Astalift Cleansing Oil Review

Taking my makeup off at the end of the day is one of the activities I look forward to after work every day because it just feels so refreshing and relieving just like taking off my bra at the end of the day :-). The freedom and relief can never be In the past, I started off with using makeup wipes which I still turn to on extremely lazy days. Then, I  moved on to Micellar waters which are still a firm favourite especially with brands like Bioderma and Garnier creating beautiful Micellar waters.

I recently tried Cleansing Oils and I was in shock as to how all, I mean ALL, traces of my makeup were gone. It was truly like magic. I know cleansing oils have been making the rounds in the beauty world for a while now but I just never wanted to jump on the bandwagon because I was pretty satisfied with my current makeup removers (wipes and  micellar waters). I got to try the first cleansing oil which happened to be a Bobbi Brown version at their counter when I went for a makeover and I was astounded as to how effective it proved to be. Since then, my interest had been piqued and I wanted to try one first before buying one. This opportunity came when I got the newsletter from Elys in Wimbledon (I have spoken about them here) saying there were some free samples of Astalift Cleansing Oil up for grabs. Elys is rapidly becoming my favourite department store –watch out Debenhams!  So here is a my little review..

Brief Background of the Astalift
Just like you, I had never heard about Astalift before now. I had spied them in Debenhams and Elys a little while ago but I was not drawn to them and I am not sure why. I guess I thought they looked expensive or I thought it was only for older ladies due to the "Lift" in their name which is partly true. They are experts in anti-ageing skincare but they also have products for younger skin and most skin types so I was not particularly wrong. According to the Astalift Website, they describe themselves as a premium anti-ageing skincare brand which combines unique technological expertise in skincare with advanced molecular research and patented innovation to become specialists. Astalift is a registered trademark of Fujifilm Corporation. I know, I was surprised myself thinking what does photography have to do with skincare? But I guess it’s the research and technology behind their products that shows this relationship and I have been very impressed with this cleansing oil so I guess Fujifilm must know their onions both in skin care and photography.

Honestly, I find the bright orange/red/blood orange colour a bit overwhelming but I am not too fussed about it. It was enclosed in this lovely pouch which i quite like and I am impressed by the overall presentation of the sample; I think it shows good effort on the part of Astalift. I loved it so much that I bought the full size so I can also comment on the packaging of the full size. The packaging is quite similar to the sample except it is obviously bigger and also has a pump which is amazing as it makes application of the product really easy and minimises waste and any accidents. You only need a pump as a little goes a long way.

I am in love with this cleansing oil and I even love it more after trying a cheaper version (The Body Shop Cleansing Oil). It has the lightest texture of oil I have ever come across and It does not feel oily and greasy if that makes any sense. Of course, it’s an oil so it definitely has an oily texture but nothing unbearable. To match the bottle, the oil itself is also a light orange colour which is quite different to any oil out there. It also has a nice fragrance which is a plus for me.  The Astalift Cleansing oil smells really nice and I don’t think the fragrance interferes with the skin if you are particular about fragrances because you have sensitive skin.

How I use it
Easy Peasy. I release one pump of this into my palms and gently massage across my face with my makeup on. To be honest, I am only getting used to it because using oils with my makeup on is just not my thing at all. It feels messy but it gets better every time and the best thing is the results you get. Trust me, it is so worth it and having used this for a few weeks, I think I have gotten over that messy feeling somewhat. I massage this all over my face and spend a little more time around my eye areas if I wore any eye makeup. I let it sit for about 30 seconds and take it off with either warm water or a damp muslin cloth/flannel depending on how I feel.

Ladies and Gents (oh hello gents if you are reading), all and I mean every single trace of makeup goes off with this cleansing oil. I may have to say this is the best way to take my makeup off. I am not saying just this brand but good cleansing oils seem to be the best way to remove all traces of makeup with minimal effort. The science behind this is that the oil breaks down the makeup effectively much more than just water, wipes and even micellar water. Most foundations have some element of oil in them to help keep them preserved and the cleansing oil breaks down these bonds including dirt, grease, grime and facial oils which accumulate on the skin during the course of the day. I wonder why it took me so long to try this. It’s super

This is where things goes a bit downhill. It retails for £19 which is quite steep for a makeup remover but remember it is premium skin care brand so it would be odd to expect any less. Generally, cleansing oils are not cheap even Body Shop’s version is £10 and Bobbi Brown is £20 and I think same with the DHC and Shu Umeura versions which are equally good. The good news is Debenhams has this Astalift Cleansing Oil and other products from their range on half price offer so, go, go, go and grab yours while stocks last.  I picked mine up for £9.50 and I almost squealed for joy. Word on the street is they were moving from Debenhams which is so sad because I was just beginning to fall in love with the brand but I think the counter in Elys Wimbledon is still there but it is full price. UPDATE: Debenhams is currently running 10% off all Beauty and Skincare so with the half price offer, you would be getting this about £8.50 or so and if that's not a bargain. I don't know what is.

1. Full Price is quite expensive but most Cleansing oils are quite pricey
2. I personally feel the packaging is just too bright and overwhelming and it would have been nice to put in more effort in the packaging
3. It is not readily available and may become worse if they move from Debenhams. You can still buy online but sometimes, it is great to go to a counter and try products rather than buying online

Personal Thoughts
I am in love with this product and this prompted me to buy the full size and thank goodness it was on sales. If I had not tried the sample, there is no way I would have thought of trying the brand. I am so glad I did which is yet another reason why brands should keep investing in samples for their customers to try out. I was even prepared to pay full price because the sample was so good. I definitely recommend it and I use this almost every night although I still love my Garnier Micellar Water but this does a better job.
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