Favourite Skincare Beauty Tools Worth the Hype

I am a big fan of beauty tools and I remember popping into Boots to buy the No.7 Cleansing Brush (I sadly don't have it again or can't find it) a while ago because I wanted something more for my cleansing routine. Over the years, I have tried quite a few beauty tools which are mainly skincare and one or two for body care. I also have reviews for majority of them so I will link them where appropriate.

I just wanted to share these tools especially now that I have used them for at least 4 years or more and provide updates. I also filmed a video which I will above. I would greatly appreciate it if you also subscribed to my channel over here.

Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush* //Link // Currently on Sale for £60 (full review here and here)
I have to mention that the version I own has been discontinued and a new version was launched a little while ago but they do work in very similar ways. I was sent the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush about four years ago and I am so glad to say it has still been a great tool in my skincare beauty tool stash. The brush heads have to be changed every 3 months or so but the great thing is that they are usually on offer on the Magnitone website. I have also since purchased a massaging silicone head and it works so amazing for my face and body. I love that it has a nice breathable lid which offers some protection for the brush head and it is useful if you are travelling with it. Over the years, I still reach for this almost on a daily basis. It works really well as a cleansing brush especially for days when I wear makeup. I usually do a double cleanse; removing my makeup with either micellar water, wipes or an oil balm and proceeding to the second cleanse which is when I use the Magnitone Brush and a cleanser. My face always feels super clean because the brush expertly lifts off the dirt and makeup leaving my skin soft and clean. I would highly recommend checking the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush if you are after a good cleansing brush which offers value for money (especially now that Clarisonic is closing down). I usually charge mine about 3-4 times a year which is great as the battery power lasts for a reasonable length of time. I definitely agree that it is value for money because I have had mine since May 2016 and it still works perfectly.

FOREO Luna Mini 2* // Link //£109 (Full review here )
My FOREO products are my absolute favourite skincare tools and I have used them consistently for years which is a true testament to how effective and durable they are. I have used the Luna Mini 2 for at least 4 years now and I have enjoyed my cleansing routine even more because of this tool. Many of the FOREO products were kindly sent to me but I have purchased a few for myself and family as gifts because it is such a great brand. I use my FOREO Luna Mini everyday to cleanse my skin and my cleansing routine can never be complete without using it (or any other skincare beauty tool). The great thing about the Luna Mini 2 is that it has up to 8 speeds which means you can customize your cleansing routine. The silicone bristles means that bacteria cannot harbour on them which makes them safe to leave in your bathroom. The added bonus is that you don't need to change brush heads and the battery life lasts for so long. I only charge my FOREO Luna Minis about 1-2 times a year which is incredible. It cleanses my skin so well and the shape makes it very easy to get into the little corners of my face such as the corner of my nose. The silicone bristles are so gentle and will suit many skin types. The Luna Minis come in various colours and I own the pink and fuchsia ones.

FOREO Iris Eye Massager* // Link // £119 (Full review here)
I have to say this is more of a treat beauty skincare tool but it is one I have enjoyed so much over the years. The FOREO Iris Eye Massager is designed to help with applying eye serums and eye creams to the under eye as well as massaging that area. It is such a gentle tool and perfectly designed for the delicate under eye area. I use it for this purpose but I also use it for an overall face massage including my forehead on days when I have a headache. I cannot begin to describe how effective it is at calming my headache down and my entire face. It is one tool that I whip out whenever I want to give my skin a ice pamper. It can also be used all over the face after using your face serums and creams to encourage absorption and just to relax the facial muscles. It is my special pamper skincare tool. I absolutely love it.

PMD Personal Microdermabrasion* // Link // £145 (Full review here)
I remember seeing loads of videos on the PMD on YouTube especially with US YouTubers and I was so curious. I was absolutely delighted when PMD came to the UK and kindly offered to send me the PMD so I could try it and share my thoughts. This was about 4 years ago and here I am still using and loving the PMD. I have a review already linked and I will encourage you to check it out as I included useful information on there. The PMD is a personal microdermabrasion skincare tool which is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal soft and supply new skin. It requires a certain technique to use but once you master it, the results are outstanding. I have only recently started using it again because I could not find where it was packed (we moved houses so it was packed away). I wish it was battery operated because I could use it in my bathroom but it has to be plugged in (which could possibly be a good thing so one can concentrate while using it). I use this mainly on a weekend so I can give my skin a good rest and protection from the sun. It is definitely one product that I will highly recommend using an SPF following its use and of course, steering clear of other exfoliators especially within a few days of using it.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File //Link // £39.99
I had to include this amazing Scholl Electric Foot File because I have really enjoyed using it in my body care routine. I stand and walk a lot in my job as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital and this means that my feet needs extra care. I find that my heels can sometimes get hardened and I decided to try this out (my husband actually purchased it because he knew I was getting concerned with my feet; he also purchased a pedicure tub and foot soak. Isn't he a gem though?). I keep this in my bathroom and try to use it every 2-3 days and I can say that the results are outstanding. It's remarkable that such a simple tool can make such a difference. My feet especially heels feel very soft and my shoes feel  much more comfortable. It is battery powered and the "pumice stone-like head" can be changed which is great. I can't recommend it enough!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I am keen to read your comments on any skincare tool I need to try or which ones are your favourites.
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