Celebrating Mother's Day with TruPrint + Free Personalised Cards*

March is indeed Mothers' month and I love it. What I love more is that there seems to be more than one Mother's Day because I think Americans celebrate theirs on a different month. I think mothers should be appreciated every single time. If you are reading this post, pause, send your Mum a text telling her how much she means to you. It would absolutely make her day; I can assure you. I know some people may have lost their mums or they may not have a good relationship with their Mums but Mums can be anyone who has been standing in as/for your Mum. It does not necessarily have to be your biological mother; it could be a sister, an aunty, a grandmother, a cousin or even a great grandmother.  I have always been a Daddy's girl and I still am but I grew closer to my mum as I grew older. Our relationship changed a lot and we saw ourselves having women to women chats; not just only Mother to Daughter Chats. I really enjoy that she relates to me like a grown up although she still introduces me as her last baby (I am the last child) to visitors *inserts embarrassed face emoji* even though I am well into my late twenties. I guess children will always be babies to their parents.

I think Mums are pretty damn special but my Mum is very special (hehehe). She is very hilarious and always makes me laugh with some of the things she comes up with. I remember when I first moved to the UK, she called me every single day to make sure I was well covered up so I won't catch a cold. We still speak to each other every week because she knows (I think) that I can take care of myself now. Whenever I go to Nigeria to visit her, she lightens up and glows and it totally makes me happy. When your parents are getting older, they seem different and the dynamics of your relationship may change. You find that you are taking care of them and looking out for them like they did for you when you were younger. It's so special and I can only wish to have amazing children in future who will cherish me as their mother. I can write all day about this but I guess all I am trying to say is I love my Mum. I want her to have an amazing Mother's Day even though I won't be physically present to celebrate it with her.

As part of my celebration of Mother's Day with her, I created a personalised card* for her via Truprint. They contacted me to ask if I wanted to create a card for my Mum and of course, I said yes. I signed up for an account and browsed through the wide selection of Mother's Day Cards on their site and found this lovely one. I really like that the site is easy to navigate and you can create any style of card you want. I chose this simple design made by Hallmark which says Like Mother, Like Daughter  because I catch myself doing some of the things my Mum does. It's actually hilarious because I tease her about some of her habits and now I do them. Most people tell me I look like my Dad or remind them of my Dad which I think is largely true but I think some of my mannerisms are from my Mum e.g. I have got a really infectious laughter like my Mum. I know she would love this card because it is simple but creative; just what she likes.

I also had the option to write inside the card with my own words which is really useful as I don't particularly like all the wordings from some store bought cards. Blank cards are good but I don't think my hand writing is the best sometimes so I love having the option to write my own words in print. You can then choose to send this card directly to your recipient or to yourself so you can present it to your Mum later. I decided to send it to myself because my Mum lives in Nigeria. I will be sending this along with other Mother's Day treats to her through one of my friends visiting Nigeria.

Photo Printing at Truprint
Apart from offering the option to create your own card, Truprint also offers the option to print pictures and I chose to print a few to send to my Mum. She still loves printed photos so she can pop them in a frame or an album and I think it's so important to print pictures. I feel the memory is much richer than looking at it on a screen. I know my Mum would love seeing my printed pictures because I live thousands of miles away from her and it's more tangible for her to have my pictures rather than see them digitally/on a phone or screen.

You can create yours too
I really enjoyed creating this card and I am sure you would too. Truprint  have kindly offered my readers a chance to create your own free personalised picture cards through their Mum in a Million Campaign. However, it is open to only UK readers. I know I have a good number of international readers but I will be hosting a giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.  According to Carolyn Dawkins of Truprint it is estimated that “Millions of UK mums will open a Mother’s Day card this March, so we have set ourselves the ambitious target of making a million of these mums even happier. Receiving a card with a thoughtful message is lovely, but getting one that children or grandchildren have gone to the trouble of designing themselves is priceless.” 
If you are interested in creating a free personalised photo card (worth approx £1.99- £2.99) for a special woman in your life including your Mum, Nan, Aunty, etc or whoever is standing in as your Mum, then check out how you can win below.

The Details to Redeem Offer
1.To redeem this offer while stocks are available, visit www.truprint.co.uk/millionmums and enter the code MUMINAMILLION
1. Simply log on to the Truprint website
2. Choose a design and personalise it with your photos, names and messages. There are hundreds of different designs ranging from fun, to chic or arty, there is something to make mothers and grandmothers all over the UK feel extra special.
3. Your Bespoke Card will arrive within 5 days (Mine arrived in 2 working days)
5. All cards available are 7 x 5” and come with their own envelope
6. 99p postage and packaging charge will apply (Definitely cheaper than many store bought cards)
7. With Mothering Sunday on the 15th of March 2015, the last date to redeem this offer is Monday 9th March.
7. Truprint  has been trusted with people’s most precious photographs for more than 30 years. Photos can be uploaded from cameras, computers, mobile devices, Facebook or Flickr. If you want to know more you can email them at digital.service@truprint.co.uk

I hope you enjoyed this little post and I will be having more coming to celebrate Mother's Day. It is important to celebrate Mother's Day everyday not just on Mother's Day. I will see you in my next post.
*PR Sample (No affiliate links are used above and I don't get paid a commission if you use the code, so go ahead and treat your Mum.) All opinions are mine.


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