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Hi My Lovelies,
First off, I just want to say a big thank you for all the responses i have received from the Rimmel Makeup Giveaway which is currently here on the blog till October 31st 2013. I am absolutely impressed and I am considering including an extra prize so we can have two winners. I hope everyone has been having a nice week so far.. Today's blog post is about my favourite powders to achieve light, medium and full coverage and they range from drug store to high street brands. I think powder is one of the most common makeup item for many ladies and I believe it is one of the staples in my makeup stash because it can totally transform my very oily face to sleek matte finish with a few swipes of my brush..let's get started...

Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 315 Coconut
This has already been featured in a few posts on here (read full review) because I really love the Maybelline Fit Me Range  as they are very affordable and excellent quality for a drug store brand. I started using the powder earlier this year mainly as my makeup bag powder for touch ups. For me, I think it works out as a light coverage powder mainly to blot out any shine during the day. I have used this on a few occasions like a normal powder and it has worked out fine but it doesn't last as long as I would have preferred. In terms of being buildable, I suspect it may be buildable for people with lighter complexions but it is not at all for me. It tends to look a bit too chalky so I tend to only brush it on really lightly. Overall, I think it is excellent as a light coverage powder especially for touch ups when you are out and about. For ladies with darker skin than mine, I am afraid this is darkest shade..hehehhe. Note to Maybelline: Could you consider creating a few more darker shades for darker skinned ladies? I promise the Fit Me Range sales will completely soar..For real!!

BellaPierre Mineral Powder- Compact (Cafe) and Loose Powder (Brown Sugar)
Again, this has been happily featured here (read full review) on Fashstyleliv with its own cheeky little post. I recently fell in love with the BellaPierre Range because it is made from minerals which had very good skin benefits for my skin and very good coverage. Although, they are made from the same ingredients and formular, I think the Bella Pierre Loose Powder offers a medium to full coverage while the Compact Powder gives full coverage although you need to build it up as you go along keeping in mind that a little goes a long way. I totally love both powders but I prefer the compact version because I feel it is less messy to apply as the loose powder gets all over the place. Having said that, the compact version needs to be applied with a light hand to avoid looking overly made up or having the infamous cake face. Overall, it is a good powder to invest in if you want to splurge as there  are quite pricey.

MAC Studio Fix Powder NC50
I am going to be honest, the MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC50 (read full review here) has to be my all time favourite. I have gone back and forth and cheated with so many other brands but I think this makes the absolute cut for me in many ways. It is a full coverage powder which means you can ditch the foundation and work this on its own. Sometimes, I may use concealer but I tend to use this on its own many a time especially when I am off to work. I love the solid black compact complete with a mirror which is excellent to stash in your makeup bag to help any future touch ups. I have since stopped using MAC foundations because they are not for me but the MAC Studio Fix range (minus the foundation) is one I always come back to because it is very good quality and I think the price is affordable for the calibre of product you get. This is a winner for me any day any time although I wish it was mineral based like the BellaPierre but I guess that will shoot up its price so it's best it remains the way it is.
So, these are my favourite current powders that I have tried so far. I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite powders? See you in my next


  1. Awwwh,thanks for sharing, i am also team MAC Stdio fix, but under our Naija weather it can be too oily sometimes (but if i use anti shine primer it is managable). i love Folri Robert, Nouba,Blackup, Milani,Blackopal loose powder to mention a few...lolz

    1. Thanks a lot lovely! yeah, i know how naughty MAC studio fix foundationcan be with the sunny naija weather which is why the powder always comes to the rescue. I have never heard of Folri Robert and Nouba...i should check them out especially if they cater to darker skinned ladies.. Thanks a lot for saying hi :-)


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