshadow brush will have to go.

Shades in the Palette
I really like the combination of colours in this palette and they complement each other. I don't think I have many eyeshadows that are blue in my collection which is why I chose this palette. I don't particularly think blue is the most flattering colours on me but these shades of blue are easier to work with. In the palette you get three eyeshadows: Deep Sky, Dream a Little and Smoke Lightening. You also get the most gorgeous navy blue eyeliner called High Octave. They all have a slight shimmer to them and I guess they are more of a night time look eyeshadow. However, I think Deep Sky has less shimmer and much easier to wear during the day. I have an iPhone picture below of some of the other palettes within the range: Sedusa's Kisses and Morocco Myrhh.

Sleek Eyeshadows are known for their incredible pigmentation which is very impressive for a drug store brand. These eyeshadows are really pigmented and they apply really well. There may be some slight fall outs especially with the shimmer shades but it can be minimised by tapping off any excesses before application. The eyeliner is not a gel texture and it feels more like a liquid lipstick texture but it is so easy to use. The pigmentation and lasting power is really incredible. It goes on so smooth and stays put. I wore this look all day and the eyeshadows did not budge although I used my Laura Mercier Eye Canvas underneath as a primer.


It costs only £5.99  which I think is super affordable for the amount and quality you get. If these palettes don't fly off the shelves then it will be a massive bargain to pick them up when there are offers in the drug store. However, I won't wait that long especially with the Limited Edition Midnight Blues. I wanted to pick up all three but I had to be sensible.

Overall Thoughts
What can I say? I am so pleased I picked the Midnight Blues Palette up and I know I may go back for Moroccan Myrrh at some point. I really like this palette and it has restored my faith in experimenting with blue eyeshadows again.  See you in my next post. What do you think of this palette?
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  1. I'm tempted to buy the blue and the moroccan one...just one question, does the eyeliner stay put all day?

    1. Ohhh the blue and morrocan ones are so lovely and yes, the eye liner stayed put all day. Towards the end of the day, it started fading but that's quite normal..xx


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