Lancome Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam Review

Hi My Lovelies,
It has been a minute! how have you all been? I have definitely missed you guys and I hope everyone had a smashing weekend. I recently acquired the Lancome Gel Eclat Clarifying Pearly Foam Cleanser (what a mouthful!) as a freebie when i recently purchased some nail varnishes from the Lancome in Debenhams which i would be showing later. I am sure you all know how much i love Lancome and how generous they usually are with their freebies. I usually only purchase when they have amazing gifts and freebies with purchase because it is always double the delight....i digress again.. Back on track, I was really pleased it was a full size product and i could not wait to try it out because i had read a lot of good reviews online....*P.S. Apologies for the poor quality of pictures..the weather was not even helping matters at all but I would be back with better pictures pretty soon* bear with me!! :-)

What does Lancome say about the Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser?
According to the Lancome website, the Lancome Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser is one so fine and voluminous that it glides smoothly on the skin to gently liberate it from impurities and toxins which it may have been exposed to during the day. It is suitable for normal and combination skin types which is great news as I have combination-oily skin. *On the packaging of the tube, it actually states that it is suitable for all skin types..oh well!!*

Like many other Lancome products in lovely classy packaging, the Lancome Gel Eclat Cleanser comes in a white silky tube packaging which i really love. Its lid is easy to open and close and it feels sturdy so you know there is no chance the lid would flip off and break which has been my experience with some skin care products that come with tubes with lids. On opening the lid, you would discover, it has a nice decent opening which lets out the right amount of packaging. Again, i struggle with packaging which lets either too little or too much product out so I am super pleased this cleanser allows an adequate amount of cleanser out and it is very un-messy.

The Lancome Gel Eclat contains ingredients of naturally derived origin which include White Lotus, Rose de France and Japanese Cedar Bud which i think lends it its luxurious feel and fragrance. I really love the way it smells when i use it. I know not all the ingredients are natural or anything close but it has not irritated my skin which is quite sensitive so i guess that's a plus and hopefully it will be for anyone who has sensitive skin and wants to try it out.

If there is anything i really love about this product, it would be its texture. Just as the name implies, it feels very pearly both to touch and on application. It feels so beautifully luxurious that you may feel like you are in a somewhat expensive spa, if you close your eyes long enough...i jest, i jest...But, honestly, it has to be one of the most luxurious products i have used based on how smooth and pearly its texture feels both on my hands and when i apply it on my face.


It is really straight forward to apply. I simply wipe my make up off with a cotton pad and my favourite makeup remover which may be Bioderma or L'Oreal Skin perfection depending on how my skin is feeling at the moment. Then, I dampen my face lightly and squeeze out a pea size amount of the Lancome Gel Eclat Cleanser to my fingers and gently massage in a circular motion on my face. A pea size is really meant to be a pea size as a little goes a long way so far as your face is damp enough. I let it sink in for a little while, sometimes long enough to take my bath or wander around the house, then, I gently rinse off and that's it for my cleansing. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and it does not dry it out at all which is a massive plus for me.

I got this as part of a freebie/gift on a Lancome purchase a little while ago as stated earlier in the post so i did not buy this one. It retails on the Lancome website for £22 and I checked around other websites and saw it for about £18.50 and £20. If you are thinking of buying this, i would suggest buying from a Lancome Counter in either House of Fraser, John Lewis or Debenhams (they have 10% off beauty and fragrance now) as they are having some really fantastic offers with any purchase so it is a good way to stock up on Lancome goodies and freebies. I think the price is a fair one judging the quality and the amount you get with the product.

Now back to Lancome's claim on the Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser, I totally agree to most of their claims. It does a good job of cleansing my face although I don't think using it alone can rid your skin of all toxins or impurities as you need to live a healthier lifestyle including diet and exercise and other skin care products. However, i think it can contribute to achieving in combination with a healthy lifestyle and a good skin care routine. As a cleanser, i feel it is really good especially if you like that squeaky clean feeling after you wash your face. In terms of breaking out, I have not broken out at all which means my skin loves it and that's good news. It does not do anything for my acne or blemishes as it is not designed to do so and it does not claim to do so. However, i think its gentle but effective cleansing actions has put any acne at bay which is a really good thing for my skin. I can't really say anything bad about this product. I really like it and it looks like one I would be repurchasing. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you in my next post...toodles...xx.. What gets you through gloomy Monday Mornings? Mine is a nice cup of coffee with a lot of milk..what's yours?


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