Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush (First Impressions) + Bare FaceChallenge

You all know I am quite obsessed with having really good skin and would choose good skin care products and tools over makeup products. I love to try good skincare products and tools that promise to help me achieve this quest of mine- achieving perfect skin. I was very delighted when the lovely folks at Magnitone London asked if I would like to take part in their Bare Faced- Say No to Scopes Challenge for the month of May. Of course, I said YES and I can't imagine anyone saying No really as it’s a fantastic opportunity. I have heard so many good things about Magnitone London brushes so naturally I was happy to try it.  I would tell you how you can take part at the end of this post. For now, I just wanted to share my initial thoughts on the Magnitone London BareFaced Cleansing Brush* I recently received. I have only used it for three days so this is my very fresh first impression.

Overview of Magnitone London
First off, I really like the happy vibes I get from their website and even the information on the packaging of my Magnitone. They use really friendly everyday speak and I find it very welcoming like I am listening to a friend (I know it sounds silly but that’s how I feel). Magnitone London actually started off as Project ScrubbR in 2013 and was founded by two British men- David and Asher. Their aim was to create a beauty brand that encompassed beauty technology with healthy well-being and I have to say they definitely nailed it with their Magnitone London brushes. The first Magnitone London Brush known as the Pulsar was created in 2013 and quickly sold out after many rave reviews and as they say,  the rest is history. Since the Pulsar, they have developed other brushes including the Magnitione Lucid, Magnitone Lucid limited edition (in collaboration with Pixie Lott). In July 2015, they developed the Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush* which I am delighted to be testing and the Full Monty was developed in October 2015. I love their story and I find it quite inspiring. You can read more about their story here.

My brush arrived in a huge package which was a lovely touch because it meant there was no way the brush could get damaged in transit. The outer packaging had details of their social media channels and a funny quote at the bottom which I thought was cute. The Magnitone London BareFaced Cleansing Brush also came well packaged in its own box. The outer sleeve gives you a quick rundown of what you should see in the main box. The main box contains the Magnitone London Barefaced Cleansing Brush, a wireless USB Travel Charger, a splash proof Travel Pouch, an Active Clean Brush Head, 12 Month Warranty, Manual and a MyMagnitone Membership. I was kindly sent the Pastel Green design which is so spring appropriate and I love it. I don't think I have many things in this colour so I am happy to infuse some pastel loveliness to my stash.  There are other colours as well- Pastel Pink and Pastel Orange.The first thing I did was to charge the brush till it was completely full as per the recommendation on the manual. It does say charge for 24 hours the first time but mine was fully charged in a shorter time and I did not want to leave it charging just for the sake of it.

How does it work?
The Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing brush uses their trademarked Vibra Sonic technology to deliver results. The Vibra Sonic technology is essentially a combination of sonic oscillations and electromagnetic vibrations which is equal to a skin workout (for the face). It works by cleansing deep into the skin via the pores to remove impurities that may have accumulated on the skin. It promises to boost circulation and provide healthy skin benefits consistently. I am always keen to test our products with huge claims and while I don’t want to give away too much in my first impressions, I have to say I am really liking it so far. On my first use, my skin felt super clean and it was not stripped. I have tried it with my La Roche Posay Purifying Foaming Gel* and the Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Cream Cleanser* and they work so amazingly well with it. I think the softness my skin feels is what has really endeared me to it in the initial stages and I am keen to stick to it. So far, I have not had any breakouts and fingers crossed it remains the same. Apparently, some people get an initial breakout when they start using cleansing brushes but that’s not happened to me and I hope it does not.

How I Use it
The Magnitone London BareFaced Cleansing Brush is designed to deliver an amazing clean within one minute and I stick to this duration. The good thing is it has a timer which beeps after 20 seconds indicating that it is time to move to another section. It is recommended to use for each 20 seconds on the cheeks, neck and t-zones. I used it that way but I prefer to just do one half of my face (mainly cheek area), second half and t-zones. I have not tried it on my neck or d├ęcolletage yet but will do as I have only had it for 3 days.

The ‘Say No to Scopes’ Challenge 
I already mentioned I was challenged by the lovely team at Magnitone London to try out the Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush for 30 days. The challenge is called Say No to Scopes which essentially means that you get results from the first time you use the BareFaced Brush. These results will be clear to the naked eye such that there is no need for a microscope (hence the No to Scopes- get the drift!!). I am quite excited to do this challenge and I would be documenting my results in a diary style (with pictures hopefully). I would try my best to take the pictures in the same position (and hopefully lighting) so we can all compare together to see if it has lived up to all its claims. I have started off with a bare face picture of me. I was never into sharing bare faced pictures of myself but I just thought what the heck? I am loving my skin even if it is not perfect and I hope we all get to that point of loving our skins.

 30- Day Money-Back Guarantee
Have you been considering getting a Magnitone Cleansing Brush but you are not sure if it would work or not? Well, they are currently offering a 30-day money back guarantee which I think is incredible. This means if you purchase any of the brushes and you don’t get along or don’t get results, you can return it within 30 days. I think that’s commendable and how confident they are with the results you can get from their brushes. This offer is only available if you purchase any of the brushes this May and directly from the Magnitone website.

They are also holding an exciting competition where you can win some replacement brushes for a year from Magnitone London. Details can be found below and just make sure you are following them on Instagram so you don’t miss out on other offers.
1. Grab your nearest selfie taking device
2. Take a snap of your Buzz Fac (with your Magnitone Brush, of course).
3. Share on Instagram @MagnitoneLondon using the hashtag #BuzzFace
4. Stand a chance of winning one year’s supply of replacement brush heads.
One winner would be chosen every month. One year’s supply of replacement brush heads is equivalent to one pack of replacement brush heads every 3 months (so you get four packs of replacement brush heads). I think it’s an incredible offer and I would be entering myself.

Where to Purchase // Link //£70
You can purchase Magnitone London Brushes directly from their website where they offer free shipping on all orders. They are also stocked in other in-store and online retailers including Harvey Nichols, Boots, Feel Unique and Lookfantastic. You can follow Magnitone London on their social media pages for more information about any deals, offers or competition- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you are into YouTube, you can check out their channel here. 

Overall thoughts
Yeah, that’s pretty much my initial thoughts on the Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush*. I would be back with a more detailed review on my experience in 30 days’ time so that would be in June. Do come back and check it out as well. I hope you enjoyed this post and I would see you in my next. Have you tried Magnitone London Cleansing Brushes?
*PR Samples + Affiliate Links, read my full disclaimer here.


  1. Wow love the colour of this Magnitone, so pretty for Spring! I hear so many good things about these cleansing brushes, definitely time I invested.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

    1. Thank you so much and I totally agree that the colours are so cute!! More importantly, I have enjoyed using the brush so far and keen to see how my skin fares using it longer. It's a really good time to buy it as I think it is reduced on either Feel Unique or LookFantastic...xx


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