Lancome Vernis in Love Nail Polish- Rose Bonheur and Rouge Valentine

Hi My Lovelies,
I hope you are all having a nice week so far. Mine has been okay and I am trying to get used to the annoying weather here in London at the minute. If you read my previous post on the Lancome Gel Eclat Cleanser which i reviewed yesterday, I mentioned i received the cleanser and other goodies as a result of some Lancome purchases. 

I purchased some new nail polish shades from Lancome which were launched in August of this year and i really like the two shades i chose namely: Rose Bonheur and Rouge Valentine. It's no hidden secret that Lancome Nail polishes tickle my fancy every single time and they are one of my favourite nail polishes becasue they are fade resistant and high gloss shine nail polishes and of course, they have very pretty shades. If you want to find out about my Lancome Vernis in Love nail Polish collection, check out my post here where i give you a low down of my growing collection. Now to this purchase, let's get started...

Lancome Vernis in Love Rouge Valentine 147M £12.50
The Rouge Valentine a shade nearest and closest to my heart (no pun intended). I think this was launched last year in Mid 2012 and it is a permanent shade in the Lancome Vernis in Love collection. I would describe it as a safe vintage red colour (some describe it as a brick red colour as well) which would suit anyone especially if you don't really want to wear the classic red but you still want to have that red touch on your nails. it's a really classy colour because it exudes that vintage vibe which i find really endearing. As expected from Lancome's Vernis in Love collection, the application is really easy with its lovely wide nail brush which prevents streaking. The formula itself is really consistent and allows you paint your nails effortlessly to a nice high gloss finish which is long lasting depending on how you handle your nails. I find that mine last for about 3-4 days but I always change my nail polishes every time so i am not one to wear mine even for a week. Life is too short for that :-). This is fast becoming one of my new favourite nail polishes from the Lancome Vernis in Love Collection.

Lancome Vernis in Love Rose Bonheur 345B £12.50
To be honest, I am not really a pink girl for no reason. I liked pink a lot when I was younger but I have since been swayed by other richer jewel toned colours like purple, emerald and burnt orange. However, I was intrigued by the Lancome's Rose Bonheur and i decided to try it out; I was not disappointed at all. I would describe it as a Bubble gum warm pink shade which is actually not too girlish at all. In fact, it can be classy in its own know the classy with that slight tinge of playfulness..that's what this nail polish brings to the table. I really like this shade and that's what i am wearing at the minute..i know, I know it should be a summer colour but hey!! wear what you want anytime, anywhere :-)). With this nail polish, you can honestly get away with only one coat as it is heavily pigmented and it has a lovely finish. I really, really like it and i did not expect to at all!!

So, there's my little blurb on my latest Lancome Vernis in Love Collection purchases. if you are interested in purchasing anything from Lancome, this is the time as they have amazing goodies and freebies with every purchase in Debenhams and House of Fraser. If i remember any other places, I would update you all. Thanks for reading and see you in my next post...toodles..x


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