Jacava London Nail Polish Review (Marrakesh Nights and Top Coat)

Hi My Lovelies,
I am pretty sure you had a wonderful weekend. I am very excited that Christmas is coming soon which means a lot of festive times but many changes for me. I was recently contacted by Jacava London to see if i was willing to review their luxury nail polish. I decided to check out the brand and their products and I was super impressed so i agreed to review their nail polish and patiently waited for it to arrive which it did in a very short time...I was very surprised (and pleased if i may add) when i opened the package to find two nail polishes because i chose only one. I was sent the Jacava London Marrakesh Nights(*) and the Jacava London UV Inhibitor Top Coat(*)..Let's get into the nitty gritty shall we? 

P.S. This is going to be a long post so grab your favourite drink. I went a little bit crazy with the pictures because it was such a beautiful day for photos so pardonnez-moi, s'il vous plait?


I had never heard about the brand before i was contacted but when i went online i read many good reviews I was curious to try them out. According to their website, Jacava London are a quintessentially British Nail Polish brand which is designed in London and made in the UK. The Jacava Nail polishes are a luxury brand as seen with their impressive ingredients list making them the world's first "8-free" nail polish brand out there. Their nourishing formula helps the nails stay stronger and grow longer. I totally raised my eye brows at this claim but it is definitely true because their formula excludes the toxic ingredients which damage the nails so this is definitely one nail polish to look out for if you totally want to care for your nails. They have a wide selection of shades which i think is a very good range to choose from no matter what your taste is and what season it is, there is always one for you to choose from

Shade Chosen- Marrakesh Nights and 
The amazing thing with Jacava London is their inclusion of an online selector hand tool which can help you see how the nail polish looks like in real life (even if you are not ready to buy yet; it's fun playing with it..heheheh). I think this is really amazing because you can adjust the skin tone and nail length so it is universal and you definitely have an idea of how the nail polish would look against your skin tone and that's what helped me narrow down my choice. It was a hard choice for me to select just one shade but I settled on the Marrakesh Nights because i knew it would look flattering on my skin tone and it did not disappoint me at all, if anything, it surpassed my expectations. I would describe the Marrakesh Nights as a rich jewel tone aubergine-purple shade which has light speckles of gold dust in it. It is such a pretty colour and the pictures i took did no justice to it at all but there are all below. As stated earlier, they also sent me the Jacava London UV Inhibitor Top coat which IS the BEST top coat i have ever used..Trust me on that. It can instantly transform any nail polish to an instant high gloss long lasting nail colour. It feeds off light/sunshine in the most beautiful way ever. 

I must say I am quite intrigued by the design of the bottle. It reminds me of some vintage nail polish my mum had some years ago and i loved playing with them-when she allowed me :-) so the Jacava Nail Polish design brings back some sweet memories. It comes in nicely rounded sturdy bottle with its wand housed in a gold colored pointed tip which is quite long. The design really makes it stand out among my other nail polishes and looks rather pretty.

With Indoor Lighting
With outside light (one coat)
With outside light (two coat)
This has to be the reason why i totally love this nail polish. You may or may not have heard of "8-free nail polishes" but i am more than happy to share. The Jacava London Nail polishes has an impressive ingredient list that excludes 8 naughty ingredients which are not very good for your nails and they are DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Paraben, Camphor, Cellophane,Phthalates and No Animal Ingredients. According to the Jacava London website, they are the world's first "8-Free" non-toxic nail polishes out there. Many nail polishes do not bother about the ingredients included in the formula list at all but Jacava London seem to have that at the very heart of their nail polish. I really like that they have taken their time to formulate the nail polish with an excellent quality while excluding these ingredients. The icing of the cake is their inclusion of 22-carat gold to the formula of each bottle of nail polish which lends it its high gloss and long lasting shine on the nails. For all you vegetarians and vegans, you will be pleased to know that none of the ingredients have been tested on animals and no animal ingredients are used. Isn't that just amazing?

As stated earlier, the inclusion of the gold makes it one of the glossiest nail polishes i have used. To be honest, especially with this shade, you can get away with just one coat. The formula feels light on application and its color pay off is excellent.I did not experience any streaking despite my poor nail painting skills..hehehhe so i think the formula is really on top of their game.

With Just one Coat
With Two coats
To be honest, I can't say this is one of the easiest nail polishes to apply especially if you find it hard, like me, to paint your right hand nails with your left hand. I really like the wand because it is quite long and reaches the bottom of the bottle so you get your money's worth. i think it would have been amazing if the nail brush was a little wider. I am pretty sure many nail experts will love this brush because it is quite precise and allows you(once you can handle narrow tips) get the corners of your nails with little mess. All in all, i got a hang of using it easily after a while..yahh to me!!

