Bella Pierre Mineral Compact Foundation Review

Hey Lovelies,
I hope your week and weekend has been amazing. Mine has been the best in a long while because I and my better half have been off work on leave. It was his birthday week as well so it has been fun all the way plus the weather has been the best ever. We drove to so many places. I will do a separate blog post later on that. Apologies for bombarding you with strictly beauty and skin care posts. I promise I have more varied posts lined up. Now to this blog post...

I went into House of Fraser because they were having 10% off everything and up to 40% in some cases and y'all know I can't resist such an offer. So nosing around, I went. I didn't really have any particular item in mind which is quite a dangerous position or state of mind to be because you may go overboard. Thankfully, I didn't, in fact, I have been very good. For a while now, I have been looking for natural/organic products that would protect my skin and relieve it of some annoying acne scars still lurking around my face. It is quite bizarre that it is just one side of my face that has all these acne scars. I have already found a perfect cleansing bar, Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar, read my Initial Review Here...

Anyway, back to my wander in House of Fraser, I didn't find anything that tickled my fancy and I was about to give myself a pat on the back for resisting temptation when I remembered my MAC studio finish concealer had run out. I approached a sales guy who said there was no MAC counter in that particular House of Fraser store but suggested I check the next store-John Lewis. However,  He decided to introduce me to Bella Pierre Cosmetics which he said could give MAC and many other high end brands a run for their money. I was curious so I decided to check it out. So, I trotted off to the counter with a smirk on my face because I was skeptical  My skepticism was due to fly out the window soon. May I introduce you to Bella Pierre Cosmetics? (if you have not already heard about them)

Brief Background
Before now, I had never heard about Bella Pierre Cosmetics. Apparently, they have been around since 2005 when the creator of the brand David Oren launched it after working for about 13 years or more in the Beauty and Make up Industry. Bella Pierre Cosmetics specialise in using pure minerals for their range of make up products which include compact foundations, loose powders, bronzers, lipgloss, mascara, primers,etc. 

Mineral based foundations are different from other foundations because they contain pure natural minerals which contain real pigments such that very little goes a long way. Many people say mineral foundations have good skin benefits for their skin because they do not contain artificial ingredients such as paraben, bismuth, preservatives, etc. 

Bella Pierre Compact Foundation is a 5-in-1 mineral foundation which can act as a concealer, foundation, finishing powder, setting powder and contains SPF 15 all with using different brushes. For example, I use my concealer brush to apply some powder on my dark blemishes and use a kabuki brush to other parts of my face as a foundation and a buffing brush to blend it all out nicely. 

Many traditional makeup manufacturers utilize ingredients such as chemicals and fillers e.g. wax, oil, parabens and talcum powder to bulk up their products with only about 2-5% of pure minerals such as Zinc Oxide and Mica. Mineral foundations usually do not include chemicals, fillers or preservatives but rather more pure minerals and pigments. Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation contains pure mica which is a rock that occurs naturally that is oxidized for color and real pigmentation. It also does not include any chemicals, fillers or preservatives which are usually comedogenic hence it is 100% non-comedogenic; your pores will be clog-free. It contains other pure naturally occuring minerals which nuture and protect the skin such as Titanium Oxide, a natural occuring sun screen with an SPF of 15-20. Seeing all these definitely endeared me to this foundation but at the same time, I have read on the internet how some Mineral Foundations may potentially be harmful (It seems there is always a danger in everything). I did some research and found Mineral Foundations may be harmful if they contain nano particles of any of the pure minerals used which makes sense because these nano particles are very tiny and can be inhaled and absorbed by the skin which may be harmful in the long run. Thankfully, Bella Pierre Cosmetics do not use nano particles in any of the minerals included(Phew!!). Read Below for their assurance:
"Bellapierre’s Titanium Dioxide is considered fine with the particles between 1 and 2 microns. As a nano or ultra fine particle is measured at less than 0.1 microns (100 nanometres), our ingredients are well above the nano particle threshold and cannot under any circumstances penetrate the skin.
To further set your mind at rest, we also do not use penetration enhancers such as ethanol (alcohol) which promotes the uptake of chemicals in the skin, and, our non-nano sized Titanium Dioxide is uncoated and free of silicone or dimethicone (silicone derived emollients) which coat the skin, trapping anything beneath it, while inhibiting the skin’s natural ability to breathe."
For further info, you can read the full report here... Phew!! Now, that part is out of the way, let's carry on...

