Boots Botanics Range Review

Boots has always been one of my favourite stores to shop in and the truth is I am surrounded by Boots Stores. There is a large Boots about 3 minutes from my office and another really large Boots approx 4 minutes away from my house so it is such a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I always get good deals 'cos  I get there on time and a curse because a good amount of my money is spent there...Oh well!! Another reason why I love Boots is their Boots Botanics Range. I am not 100% sure it is all organic and natural but a good percentage of the ingredients are derived from plants and natural derivatives so it is good enough for me. They always try to promote their range by giving out extra Boots points when you purchase products from the Botanics range and that's one of the ways I discovered a few amazing products from the range that are worth adding to your next shopping/wish list.

Cleansing Toner All Bright
I bought this because it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) derived from the Hibiscus plant/flower which has natural brightening properties. I ran out of my beloved Pixi Glow Tonic so I decided to try this out for a while and I love this although it is nowhere near as effective as the Pixi Glow Tonic but it is a good cleansing toner as it lifts off any impurities off the face after double cleansing and refreshes the skin instantly. I can’t say I have seen any marked differences in terms of brightening but it is very refreshing and its texture and colour is a little similar  to the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner although this is a little bit more liquid-y.

Microdermabrasion Polish
I think this may have been the first product I tried from their range and it is a hybrid between a mud mask and a micro scrub.  It looks like a clay/mud mask but with very tiny particles which help slough away dead skin and I use this once a week or anytime I feel my skin needs a nice little scrub. Due to the tiny size of the particles, it exfoliates the skin gently and it is not abrasive at all. It contains Gingko which helps improve the appearance of the skin. My skin feels much better and cleaner when I use this although it is quite difficult to remove as some tiny particles still manage to get left behind on my face or maybe I have not found the best way to remove this as I currently take it off with either warm water or a damp flannel/muslin cloth.

Refreshing Eye Roll-on:
Ladies (and gents!!), say goodbye to puffy under eye circles! this is my best purchase from the whole range as it is effective and you can see an immediate improvement. I would call this an eye cream/serum with a twist because it comes with a roller blade which is ever so cool on the eye and relieves puffy or dodgy looking under eyes and makes you feel more awake. It contains an extract from Hibiscus plant which helps brighten the under eye and I don’t really have dark or prominent under eye circles but this has made an impression on me because it works. A few weeks back, I was having very short nights due to some deadlines at work so my eyes were naturally very unsightly. This made all the difference because the roller blade has a cooling effect that instantly lifts up my under eye, moisturises it and soothes it. I can’t really sing its praises enough and it is so handy and non-messy because it does not come in a tub where you have to dip your fingers into it.

Cleansing Face Wipes: 
My favourite face wipes hands down is the Simple Kind to Skin wipes but let’s face it, there are quite pricey when they are not on offer although there are usually on offer. Naturally, I was on the lookout for a wipe that delivered all I wanted and was affordable. Enter the Boots Botanic Cleansing Face Wipes. It is amazing and it is not too moist or dry at all. I have used some wipes that are pretty frustrating because they are too moist and sometimes too dry but this is perfect. Plus it is affordable and I don’t have to use more than one because it does the job so well. I hope you have had some insight on some products from the Boots Botanics range which you may want to try in the future.See you in my next post...x


  1. The Microdermabrasion Polish looks right up my street! I do love a good trip to Boots - even though I end up spending more than I should every time!!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Hi Milly, yeah it is indeed lovely and if you find out how to take it off effectively, give me a shout..x


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