Wear Time
Once you apply the top coat, it gives it an extra reinforcing to last longer than an average nail polish. For me, i love to switch up my nail polishes ever so often because i get bored. With the Jacava London, i found that it lasted for about 3 days-ish and there is a chance it could last longer if i stopped washing my hands and washing plates a lot. I guess it has the potential of lasting longer.

Comparison with other Purple/Plum/Aubergine Nail Polish
So, I decided to compare with some other nail polishes i had already in my stock. Standing next to all the others, the Jacava Nail Polish really stands out packaging wise because its packaging is different and taller than the others. It does look quite etheral and beautiful with its golden coloured wand/tip. In terms of colour payoff, it really looks very similar to the Lancome Vernis in Love Midnight Rose but the difference is the gold shimmer which is lightly speckled in the Jacava London and that totally makes it stand out from the others.

This is the moment we are all waiting for.. Jacava London is a luxury brand so it is not particularly purse friendly. It retails for £14.50 which is slightly more expensive than Lancome and a few other high end nail polishes. I know it sounds like a lot of money to be spending on a nail polish but looking at the ingredients list and colour pay off, you can be rest assured that it is definitely preventing any nail damage due to it being 8-free, therefore it can be viewed as a good treat :-). With Christmas around the corner, I see myself treating myself to a few shades i have spied on their website.You can purchase Jacava London from the Jacava London Website, FeelUnique and Amazon. You can also find this is in your local nail salon if they are on trend or have decided to upgrade their stock*wink*

1. It has very beautiful shades to choose from which flatters many skin tones
2. It is one of the first 8/free nail polishes which excludes potential nail damaging ingredients from its formula
3. The colour pay off is fantastic and looks very flattering
4. Due to their addition of gold to its formula, it has a brilliant long lasting gloss and shine
5. You get a good amount of nail polish 12 ml worth of nail polish which is almost twice of many other nail polishes.
6. Its nail brush almost touches the bottom of the bottle so you get as much product as you want- minimal waste.
7. The Jacava London website is really user friendly especially with their hand tool which helps you see how the nail polishes look in real life.

1. It is quite an expensive nail polish.
2. Removing it may be a bit difficult because it is very pigmented which can be a pro as well.
3. Nail brush may be a little difficult for beginners.

I know it is an expensive treat but it is one nail polish i would definitely repurchase because i am quite impressed with the formula, colour payoff and the amazing ingredient list. It is not maybe an everyday brand for me but it will be one for a special occasion and event or maybe when i just want to pamper myself...Who knows if they will be having a Christmas sale? the good thing is you can urge a loved one to get you Jacava London Christmas Gift Card which is on sale now on their website so you can have some well-deserved guilt-free shopping...I know i would be dropping hints to someone very very soon...:-))

I hope you enjoyed this post and apologies for the many many pictures. I went a little bit crazy and the ray of sunshine was not helping matters at all. It was such a beautiful day and i could not resist. Small secret: I took over 35 pictures but i really hard to narrow them down...I find it really hard to delete my pictures....:-( ...i don't know why but i am sure and I hope you do not mind...See you in my next post..toodles...

*I was kindly sent this to review but as always all opinions are mine and I have not been compensated or swayed to write this article. All opinions shared are based on my experience...


  1. Replies
    1. it's even more gorgeous in real life...thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love Marrakech and the jacava bottles and colours are AMAZING - I've already got crimson crush and marrakesh nights in my shopping cart!!! Early christmas treat I think!

    1. Hiya, Yes, I absolutely love the Marrakesh nights and the bottles are totally amazing. You should try their Top Coat...It Is Zee Best....thanks for stopping by...xx

  3. I love Marrakesh Nights! It's quite an unusual purple. I was struggling to find a purple I was happy with until I got this one, so I'm very impressed with it, especially the quality. I've also been reviewing some Jacava polishes and this one along with Chillax and Midnight's Secrets are my favourites so far. Definitely try them out if you get the chance (especially Midnight's Secrets - I think it might be my all-time favourite polish!!!)

    1. Awww how lovely to stop over here!! I absolutely adore the Marrakesh Nights! it's gorgeous and you are right; i have not found any colour/shade close to it at all. Chillax and Midnight's secrets keep calling my name and i would love to try them out.. Thanks a lot...x


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