Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette Review + Swatches

I never cared for the packaging of the first Naked Palette when it was initially launched and I was not sure if I would love the eyeshadows inside. That's why I never purchased the Original Naked 1 and Naked 2 but once they launched Naked 3, I purchased it immediately and Urban Decay have got my coins at almost every Naked Launch since then (except for the Naked Minis and the Naked Smoky). I believe the original Naked Palette has been discontinued and Urban Decay launched Naked Reloaded around the same time but not necessarily to replace it. I eventually bit the bullet and here we are with the Naked Reloaded Palette.

The first thing I noticed was that it appears slightly smaller than the other Naked Palettes (especially the recent launches) and this is because it does not include an eyeshadow brush. I honestly don't mind because it is less bulky and to be honest,  I never use the Urban Decay eyeshadow brushes although they are good quality. Another thing is the packaging is made from a fabric upholstered case (feels smooth like cloth or velvet; I am not great at describing it). It does not stain easily or leave marks which is great and it allows easier handling of the palette because it folds all the way back. It has a mirror;  thank goodness they did not  skip it. It has 12 eyeshadows inside which is the same as other Urban Decay Naked palettes but the last two eyeshadows (on both ends of the palette) are slightly larger . I am not mad at the packaging but I still love the other Naked Palettes packaging especially the Naked Ultraviolet (review here).

I have to say out of all the Naked Palettes I own, the Naked Reloaded appears to have less pigmentation than I would expect from Urban Decay Naked Palettes. It could possibly be that I have been spoiled by the rich pigmentation of Naked Honey, Naked Heat (review here) and even Naked Cherry so it's so hard to love other palettes. You can tell from the swatches that a few shades such as Barely Baked, Angel Fire and Blur barely swatched on my hand and they are not any better on my eyelids. I tend to use Barely Baked and Angel Fire as topper eyeshadows (on top of other eyeshadows) as they have a nice subtle shimmer. My favourite shades are Reputation, Burn and Distilled and I reach for them the most.  I also like Boundaries, Bucked and End Game as great crease and transition shades. My least favourite eyeshadow of the lot is Dreamweaver as it just crumbles everywhere and is difficult to work with. I think it may work better with a pigment mixer but I don't have the patience for all that.

Cost //Link //US ($44) //UK (£39)
I am not sure why this is the case but it retails slightly cheaper than the usual Naked Palettes and I am not sure if it's because it does not come with an eyeshadow brush (I am not too bothered at all) or the packaging seems less luxurious. Whatever the case is, I am not too mad at the price. I waited until I had a decent discount before purchasing it and I was pleased with the price I paid for it . Urban Decay UK website currently have an offer on this palette for £31 so if you want to try it, I think this is the best time with such a sensible discount.

Overall Thoughts
I would be lying if I said this is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes from Urban Decay but I still reach for it especially for everyday wear and for going to work. Now that I have found my favourite eyeshadows in the palette, I just reach for those ones every time so it is safe to say I am not very creative with this palette. It is a safe, easy to reach palette for everyday but if you love those kind of palettes, I think you will enjoy this palette. Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette? 
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