Garnier Micellar Water Review

Micellar waters have taken the beauty and makeup world with a storm a few years ago and it is going nowhere rather more brands are busy reinventing old formulas to make kick ass micellar waters while others are creating new ones with the hope of being the best around. The truth is Bioderma is the best (in my opinion) micellar water out there and I am sure many would agree with me but its unavailability makes it quite a pain to get your hands on. Enter Garnier with their offering of  The Garnier Micellar Water to give Bioderma a real run for their money complete with the cute pink packaging..

Would you just look at the cute pink packaging? I think it looks so pretty and it reminds me of the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar water. I think the packaging is really attractive and definitely caught my eye in Boots. Another feature I like is the fact that the bottle is squeezy which is really handy when you need to squeeze some into a cotton pad. The lid has a really tiny opening which is perfect because you really don’t need too much of this else it gets a bit messy like the L’Oreal’s Micellar Water which had a mini review over here. The L’Oreal version has a wider opening which let out more product than required which was an absolute bummer. More importantly, you get 400ml of product.<---Copy that...A massive whooping 400ml of product and Garnier pride themselves in saying it can deliver 200 uses if you use it as instructed which is 2 ml per use which I think is very reasonable. Moving on...

What does it do?
It clearly tells us on the bottle. Everything is rather straightforward. It removes makeup including eye makeup which I find to be true. It is hypoallergenic which makes it great for sensitive skin and it does not have any fragrance at all. It’s just very straightforward I told you. No messing about, just straight talking makeup remover in a cute packaging.

How I use it?
Again, using this is as easy as you can get. This is the first stage of my cleansing and I enjoy using it. I tip the bottle gently over a cotton pad and swipe across my face, sometimes starting with my eyes (before I purchased the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover with review coming up soon). Most times, I use two cotton pads and it does the job of effectively taking off all my makeup. It feels very refreshing against my skin and it’s just like water. I find that if I accidentally use a lot on the cotton pad, it feels too “wet” on my face which is why it is useful to just use a little and go back with another cotton pad if you feel your face needs more. If you are feeling a little tired and lazy, this can take your makeup off effectively but it won't be cleansing your skin which is different to removing your makeup and many times people assume they are the same thing.

This is where the fun begins. This mahoosive  400 ml bottle cost varies but I think the most expensive you can get it for is £3.99. I bought mine for about £3 from Boots and it was on sale. The price, packaging and effectiveness has made it one of the most affordable micellar waters out there in my own opinion. I have tried a few micellar waters including Bioderma and I can say this is the closest dupe for  the Bioderma and i think it can even give Bioderma  a good run for its money because it is easily affordable, cost effective, lovely packaging and large size.

Personal Thoughts
I love this micellar water and I am so happy I purchased it. Although, you can find it in many Boots and Superdrug stores, you really have to be fast because I always find that it is sold out which is quite annoying but good for their sales and I think I found this after many trios to the above named stores and it was the last one. Enough said, go pick up yours. Stay tuned for the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover Review up soon. Have you tried any other micellar waters?


  1. I've tried the Loreal Micellar water but I hear this one is better. Can't wait to try it!

    1. This is definitely better than the L'Oreal one which I tried last should try it!!..x

  2. Certainly a firm fave in my skincare routine, I love this product from Garnier!!
    Becka | This Is My World

    1. That's lovely!! I just recently started including this and I kept thinking "where have you been all my life?"..thankx for stopping by!!.x


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