The Bella Pierre Mineral Compact Foundation comes in a black compact complete with a mirror and powder puff for touch ups. I am not a fan of powder puffs because they breed bacteria and need regular washing which distorts its shape. 

 I don't think it is the best packaging but it is okay. I would have preferred a sturdier packaging but it does feel a little delicate and I feel I should handle it with care or maybe it's just me because I keep thinking about its cost....I don't know. Other than that, it is comes in a classy black compact with silver linings all around and it opens up to reveal the mirror which I really like and a hidden compartment for the powder puff. It also has an outer packaging which tells you your shade and information about the compact. I like!!

Match to Skin
To begin with, I was pretty sure there was not going to be a good match for me because I am a woman of colour. I was very surprised that the sales guy/make up artist picked up my correct shade without much ado. He was certain it was my match and he was spot on. Looking at the colour on its own, it does look way lighter than it should be but on application it actually blends properly on my skin. My shade was Cafe which is a warm dark colour for women with slight pink undertones. They have a series of shades, 10 shades to be precise to cater for a good range of different skin tones and thankfully for women of colour.
It would have been nice to have a wider range but I think the range so far is good. To be honest, I was really skeptical when he asked if he could take off all my make up and use just the Bella Pierre Foundation. I have a lot of dark blemishes especially on one side of my face and I can only get it covered with a concealer(usually MAC or Bobbi Brown or last resort Maybelline Fit Me Concealer which I have all featured here on this blog). So, I was like, "you want to use just a powder to achieve my look(*large smirk*), go on then"...To my utter shock and amazement, my face looked amazing. I needed no more conviction, I totally wiped out my purse and paid for it.

I was so excited to go home and try this out for myself and in my usual ways, I insisted on getting a free sample for splurging out on just one compact. The sales lady said they no longer gave samples but gave me a small cute bottle of the Primer which would be my next purchase if things work out well. 

To apply this, I usually moisturise my face lightly and apply the primer and let it sit for a little while. Next with my ELF eye shadow brush (now promoted to a concealer brush), I pick up a little amount of powder and apply it directly on my dark blemishes and build it up to an acceptable standard.

My ELF Eyeshadow brush turned Concealer Brush....Ohh Yeahh
 There is always a chance to look over powdered so it is best to go with very light strokes. After that, I pick up the rest with light sweep of my Kabuki brush around my face and use my Real Technique Buffing Brush to blend everything out to a flawless finish. 

Believe it or not, that's all I use on my face now. Initially, when you apply it, it may seem too light or off colour but once you blend it in properly, you will appreciate how natural it looks. Goodbye (for now) to liquid foundation, stick foundation and concealer. This is everything for me now. The results are outstanding and amazing!!! The good thing is it actually helps my skin because my breakouts have reduced to a minimum.

Coverage and Lasting Power
Depending on how much blemishes you have and wish to conceal, I would say this could range from  light to medium to heavy coverage and it feels like you have nothing on your face. It is tres naturale. I have always worn this with a primer so it has lasted almost all day.

My skin is not where it should be but I am working on it :-))) #nofilter#noediting#nonothing

It covers my blemishes well (the lighting made it look bright but it is very natural in person) #nofilter#noediting#nonothing

Towards the end of the day, I tend to lightly reapply this. My oily T zone has been kept at bay which may be due to the formula and/or the primer. I am really impressed with this foundation. The only thing is, you do not want to go overboard as you may look too powdered. I have received tons of compliments from so many people who know me and my sensitive skin. They think I have no make up on at all because it looks very natural.

