Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette Review

I can't believe it took me so long to finally review this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette. I remember purchasing it last year when Urban Decay had a 40% off sale and I was so chuffed at getting it at such a bargain. I initially went to look at it in store when it was first launched but surprisingly I was not impressed by the looks of the sample palette (especially as it looked messy from various smudges from being on display). Thankfully, I decided to look at it again and read more review (+ watch YouTube videos) and let's say the rest is history.

It comes in a beautiful honey-gold plastic casing which feels like metal but it really is just durable plastic. I love the design so much and it feels really well made as expected from Urban Decay. Inside the palette you get 12 eyeshadows, a mirror and a dual-end eyeshadow brush. The eyeshadow names are inside the palette and also on the outer cardboard package. It looks great in pictures and in real life. Most importantly it is great to use; it's not too heavy at all and I feel like it will travel well (I don't think I have traveled with it yet but I am sure it will be fine).

Eyeshadow Qualities (Pigmentation and Wear Power)
Inside the palette, there are 12 gorgeous golden honey and neutral shades that I feel will suit many complexions and skin tones. Urban Decay describes the palette as a "12 golden neutral eyeshadow palette which is perfect for creating a swarm of looks from bright sunny to dangerously seductive after dark". I don't know why that makes me chuckle. Anyway, of the 12 eyeshadows in the palette, there are classic golden shades, warm amber shades and chocolate brown shades. The finishes are matte, metallic and shimmer and I will list the eyeshadows below with a description to the best of my abilities.
Flyby- Pale beige shade with a light satin finish (perfect for my brow bone or inner eye highlight)
Sweet- Matte light peachy-brown shade (great transition shade for lighter skin tones)
Swarm- Matte light brown with a tint of orange shade (also perfect as a transition or crease colour)
Amber- Metallic golden molten shade (perfect lid colour for many complexions)
Keeper- Matte medium brown shade (perfect transition & crease colour for medium to dark skin)
Golden- Metallic gold shade with warm tones (perfect as a lid colour for many skin tones)
Honey- Metallic yellow gold shade (perfect lid colour and inner eye highlight)
Queen- Bronze shade with gold sparkle/glitter finish (perfect lid colour for creating smoky looks)
Hive- Warm medium brown shade with a matte finish (perfect crease and transition shade for medium to darker skin tones)
Drip- Matte terracotta brown shade (perfect crease and transition shade for dark skin tones)
HBIC- Metallic copper shade (perfect lid colour for many skin tones)
Sting- Matte dark brown shade (perfect for outer crease, crease, under eye and smoky looks)

Pigmentation and Longevity
I did not expect anything less from Urban Decay because this palette's pigmentation is fantastic . It is not the most pigmented I have ever tried but it sits at such a great balance and I know many people will love it. I love the selection of shades and how well it is arranged in the palette. It is truly aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I believe it will be easy to use for people who are just starting to use eyeshadow palettes. I am a big fan of warm golden shades and this palette brings it right on and I am totally here for it. The shade Honey reminds me of Fenty Beauty's Trophy Wife and I don't think I have any shade in my collection similar to it. Hive works perfectly as a crease colour for me and I thought FlyBy will be a perfect brow bone highlight for me (it actually is perfect as an inner eye highlight shade) but Swarm was actually super perfect. Amber, Honey, Golden and HBIC are perfect lid shades for me and depending on what look I am after I mix the other shades.

I love how the brown shades have different hues as they can be used as crease colours, transition colours and even lower eyelid colours to create a sultry smoky look. I always use majority of my eyeshadows with a primer but I think these eyeshadows will wear well without a primer. Surprisingly, the shimmer shades don't have a lot of messy fall outs. I love that the matte shades feel creamy to use with minimal fall outs. I can see myself using all the shades in this palette which is rare and I have very few eyeshadow palettes that tick this box (of course the Naked Heat Palette ticks this box too). When I wear the eyeshadows in the palette, they last all day no matter what weather we are in and I think that's a testament to how great the quality of these eyeshadows are.

Cost // Link // £43 (Currently on Sale for £34)
It retails for £43 which is standard for all Urban Decay Naked palettes. I usually recommend waiting to get a reasonable discount code so you make some savings. I will recommend subscribing to the Urban Decay newsletter because they will keep you in the loop for discounts. Alternatively, you can always check department stores and online retailers who offer great discounts. I got mine when Urban Decay had a 40% discount code so I paid around £25 for it which is an incredible bargain. The discount was back in November so I am hoping they do the same this year. John Lewis currently (as of the time of publishing this post) have a discount so the palette retails for £34. 

Overall Thoughts
I will definitely recommend checking out this palette because it is one that can create various looks and will suit various complexions and skin tones. You can create safe neutral looks or be creative with this palette depending on what you prefer. I have enjoyed this palette and I am still enjoying using it. I hope to share some looks with it. If you want to see a video where I talk a bit more about this palette, you can check out my video on YouTube where I rank all my Urban Decay Naked Palettes and while you are there, it will mean a lot if you subscribed to my channel. Let me know in the comment box if you have tried this eyeshadow palette. xx
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