Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish Review

Hi My Lovelies,
The weekend is nigh..time to turnup..who am i kidding? I will be a little busy this weekend so no chances of turning up...what are you doing this weekend? I recently bought some Revlon Color Stay Nail Polishes in the most gorgeous colours ever and i could not wait to share them with you. I love Revlon products except the Revlon foundations which, surprisingly, break me out so i stay clear. The only other Revlon nail polish i have ever tried was the Revlon No Smudge Dry Oil which i bought a long time ago and is a must have for ladies who have never seem to have patience to wait for their nails to get dry...yes, i am talking to myself too..but that's for another post. This post needs to concentrate on the Revlon Color Stay Nail Polish which i picked up in shades: Rich Raspberry 250, Midnight 290 and Vintage Rose 310. I think these shades are one of the most gorgeous shades ever and i am quite keen to try out more shades..let's get started with the review, shall we?

Rich Raspberry 250
This is the shade i have been wearing for a really long time. I think purple is one of my favourite colours and it looks flattering on my skin. Just as the name implies, it is Rich Raspberry Pink shade which is also borderline purple. It reminds me of Pink Jewel tones not that i own any but you know, you never know. To me, this is a must have especially for transitioning from sunny weather to chilly ones because it can pass as a Summer evening shade or Fall Day to Night shade.

Midnight 290
Although the name describes it as Midnight and i quite agree..teehehe. Another good name should have been Autumn Night Sky because that's exactly what it reminds me off especially now that Autumn has come to stay with many a cold windy nights. It is a Deep Dark Blue shade. It is perfect for the Fall/Autumn Season and i really like how it stands out against my skin. 

Vintage Rose 310
I have to say i am absolutely impressed with the names Revlon chose for this nail polishes in this range. This is Rose Coloured shade but it has some deep accents of Pink in it which i really like. I think it is a colour i would love more in Spring but i have definitely worn it a few times this season. There is something so demure about this shade that makes me want to apply it when i want to feel feminine, classy and beautiful. It's a lovely colour which is perfect if you work in an office that is a bit conservative.

I really like the simple packaging; it's nothing to busy and it does not feel cheap at all which is a plus. You also get quite a good amount of nail polish in the bottle ; almost 11.7 ml which is pretty generous and the bottle also clearly shows a full ingredient list but whether you can make out the tiny letters is another story. 

I like how light the formula feels but it is not light to the point of being watery. The good thing it is a "3- free" nail polish which simple means it does not contain 3 naughty ingredients that may damage the nails in its formula and the ingredients that are excluded include Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP which i think is laudable especially for an affordable drug store brand so thumbs up to Revlon on that.

It has a good consistency and it applies without unnecessary streaking. I think the colour pay off is really good and you can get away with one coat although i am not sure how long it will last with only one coat. One of the main reasons i love this nail polish is the brush. I think many nail polish companies are really investing in good brushes and Revlon is on top of their game with this. The wand in itself is of average size and the brush itself is a wide brush which allows you get a coat of nail polish spread across easily with minimal streaking. 

Wear Time
I would say it lasts for about 3-4 days depending on what you do. I love how it still looks fresh as though i just painted it the day before. Mine started chipping on the 4th day mainly because i have a fetish for washing my hands and i wash plates a lot so that may be a factor. If you pair this with a nice Top coat, i believe it will last even longer. I don't mind its wear time at all as i am always keen to change my nail polish.

They retail from a range of £5.99-£7.99  and you may be able to get it cheaper in a few websites or stores. I think it is very affordable but i can't remember exactly how much they cost me because i got a few items in a deal along with it but you can find it here in Boots, SuperDrug, and FeelUnique. I think it is definitely worth trying out because they are good quality and affordable- a match every lady wants to always find all day evr'yday.

That's it folks. I hope you enjoyed this little post. Have you tried the Revlon Color Stay Nail Polish Range and what is your favourite shade? See you in my next post...toodles..x


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