Becca Rejuvenating Primer Review

Becca is a brand I have seen featured on many USA/Canada based beauty blogs (also on some UK blogs) and I have heard good things about them especially the Becca Ever Matte Primer but the price range always scared me. When I checked online and saw the price range of  almost £30, I was like Hell to the No. Then one day back in January,  I saw that Fragrance Direct was having a Becca Sales and this primer amongst other products was on sale. I quickly placed an order and crossed my fingers hoping for the best.

I quite like the packaging as it looks expensive (which it is when it's full price) and  I was just lucky to get it in sales. It’s a basic tube but it contains 40 ml of product which is very handy to know because it has lasted me a long while. I bought this since January and I am still using it even till the end of March. It dispenses a good amount of the product with a gentle squeeze although if you are not careful, you may get more product than u want and there is no way to get it back into the tube.

What does Becca say?
According to Becca, this primer is a nourishing and lightweight primer which has an instant tightening effect on the skin and works to continually improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I did not notice any tightening on my skin and I was not looking for that when I purchased it; all I wanted was a primer to help my makeup last longer and prevent my T-Zones from getting shiny at the end of the day.  I am fully aware this primer is better aimed for older ladies but this was the only one available and I just had to get it. I originally wanted the elusive Becca Ever Matte Priming Perfector which was already sold out by the time I got on the site so I settled for this one which in my opinion may be equally good. Becca also points out that it hydrates and softens the skin while creating a luminous base for your makeup and ensures it lasts all day which is actually the reason I purchased it.

How do I use it?
I apply it right after my moisturiser with SPF and it acts like a barrier between my foundation and my skin. It just dispenses a pea sized amount and dot it all over my T-Zone (notorious for being shiny during the day) and around my cheeks and then I just pat it all over my face and that’s it. I apply my foundation and I am done. It really helps application of my foundation go on smoothly without any dryness or unevenness. It is silicone free so it does not have that silicon-y feeling but it has a really light texture and your skin really does feel hydrated once you apply it which is a massive plus for the skin.

It’s so funny how you can almost disregard a product because it did not work out for you the first time and that was the case with this primer which is why I am writing this review up almost 2 months after purchasing this. I had read a few reviews of how effective the Becca Primer was which is why I expected a very dramatic result but that was not the case. It just seemed ordinary for me (especially after using the Benefit Porefessional Primer for a long time which is one of my favourite primers). I got another primer and I stopped using the Becca one and then it hit me. OMG, I was so shocked at the difference and I had to run back to my beloved Becca which is why I am lovingly writing this post up. I have always used good-ish primers so it's easy for me to take it for granted that my makeup should last all day. However, when I tried that different primer, I got so oily and my makeup was slipping with its longevity reduced, I realised that not all primers are created equal. The Becca Primer ensures my makeup is intact and my T-zones are not very oily.  It’s really wonderful and you may not notice a massive difference until you try other dodgy primers. I can't say my T-Zones are completely shine free and matte but their end-of-the-day shine has been drastically reduced with the use of this primer (maybe the ever matte Becca version would be the miracle primer; I would never know due to its cost). I am still on the hunt for the primer that would keep my T-Zones matte and if you are out there, make yourself known and be affordable as well :-).

I bought mine for £5.99 which is a massive steal and I am super impressed because the normal retail price is about £28!! To be honest, I think this is one where I would consider buying a backup even if it is full price because it is that good. If you are interested, Fragrance Direct still have some sales on Becca products which you can check here but sadly, all primers have been snatched off by beauty lovers/bloggers like me...:-)

1.Its full price is quite expensive.
2. If you prefer silicone primers, you may not like this one as it does not have the silcone-y primer feeling

Personal Thoughts
I am really pleased with this product and I am literally kicking myself for not purchasing a backup of this because it’s brilliant and does what it says. I still have a good amount of product left after almost 2 and half months which goes it’s really good value for money. I definitely recommend it...see you in my next post..x


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