MAC Pro Eye Shadow Palette (Quad) Review

Hi My Lovelies,
This is one little purchase from MAC a little while back in Debenhams (online).....How rude of me to just dive into the post like that! Let's start again- Hope you have had a lovely week and you are delighted the weekend is here :-) So, as I was saying, I had been very busy eyeing this palette from MAC, not that I own any MAC eye shadows. I bought this hoping that one day this palette will be filled with all my favourite eye shadows. I have only recently rediscovered my love for eye shadows after a really long drought of saving the eye shadows only for events and leaving it out from my everyday makeup routine. 

However, I started falling in love again especially with neutral shades that i can wear everyday having tried out a few quads from Rimmel London. Hence, I stepped out in faith, if i may add, to buy this MAC Pro Eye shadow Palette (Quad). As you may or may not know, one MAC eye shadow is not entirely cheap (It costs £10 for one pro palette eye shadow refill) so I reckon I would need about £40 odd pounds to fill this sexy little palette*gasps*. So, I will be saving towards it and adding it as yet another item in my wish list, which by the way, has not been decreasing as I never seem to purchase the items there. Maybe MAC will do a cheeky little sale or better still, I will keep my eyes peeled for when the bigger departmental stores that stock MAC have their 10-20% discount off... Ramble over, Let's talk about this MAC Pro Colour Eye shadow Palette Quad, shall we?

The outer package is made of the usual paper packaging that most MAC products are housed in which is usually black. What beats me though is why it has the "Back to MAC" sign on it? Like seriously, they don't expect me to return the palette when I am done because i will never be done though no matter how battered it is. Unless of course, they mean the outer paper packaging which is absolutely fine by me :-). 

Contents of the Palette
As you can see it is a quad palette which essentially means you can fit in four eye shadows from the MAC Pro Eye Shadow range. The Palette is made from really durable hard plastic material and it opens and closes nicely (i think it has some magnet inside) without having to apply any unnecessary force like some eye shadow palettes i know*lips sealed on those for now*. It also has an insert which holds the eye shadow itself which is made from durable material but it also has a magnet built in so it slips back easily into the palette cover. The only thing i wish was for it to have a mirror but I guess MAC wanted us to see the eye shadows housed inside clearly hence the transparent lid cover.

To be honest, I am not sure why somewhere in my head i thought it was very expensive and it certainly isn't. AT ALL. It retails for £6.50 but as usual I waited for Debenhams to have their discounts and I got it for £5.85 with free delivery (what my silly self should have done should have been to add some pro eye shadow palettes to my basket). It is not a massive difference but like Tesco says "every little helps" so the change goes into my kitty for the MAC eye shadows. You can purchase this palette here on MAC's website online or walk into their numerous stores or counters nearest to you. I have just had a nosey on their website and they have some really nice Pro Palette Quads for £30 which looks like a bargain seeing that the if you buy them separately it will total about £46.50 but the eye shadows in those quads may not be all colours/shades you like or want.

That's it folks..I think my blogging mojo is back....yahhhh to that!!! Now to the other bit, could you suggest to me 4 nice MAC eye shadows  (neutrals and golds are my favourite) which I should look out for when i am trying to fill up this palette (leave me a comment below, pls)...Thank you and see you in my next post...toodles...x


  1. I love bronze and woodwinked, you should check them out!

    1. Awww thanks a lot.. I will definitely look out for them!!


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