What's in my Travel Beauty Bag?- The Travel Beauty Essentials

Hi my Lovelies,
How have you all been? I have missed you all. I know, i know, i have been MIA. I have had a really busy week and weekend. I was away at a work conference in a beautiful town in Yorkshire and i had a lovely time. It was like a mini vacay although i was working but it was nice to be away and stay in a nice hotel. The room was really big and vintage and i loved it. I decided to put together a little post on my beauty essentials i packed for this trip. I was away for a couple of days- almost 4 days so i took quite a few beauty essentials. Speaking of samples, remember my posts on Beauty Samples where i talked about how easy and nice it is to get samples, well, this is the time to make use of all those lovely little samples. This is my take on travel/holiday/vacay beauty essentials which ensures your skin still looks supa dupa while you are away from home...shall we get started?

For me, cleansing my skin is very important especially when i am away because there is a high chance i may want to be lazy and there is no room for that. At All. I start with my Cleansing wipes from Primark which are not the most effective but they are adequate and cheap. I wipe all the excess makeup from my face with the wipe. Then I proceed with my Lancome Galateis Douceur Cleansing Fluid + Cotton pad which effectively takes off any makeup left especially around the eye and it is so gentle which is why i love it. Next, I splash some water on my face and use my Garnier Salicylic Face Wash (not in picture as it was chilling away somewhereto give my face a good cleanse  and massage with my hands. I dry my face with my flannel from Sainsbury's.

While face is still damp, i use a fresh cotton pad and apply some Lancome Tonique Douceur Toner which is ever so gentle and  does not contain alcohol on my face. I recently learned it is very good to wipe your face in a uni directional way as opposed to a circular way as this removes dead skin cells effectively without damage. The Lancome Toner doubles as a toner and a gentle exfoliant for me.

It is very important to hydrate your skin at night as it rejuvenates and repairs itself when you are resting compared to when you are out and about. At night, I start off with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II which is an effective serum to use at night for revitalizing the skin. Once i feel the serum has been absorbed, i seal it with my Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream which does exactly what it says and i am ready to pop into bed. During the day, my moisturising routine is slightly different. For serum, I use the Lancome Dream Tone Serum in Dark(3) which is amazing and corrects any dark spots and uneven complexion and i moisturise with the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream. If i feel up to it, I may pop some Bobbi Brown Eye Cream around the skin surrounding my eyes to prevent any dark circles from late nights.

I am not sure why but i find that sometimes my skin feels really dry when i am away from home. It could be the hotel air or new surroundings but i am not sure. In order to prevent this, I let my skin drink in as much moisture as possible overnight and the product which ticks all the boxes for me is the Lancome Hydra Intense Gel Mask (can you believe i got this as a freebie with a purchase from Lancome?) which is amazing. I pop this on after my night skin care routine and sleep with it and i always wake up to very hydrated and plump skin...no need for a spa at all...

Acne/Spot Skincare
I can never trust my skin when it comes to Acne and i know from experience, i tend to get a little breakout/spot/acne especially when i am more busy than normal which is why i am always ready. I always include in my little stash my Mary Kay Acne gel and Witch Hazel gel to zap any zits away and keep my face all prim and proper.

Beauty Tools
I try to keep my travel beauty bag very light so i don't want to be lugging around any random tools so i keep it real and simple. I just take some cleansing wipes, cotton pads and a couple of flannels because these are all very essential tools for all my skin care steps as i can't use my hands for everything. I also like to take a nice travel bag which is colorful and has loads of space so i can fit everything inside. I prefer bags that are easily collapsible as opposed to sturdy bags as i like to squeeze it in so everything fits into one suitcase. if you have many squeezy bottles or tubes, you may want to use a sturdy travel bag.

That's it folks. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my travel beauty essentials. I have a post on my travel makeup essentials so stay tuned to find out what products made the cut. Thanks a lot for all your support. i really appreciate every single one of you...x..toodles..see you in my next post...


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