What's in my Handbag?

Hi Me Lovelies,
It has indeed been a minute since I updated here an I apologise for my unannounced hiatus.  I recently blogged about my love for my Zara Office City Bag here and quite a few of you asked for a "What's in My Bag?" post and I thought why ever not?So, here is a peep into what's currently in my bag and I hope you enjoy it...


The Handbag- Zara City Bag
I think this bag is the second most popular Zara bag after the never-ending fame of the Zara bucket bags which everyone had. My Zara City bag is one year old already and it is still as sturdy as it was when i first got it. I already have a dedicated post to the Zara City Bag so head on over here for a full review.

The Makeup Bag-Lancome Luxury Makeup Bag
I am not going to go into much details with this because i already have a post here for "What's in my makeup bag?". Although, I have upgraded my makeup bag from the former H&M one (which served me really well) to a Lancome one which was a free gift alongside other lovely samples I received on purchase of some Lancome featured here. The contents of my makeup bag have slightly changed with the weather but it's essentially the same items; My powder, lip gloss, lipstick, mini kabuki and the works. My makeup bag holds everything for refreshing my face while at work or if I am going out straight from work.

The Wallet- Primark Gold Embossed Purse
Again, I have already featured this bag here so check it out here if you want more pictures of this little beauty. I really like it and it was only £5-how amazing is that? I love it because it also has many compartments to fit in my cards, some cash(when I have some, hehehehe) and some coins. If I ever leave home without my wallet, it will definitely not be an ideal day and it stays permanently in my bag.

My Phones- iPhone 5 and Samsung( I cannot remember the model-it's a flip though)
To be honest, My iPhone is hardly in my bag because it is always in my hands or in my coat/jacket/blazer pocket. At work, it is always on the table with me which is why it is called a mobile phone and not a bag phone.... My iPhone and I are virtually inseparable. My other phone is a Samsung Flip Phone and I honestly cannot remember the model but I use it to call my family back home in Nigeria with my Lebara SIM card and that's all I do with it which explains why it is always fully charged.

Diary and Notebook
This diary was given to me by the BF and I love it so much. I am still the old diary lady and i love to collect diaries and all sorts of stationery. They make me happy (but not as happy as beauty, skincare and makeup does--nah, nothing comes close enough!) and I love to write in them. My dad used to give me diaries every year and I loved them so much and I actually had a day-to-day diary when I was younger and up till my late teens..I guess blogging has replaced all that. My Notebook is from Guardian Jobs and I recently received this at a work conference. I love how sturdy it is and the navy blue colour contrast well with my diary. I write all kinds of list in here from shopping lists to grocery list to To-do lists...any list you can think of has been written here

Glasses and Spare Contact Lens
Yeah, I wear glasses because my eyesight is very dodgy but it's getting better or rather it's not getting any worse. I really hate wearing glasses and this explains why no one at work has ever since me wear my glasses. I reserve them for night time when I am in cosy-ed up in bed and i need to do any late night reading or browsing on my laptop. I wear daily disposable contact lens everyday and it's so expensive but it is one of the most important things to me; it's just one of those sacrifices one makes. My glasses are my backup if my contact lens are acting up which they have done on a few occasions. I have spare contacts for the same reason but the whole shenanigans of washing my hands and finding a clean place to change them makes me reach for my glasses in such situations.

Water Bottle-Primark  Grey Water Bottle
I cannot remember the last time I ever left the house without my water bottle filled with water. Water is about the only drink I ever drink and I love it just the way it is. I hardly drink Soda or Fizzy drinks except if I go to a fast food joint or restaurant and I am trying to be healthy so I limit these outings. Water is one of the most beautiful and satisfying gifts God has given to the world. Our bodies are made up of 50-60% water which is no surprise as my body really loves water. Besides, water is so expensive here in the UK and I am sure everywhere else and spending 80p-£1 on water has never made me smile. Ever!!.  

The Miscellaneous Purse
This is where I keep all my random items like some Paracetamol, Pens, Hand Sanitizers, my Gym Padlock, Work ID,  Hair bands, Mints/Chewing gum. I hate to have  a messy bag with things all over the place which is why I got this little purse to put in essential things which I may need during the course of the day but they are things that can't be kept in their own compartments within the bag. I also have the Keys to my house somewhere in there and my Oyster Card for travel which I always slip into my jacket for easy access when I am on the go.

Charger and Ear Phones
I just throw this into one of the spare compartments because I hate to forget any of them. My ear phones are extremely important to me when commuting because I can listen to some music or audible books on my iPhone. Whoever invented ear phones deserves a squishy hug and huge kiss (that sounds gross though!) from me. My charger on the other hand ensures I can keep my phone fully charged while I am at work for the travel later when the day is over.


That's it folks.. I seriously hope I have not bored you. Sometimes, a person's handbag can give you a glimpse of their personality and I hope I have achieved that, even a teeny weeny bit, with this post. Leave me a comment below if you have done this tag or if we share any handbag items...see you in my next post and have a smashing week ahead.


  1. Like almost all Nigerians, we all have a phone to call home alone.

    1. Yup we all do and we love our phone for calling back home...thanks for stopping over here..I can see from your blog that you are enjoying Munich...x

  2. I love your bag! It looks perfect to keep organized :) Great WIMB! :)


    1. Awww thanks Natalie...I try to be organized when i can. I love your blog; i think it's really nice :-)

  3. I finally decided to come off Instagram and check your actual blog too ;)
    Your handbag looks pretty tidy comparing to mine and I can see that you only have the important essentials!


    1. Hiya...so glad you stopped over..I am also guilty of engaging more on Instagram because it seems quicker..I love to have my bag organised with only essential items..It helps me feel all cleared up for the time being..x


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