Hmmmmmm. This is not a cheap foundation at all. It costs £39.99, let's just say it cost £40. It is quite pricey for a compact foundation and the most annoying thing is, they were not even participating in the House of Fraser 10% discount which was really annoying. The good news is you can find it here on Amazon  for £20 which is wonderful discount. If you have never bought this foundation, I advise you pop into one of their counters to get your perfect match because I doubt if I would have been able to get my correct shade online.

I tried to capture the natural colour in sunlight but the light kept messing with it...Haha
This compact foundation is really pricey especially of you buy it from their site online or in store at House of Fraser although I think it is am excellent value for money because you don't need to buy concealer or powder as it acts as all this. So, it kinda works out.

  • It may enlarge pores because it is in a compact powder form and powders usually enlarge pores while liquid foundations and concealers may hide them.
  • It does not have a wide range of shades to cater to many women especially WOC which also means you may need to go in-store to get a match rather than buying straight online if you have never tried it before.
  • It is not readily available in stores. In fact, I had to go to the House of Fraser in Oxford Circus because they did not stock it in the nearest House of Fraser to me.
  • To get the optimum benefits of this, you definitely need to have a primer especially if you have oily skin.
Honestly, the benefits far outweigh its cons but the cons have to be stated so you know what to expect.

Overall Verdict
 I rate this foundation a staggering 9/10. I did not give this 10/10 because of the price (Oh yeah, I am a cheap skate). I absolutely LOVE this powder/foundation/concealer and it will definitely be a staple in my make up stash. I am going to be honest, my skin has been much better since I started using it. It may be due to my new all natural skin care routine which you can check out here or the fact that I no longer use liquid foundations which usually break me out or a combination of both. I totally love the results. Would I repurchase it? A MASSIVE BIG YES!! I hope you enjoyed this

*Disclosure: I have no material relationship to any brand or person mentioned in this post. All opinions are mine and the products were bought and paid for by myself. Thank you.

Final pictures with my face all ready to roll #nofilter#noediting#nonothing


  1. Beautiful before and after shots! Are you still enjoying this foundation? I purchased the loose powder last year and just ordered the compact form which I think I might really enjoy because of its portability and less powder mess. I also appreciate that this product eliminates the need for so many other products- it sure saves time!

    1. Hiya, thanks a lot for stopping by!! yes, I am still enjoying this foundation although i discovered the Cafe shade was a little dark for me so i tried out the Brown Sugar which was my perfect shade; the only snag is it's really expensive but it is so worth it. The loose powder form is equally good but a little messy in application because i tried that out as well. I prefer the compact form...xx

  2. Hi I also popped into House of Fraser looking for MAC, however was introduced to bellapiere, and won over i'd say. I was going to go back on Monday and buy it in store, but now that you've showed it's sold on amazon for half the price i think i'll get it from there! But do you think it's legit? i'm a bit skeptical like that haha, and I'm worried it might break in the post or something!!

    1. Hiya Jayda, sorry for the super late reply!! Yes, i would definitely encourage you to buy from Amazon. I eventually bought another one from Amazon and it came in good time and it was the original product because i could compare from the one i had previously from the counter in House of Fraser. Plus, it was well wrapped so no chance of it breaking or any of that business...xx

  3. Hello, your pretty! Thank you so much for the review. I don't know about it but I saw it online and I'm intrigue and I am looking for any reviews bout it cause I wanted to try mineral formula since I have a very dry very sensitive skin.. Your review is so detailed and I enjoy reading it.

    1. Hi Cheryl what a really sweet comment to leave and thank you ever so much. You are far too kind. I think you would enjoy using Bellapierre powders once you get over the price because the finish is really lovely...x

  4. Hello I love your review. I currently want do try the Bella products and I am also bobbi brown warm almond 6.5 do you think you can recommend a shade. I am little on the fence.

    1. Hi Brandi, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the super late reply. I realised that the Bobbi Brown Warm Almond 6.5 is a tad too dark for me so I am now using Golden 6. For Bellapierre, I would recommend either Cafe or Brown Sugar. I have Brown Sugar now and it is much better than the Cafe which was dark and had reddish brown undertones which were not very flattering and had to be applied with a really light hand..hope this is helpful :-)


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