Elie Saab L'Eau Couture Perfume Review.

This is the second perfume I am purchasing this year after my long affair with Lancome La Vie est Belle showed signs of coming to an end. I am never one to buy perfumes because I usually receive them as gifts and I hada few fragrances gifted to me during my birthday and Christmas but I wanted (not needed) a new one. And this one had a very strong incentive aka Gift With Purchase I could not resist. I blame no one else but the sales lady who told me she would still give me the beautiful mint green makeup pouch even if I bought the 30 ml (it was only meant to be gifted to anyone who purchased 50 ml). I could not say no so here I am with a review...
P.S. I went  a little cray cray with the pictures; I shot the photos twice. First time when I purchased it right after work with very bad lighting and second time in day light but I liked most of the pictures so I included them.. :-)

I would not say the packaging blew me away or anything of the sort but it is a pretty packaging. I secretly expected more but I am happy with it. As expected with anything that’s just 30 ml, it is very small but even looks smaller than the average 30 ml perfumes especially compared with my beloved Lancome La Vie estBelle 30 ml already reviewed here if you wanted to check it out. Being this small means it can fit into a clutch, a handbag or makeup bag really easily and portable to travel with. One striking feature with the Elie Saab La Couture perfume is the cap/lid. It is not flimsy at all and it has a small groove which fits securely with the bottle so there is no chance of accidentally dropping it if you picked it up by the lid.

Little History
Elie Saab Le Parfum L’Eau Couture is a flanker to the 2011 released Elie Saab Le Parfum Original although it is a much lighter and greener version than the former and without the strong woody/musky fragrance of the former.

When I smelt this fragrance, it was love at first whiff. I really liked how the notes had a nice chemistry on my skin even though I could not specifically identify any of the ingredients. You know, there are just some fragrances that you just like and this is one of them for me.. Notes of this fragrance include Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Green Almond and Vanilla with the every so slight hint of woody musk. From the ingredients, it is safe to deduce that it is a mixture of fruity and floral fragrances with its fruity side sinking in once it settles on the skin before it fades into the faint woody musk and orange blossom which I think is the main reason why I purchased it.

Who can wear this?
I think this scent is not one for teenagers or the very young as I think it gravitates towards matured ladies because of the aura of sophistication it confers on the wearer. It is the kind of scent a lady you admire would be wearing. It just makes me feel really classy when I wear it like I am in control (lol, like anyone is ever really in control though but you get my drift I hope).

I purchased this tiny 30 ml for a whooping £31 without any discount which is really sad but I got the loveliest mint makeup/beauty clutch ever. It is so beautiful and it comes in an even more beautiful package. I think that’s amazing. I doubt if I would have purchased this if it were not for this lovely free gift. You need some incentive sometimes to make a purchase and I am glad there was because I have fallen in love with this scent. It is ever so long lasting and it comes through all day.

Personal Thoughts
Regardless of the pastel colored beautiful makeup/beauty pouch, I love this fragrance and I am so glad that the pouch lured me to try it. It’s my kind of fragrance because it is long lasting and although I still love my Lancome La Vie est belle, I think it’s time to give it a rest as it is already coming to its end. Have you tried any perfume form the Elie Saab range?


  1. It must be amazing perfume.. And great package!! :)


    1. It is indeed wonderful and I love it...thanks for saying hi!!..P.S. checked your blog and it's great...x

  2. I love this perfume. I have a sample of it and I do really like it. Love the little bag you got with this purchase, so cute :)
    Becka | This Is My World

    1. The little bag was a huge incentive on my part but I am so glad I got this fragrance..it's so lovely!!

  3. it looks so lovely! I love that mint shade.

    1. The mint shade is so Spring-y and I love it..I think it may have started a new mint obsession for me..x


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