Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Pad Review

I have been loving the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix range lately and it is quite surprising because I never really paid attention to the brand despite seeing it every time I pop into Debenhams and Boots. My quest for affordable products containing Glycolic Acid, a very good exfoliant derived from Sugar Cane, led me to giving the range a try and I am really impressed. It is very useful for exofoliating the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and encouraging cell turnover. I have already reviewed the Glycolic Fix Serum here which is one of my favourite and affordable serums.

I like the packaging mainly because it is very practical. It is very easy to open and close which is essential with any facial pads as you want to ensure that it is kept as moist as possible to prevent loss of the product. I keep this always tightly closed and I only ever open it to get a pad out and close it promptly. You get 60 facial pads in pack which can last you for a month or two depending on how you use it. I use mine twice a day so it lasts me only a month which is fine.

As mentioned earlier, it contains Glycolic Acid which retextures and resurfaces the skin through its exfoliating properties, Hyaluronic Acid which moisturises and hydrates the skin while Blue Daisy soothes and calms the skin. I really like the symphony of ingredients in these pads because I think they work together to ensure your skin gets the most from the product.

How I use it
Pretty straight forward if you ask me. It serves as my exfoliating lotion and I use it straight after cleansing my skin. It is one of the most refreshing facial pads I have ever used and it feels so good especially at night when you need to add back the needed moisture to your face after a long day. It does not sting the skin except you have broken skin. If you have sensitive skin, it would be useful to try this maybe once a day to see how your skin gets on with it but I did not experience any problems although I don't classify my skin as sensitive. It's just Acne-Prone and mega prone to scarring and hyper-pigmentation :-(

Results/Personal Thoughts
To be honest, I can't say I have seen any outstanding results in terms of my dark hyper-pigmentation but I have noticed my skin is clearer and when Mother nature visited, I did not even have any breakouts so I would say it has helped calm my skin down a great deal. I liked it so much that I went to buy another pack (backup) and it was also on offer. Boots always have offers on the Nip+Fab range and you can also find this in Sainsbury's which is where I got mine for under £7 which I think is a massive bargain given the quality. All in all, I am pleased with it and I would keep using it till I run out and then try something else. See you in my next post!


  1. Ughhhhh! I was debating between this product and a different glycolic acid product and I went with the other one! I wish I had gone with this one! I find the one I got too drying. I've never tried anything from this line, but I want to try it now, especially that serum. Good review!


    1. Oh dear!! some of them could be quite drying. I find this sinks in really well and my skin feels plump and moisturised although it has that ever so slight tackiness to it but it's negligible. Hope your skin gets better whichever product you pick up!!


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