L.A. Colours Eyeshadow Palette Review (Shades-Dreamy and Precious)

I have never been one to turn down popping into the 99p or £1 shops because you can always find gems  in there and my favourite ones are Poundland, Poundworld and 99p stores and they are strewn all over London. I usually buy home ware and toiletries there because they offer a wide variety which are more affordable. Also, you find things there which you have always wanted to buy but never get around buying; I just love shopping there every now and then. Poundland is a very good place to find makeup and cosmetics gems every now and again especially nail polishes which is where I buy most of my Drug Store nail polishes. Occasionally, I find some makeup which I inspect thoroughly to ensure nothing is wrong with it and most times, they have been fine.

A little while ago, I popped into a 99p store around where I live and I was surprised to find these eye shadow palettes from L.A.Colours because I have never really seen any nice makeup in the 99p stores rather I find them in Poundland and sometimes Poundworld. L.A. Colours are a USA based company and I have not really tried much from their range so I was happy to pick these colours up. I was a little sceptical in picking these up because the labelling at the back of the product just looked dodgy but I still bought it because it's 99p so if I don't get along with it, I can toss it. Thankfully, that was not the case.

Shade and Packaging of the L.A. Colour Eyeshadow Palette
The shades I picked up was Precious and Dreamy because I liked the colours of the eye shadows inside. It was sealed so I could only stare at it through the clear packaging. The packaging is quite a holy pain because it is so difficult to open. Of course, I am not a fan of the packaging because it feels cheap which is what it is so I am not really complaining.

Pigmentation/Lasting Power
I have mixed feelings on the colours. I loved all the colours just looking through the packaging but swatching it was just a little disappointing because the colour pay off was really poor except for a few shades like the darker colours. I really like the palest shades as a brow highlight which is perfect. The texture of some of the eye shadows are a bit powdery but others seem fine. It's just a little inconsistent which is annoying. However, I find the pigmentation really good especially with the purple and plum shades in both palettes and with an eye primer, they lasted all day which is incredible as I did not expect that to happen.

L.A. Colour Eye Brow Pencil
On the other hand, I really like this brow pencil because it is just the perfect shade for my brows. The shade is Dark Brown and it is well pigmented and delivers really nice strokes. It came with its own sharpener which I promptly binned because it just wasn't working but I did not mind because the quality of the brow pencil made me so happy. I used my other trusty sharpener and I find that it sharpens really well without breaking which is one of my pet peeves with brow pencils. The brow pencils came in a pack of two with the defunct sharpener which is such a good bargain for 99p although I wonder why they are so short :-( but it means I have a better grip and control during application so it's not too bad!!

Personal Thoughts
I have very mixed feelings on the eye shadows but as I have mentioned several times, it is very cheap so I should not be complaining. It is possible that other L.A. Colour products not sold in 99p shops are better than these ones; who knows? The darker (non-chalky) shades in the palette are amazing and surprisingly well pigmented so I think it makes up for the other dodgy shades. The brow pencils are super and I am so pleased I picked them up. This would not deter me from trying some more makeup from these cheaper stores because I think it's fun!! See you in my next post!


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