Natural Hair Update: Protective Styles for maximum hair growth

Hi My Lovelies,
It's been a little while since I last updated this blog about my hair journey and it's simply because I got lazy. Having natural hair can be very rewarding but it requires a lot of hard work and sometimes, I just get really lazy and can't be really bothered. I had some braids for about two months from the end of July to mid September and I took them out. 

Normally, I only leave my hair out for a day or so before braiding it again or putting it into a protective style but this time, I just left it out for a week or so. Boy! was it stressful? I had to do my hair every morning which is something I never stress about with  my braids or any other protective style but I liked the challenge because I could play with my hair. 

Honestly, I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair.  I decided to make a U-Part wig (just sewing some extensions on a wig cap and leaving out some space for your real hair). I made two; A straight yaki-like extension one and a curly one. I really liked the curly one because I did not have to manipulate or damage my hair with any heat.

U-Part Wig Straight Yaki
I just got 2 packs of very inexpensive hair extensions from my local beauty store and made a U-Part wig attached with some wig clips. I have a beautiful mannequin head which has been featured here earlier in the year. I got a wig cap (I like using the dome cap) and sewed on the extensions and attached the wig clips to the perimeters to attach to my hair. It took me about 2 hours to make it because I was lazing around the house as well. I washed my natural hair, conditioned, put in some corn rows and attached the wig. The good thing about clip-on U-part wigs is the fact that you can take it off every day and give your hair some air ;-) which is what I did. I left very little leave-out but it still did not blend it; so I bought a headband and voila! I was sorted and my hair saw no heat..


U-Part Curly Wig
I actually really liked this wig a lot because  it is closer to my natural hair texture which means I did not have to do any blending in. All I did was make the U-Part wig, corn row my hair and sewed the wig down around the perimeter of my head. I did not use the clips this time around. Then, I applied some gel (Eco- Styler Gel) to my leave out and added a few bobby pins so it stayed flat. Once dry, it looked amazing and some people thought it was my natural hair. *grin* .The only downside to this method is it was sewn down so my natural hair did not get much air or moisture and the gel application was getting messy and annoying so i had to take it down and wash it. The weave itself was not very good quality so before you could say "Fashstyleliv", it was tangling and the curls were looking a bit dodgy. That marked the end of the era of the curly wig although I really enjoyed the look.

The Brazilian Weave with a Closure
After all said and done, I closed my eyes, went to get some really nice weave from Khairmax Beauty which has really amazing weaves. I got a 12-inch closure (Brazilian) and two bundles of 14 inches (Brazilian) and 1 bundle of 16 inch (Brazilian).I think the amount i paid for my purchase was fair because the Khairmax hair quality is outstanding and it feels ever so soft. To top it off, i already had a Khairmax Beauty card which entitled me to a 10% discount which comes in really handy when you are spending a lot. I think their hair closure is one of the best i have tried as the parting looks very realistic and i didn't need to bleach the knots and it matched my scalp excellently.

I proceeded to book an appointment in one of the most sought-after Afro Salons in London-Honey Hand Salon and decided to get my hair laid. Getting an appointment was a different story and they were fully booked but I was placed on a waiting list (yeah, you read that right) and l was luckily offered a place due to some cancellation. I had heard so many good things about Honey Hand Salon and I expected only the best. I went to the one in New Cross Gate and it was amazing.

I met the owner Hannah Balogun who actually fixed the weave and closure. I was really amazed and impressed by how professional they all were in the salon. One of the hair dressers took down my corn rows and washed my hair which felt so good as my scalp was well massaged for a change without my bending over the bathtub which happens when I wash my hair myself. Then, she corn rowed my hair with some extensions (I think she used Expressions) and I was handed over to Hannah who fixed the closure and the weave. Then, she styled my hair as well. When I was done, I was given a personalised delicious cup cake with my name on it (how cute is that!!) but I was so hungry I did not even take a picture (sorry guys!!) and I was given a loyalty card as well.  To say I was impressed with the outcome of my hair and Honey Hand Salon as a whole is a major understatement. I was bowled over and I would definitely be returning again because that's how amazing they are. It was a little bit more expensive than an average London salon but my hair was properly laid, guys!! I really love it and that's what I have been rocking since. I may do a post on how to take care of your weaves.


I hope you have enjoyed this little update and I apologise for not posting really nice pictures. I literally took them off my phone and my Instagram. I hope you have all had an amazing weekend... I know i did.. Cheers to Monday :-)...See you in my next post...xx ..toodles.


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