DIY Makeup Storage Ideas 101- The Brush Holder

Hi My Lovelies,
I hope your week has been lovely. So, last month, I had some down time which i love so much. You know those mornings when you wake up and realize you don't have work to go to and the day is all yours to spend as you please...I cherish those days although they are really few. Anyways, on one of those days, I was a little bored and decided to try my hands on some DIYs . I had no idea what i wanted to make but it was just trial and error and if it worked out, i will blog about it ans if not, it will be chilling in my room...Promise not to laugh at this little DIY but here goes my take on a simple DIY Brush Holder made from Nido Milk Tin (ohh yeah!! I love this milk so much and the BF thinks I am a cat because i love milk so much). P.S. I made other DIYs but I will be sharing them later if you want and if not, that's still okay :-)

What you need
1. An empty tin
2. Tape (Cellotape) or Gum
3. Wrapping paper
4. Tissue wrapping paper
5. Scissors
6. Ribbon (optional)

1. Start off with cleaning the tin to ensure there are no leftovers.
2. Get rid of the lid and insert some tissue wrapping paper into the tin (be very careful to ensure it actually sits in the tin.
3. Cut off the overflowing edges- don't worry it does not have to be too neat as it will be taped down.
4. Tape down the edges neatly ensuring it is secure and is laying flat against the tin.

4. Tape down the edges neatly ensuring it is secure and is laying flat against the tin.
5. Lay the other wrapping paper flat on a smooth surface and place the tin on the edge to measure out how much you wrapping paper you need.

6. Roll the first side of the wrapping paper on the tin and tape it down to secure it.
7. Keep rolling until the entire tin is well covered.
8. Place some tape in an inverse way so the sticky side catches the edge of the wrapping paper and tape it down. Alternatively, just use sticky glue or gum taking care to avoid any spillages.
9. Neatly fold the bottom of the tin so it is not bulky and can rest on a flat surface easily and tape it down.

10. Place you brush in and enjoy your new sexy brush holder all made by yourself. *Ignore my filthy brush-Today was not a wash day..:-)*.

I really hope you enjoyed this and let me know any more DIY ideas you have done that can help out makeup storage or any ideas at all; i am interested...See you in my next post...toodles...xx


  1. Loved your DIY :) Will try it myself!

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    1. Awww thanks a lot, I was quite hesitant in posting it but I am glad you like it..Thanks for saying hi!


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