FOREO Luna Mini 1 vs Luna Mini 2

If you read my March Favourites, you would have seen a sneak peek of the FOREO Luna Mini 2 which I was kindly sent in the beginning of the year. I am sure everyone who reads my blog would already know my obsession with FOREO products. I have been super, super lucky to be gifted a wide range of products from the brand at various times. I have enjoyed all of them them and they have been so effective on my skin. I cannot even consider cleansing my skin or completing my skincare routine without using at least one FOREO product. I have the following reviews here if you fancy a read- Foreo Luna Mini 1* Review, Foreo Luna for All Skin Types* Review, Foreo Iris Eye Massager* Review and the Foreo Cleansers* Review. I recently saw that FOREO had released a Luna 2 and a Luna Mini 2. Naturally, I was intrigued and I went on their website and Instagram to check out the differencs between the previous versions. I was mostly pleased that the Luna Mini 2 now had speed buttons which allows you change the speed up to 8 levels!

You can imagine how delighted I was when a little package containing the Foreo Luna Mini 2* was sent to me to try out. I have used mine now for almost two months and I wanted to share my experience and compare it with the Luna Mini 1. If you are after details of how the Luna Minis work, please head over here to this post as they work the same way. However, there are some changes to the physical design and as expected, some changes to the experience you may get. I am really pleased I got the same beautiful pink shade which is my absolute favourite Luna Mini colour. It also made my comparison so much easier as you can see identify any differencs easily because they are comparable.

The packaging is pretty much the same and I have not seen any proper difference at all. They both have a nice compact package and the Luna Minis are snuggled inside. They both come with a charging cable, instructions manual, travel pouch and a warranty card. I also have to mention that the Luna Mini 2 comes in 5 beautiful colours including Midnight (black), Fuchsia, Aquamarine, Sunflower Yellow and Pearl Pink (the one I have). The Luna Mini 1 also comes in 5 colours but they are different to the Luna Mini 2 and they include- Cool Grey, Petal Pink, Turquoise, Purple and Magenta.

Speed Buttons
I just had to start with the most exciting change for me and that's the introduction of the speed buttons. The Luna Mini 1 is still one of my favourites as I love its compact size but I always wished it had speed buttons. I have always like the idea of switching up the speed depending on how my skin feels. The Luna Mini 2 has speed buttons which is incredible and I am totally loving it. There are 8 speeds to suit every skin type and need. Sometimes, I want a deeper cleanse and I switch to a faster speed and other times, I want a super gentle cleanse and I opt for a lower speed. It's so handy and I know many people would love this. I am so pleased about this and I actually squealed when I saw this over on Foreo's Instagram.

I think this was one of the differences I did not notice immediately. First off, I am quite happy they have kept the Luna Mini 2 still compact and travel friendly. The Luna Mini 2 is ever so slightly larger than the Luna Mini 1. You would not notice at all unless you have them side by side and I don't think it is significant at all. It feels the same and I know the reason for the size difference was to accommodate more bristles which I would be talking about later.

Larger Surface Area
Keeping on with the size difference, the surface area is naturally larger (50%) on the Luna Mini 2. However, it is not large for nothing; there is a purpose. The larger surface area means there are more bristles to provide an even deeper cleanse.It also means that it covers a larger area of the face which I really like. The bristles on the Luna Mini 2 are made form softer silicone material for a better experience. You can see from the pictures that the Luna Mini 2 bristles run lower than the Luna Mini 1. However, the thicker touch points brustles (for precsion cleansing)  at the top of the Luna Mini 2 cover a slightly smaller surface area than the Luna Mini 1. To be honest, I don't really mind because it still works as amazing as ever.

This is another major difference between the Luna Mini 1 and Luna Mini 2. First off, the bristles on the Luna Minis are amazing yet super effective at deeply cleansing the skin. I never thought the bristles needed any change but when I used the Luna Mini 2, I could totally understand and appreciate the difference. The Luna Mini 1 has shorter bristles which still deliver an amazing cleanse but the Luna Mini 2 has longer bristles which provide an even deeper cleanse. Again, you would not notice this difference unless you own the two Luna Minis. If you are a big fan of a super duper deep cleanse, you would love the Luna Mini 2 as the longer bristles just get right into those pores and get rid of all dirt, grease, impurities, etc. The best thing is these longer bristles are still so gentle which I love.

Price// Link to Luna Mini 1 // Link to Luna Mini 2
Now this is the first time I have seen a new product being launched without an increase in price. More importantly, this is my first time ever seeing a previously launched product reduced in price. Let me explain. The Luna Mini 1 retailed for £99 when it was first launched which I think was a fair amount to invest given that you never have to change the brush head and the charge lasts a long time. Now, the Luna Mini 2 retails for £99 and the Luna Mini 1 retails for £85 which is absolutely incredible. I really have to commend FOREO for keeping it real with us and I think many people would appreciate this touch.

Which do I prefer?
It's really hard to say to be honest because I love both of them. I have to say that the Luna Mini 2 gives my skin a much deeper cleanse especially on a day after I have worn heavy makeup. However, I still reach for my Luna Mini 1 as it is gentler and perfect for my morning cleanse. I love both of them and still use them everyday. I still have not had to recharge the Luna Mini 2 since I first got it and gave it an initial charge. The lasting power is absolutely incredible and I guess that's one of the many reasons why I have fallen hard for these FOREO Luna Minis.

Overall Thoughts
I feel incredibly lucky to have these amazing Foreo Luna Minis to try and I honestly can't say which I love more. I guess it is all down to individual preference and taste. I would recommend going for the Luna Mini 1 if you have sensitive skin and you still want an effective cleanse. If you want a really deep cleanse and you want the choice of swithcing up the speed, I would recommend trying out the Luna Mini 2. For me, I still use both of them but I have been reaching for the Luna Mini 2 slightly more this Spring.That's pretty much it!! Have you tried the FOREO Luna Mini 2?
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