Matte Foundations for Oily and Combination-Oily Skin (WOC friendly)

My skin type is combination/oily and I tend to reach for matte foundations all the time. I use a primer underneath my foundation and a powder to set it to ensure my foundation looks great all day. I honestly can't remember using a foundation with a dewy finish because my skin ends up looking so greasy despite using a primer and powder. I have tried quite a few matte foundations and I wanted to share some of my tried, tested and trusted matte and long wearing foundations. I have also tried some of these foundations while I was in Nigeria where the weather is quite warm and they have held up well so that's a good test for them.

The great thing is I filmed a video talking about these foundations and I included other foundations which are not in this post. If you want to find out more about all the other matte foundations or semi-matte foundations I have enjoyed using, you can watche the video which is linked above or you can watch it here. It would absolutely make my day if you subscribed to my channel here. Right, let's dive in...

L.A. Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation //Link //£10
This foundation currently stands as my most repurchased makeup product ever and this is mainly because it does such a great job. The shade range is not the best but for a drugstore brand I dare say they have done a great job. My shade is Caramel and it is the closest to my complexion. It actually matches my complexion way better than some high end foundations I own. As the name suggests, it is proper matte foundation and it is easy to apply. It is not too drying so I believe it will be suitable for all skin types but my combination-oily and oily skin girls (and boys) will adore this foundation
I have not noticed any oxidation while using it which is great. I use a primer underneath and a powder to set it and it stays put all day. If the weather is very warm and I am very active outside, I will need to use a blotting paper or reset it with my powder (just once). I love that it has a pump which helps minimise waste. To me, it has the perfect matte finish for my skin /complexion and has stood the test of time even during the recent heat wave we had in the UK and the times I have been on holiday in Nigeria. The only snag is that it is not readily available in the UK. I get mine from JustmyLook website but you can also purchase it from Beauty Bay and the L.A. Girl UK website. In stores, you may find it in Black Beauty Hair Supplies stores I have also spotted L.A. Girl brand in Beauty Mart. I believe it is easier to find the US and I think you can purchase this in Nigeria as well.

L'Oreal Pro 24H Foundation // Link //£9.99
For some reason, I forgot to include this in the collective photo for all the matte foundations I love and I just had to include it because I have really enjoyed using it. It has been featured in my June 2020 Favourites post and it has still remained a firm favorite. I picked it up on a whim one day when my favourite L.A. Girl Pro Matte foundation had run out and I am so glad that I did because it is a good alternative (although not as good a match). It provides such great matte coverage and lasts all day. I rarely have to blot whilst using this foundation but I have not yet tried this in Nigeria where the weather is very warm as that will be the ultimate test.  It comes in a nice tube with a skinny opening which ensures that there is minimal wastage. It is easy to travel with and does not make a mess. The shade I have is 330 Noisette /Hazelnut and it is a good match but I wish it had a little bit more of the golden undertone as that would transform it to a perfect match. As far as I know, the shade range is not wide enough to suit many complexions which is sad because it is a great foundation and formula. 

Black Opal True Colour Foundation // Link // £12
This is another great foundation which has a decent colour selection especially for WOC and I love that it is has a matte finish. It comes with a pump within the plastic bottle which is lightweight and easy to travel with. The formulation in itself is slightly thicker than my usual foundations but it wears well on my skin and I only have to blot once a day when the weather is very warm. It provides great coverage (medium to full) and does not look cakey when you build it to full coverage. If you love the natural lightweight finishes, I would say this may not be the one for you. Just like the L.A. Girl Pro Matte foundation, it is not easily accessible in regular drugstores here in the UK; it can only be purchased online or in some Black Beauty Hair shops. I still love how beautifully matte the finish is. I have the stick version of this foundation but it's nowhere near as matte as the liquid foundation. It does have great coverage though but I always choose the liquid foundation formula.

Kuddy Cosmetics Ultra Waterproof Foundation (Matte Finish)
I know this foundation is not sold in the UK or readily sold online but I wanted to include it because I have readers from Nigeria and I absolutely love using this foundation. It is a proper matte finish foundation specifically designed for very warm or hot climates such as Nigeria. I picked it up when I was in Nigeria and I absolutely loved it (and still love it). If you have tried many matte foundations and not found the one, I will highly recommend checking this foundation out as it a great matte finish. It feels slightly drying on my face but I don't mind because I have combination oily skin. I also love that it has a pump with a light weight plastic bottle. The only caveat apart from it not being readily available/accessible is that the shade ranges are limited as it is designed mainly for WOC as it is a Nigerian brand sold mainly in Nigeria.

Mary Kay Timewise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation // Link 
Even when I was not into makeup at all (like a long time ago), I still used foundation and my absolute favourite was the Mary Kay Timewise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation. I had a lady (who later became my friend) was a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant at the time and I purchased loads of products from her. I always repurchased this foundation and I still always have at least one tube in my stash because it is another HG foundation that rarely lets me down. It has a great matte finish which can be improved if you use a great powder to set it. I tend to use the Mary Kay Powder or the MAC MSF for it and it lasts almost all day. I never really have to blot unless I am very busy walking about in the sun. They have a wide range of shades and it has always been like that even before brands started being sensible. My shade is Bronze 3 and it a perfect match for me especially during summer. Just like the other foundations in this post, it is not easily accessible and you can mainly purchase it from a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I have you covered this time as one of my friends informed me she is now a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant so I will be making future purchases from her. If you would like to get some product, please check out her link here. (This is not sponsored; I just want to support her). She also has a YouTube channel here where she shares very delicious recipes so do check out her channel and videos.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation // Link //£7.99
I almost did not include this foundation because I still have not found a sensible shade match for my complexion however I do know that it has a good matte finish. I do have to commend Maybelline for trying to expand the Fit Me foundation range and I hope they continue the good work because it appears that many people love this foundation. The great thing is that it does what it says with regards to giving a poreless and matte finish. I still have to use a mattifying primer underneath and set it with a powder. I find that when it is a proper warm weather, I still get shiny and need to blot nevertheless I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a matte foundation but one that is not too matte or drying. I am still on the hunt for a better match to my complexion and maybe it would make me fall back in love with it.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation //Link //£27
I am sure many people would admit that the MAC Studio Fix Fluid is one of the first foundations they may have tried from MAC. It definitely is for me and I stuck to it for years because it was such a great match and finish for my complexion. Many years after, I still feel the same. The Studio Fix Fluid gives a perfect matte finish (not too matte and not dewy) and it feels comfortable on the skin. There is a wide range of shades to choose from which is great. My only issue with this foundation is the fragrance or scent or smell or whatever you want to call it. It is not pleasant at all and it somewhat reminds me of pain. Whenever I wear it, I feel like everyone can smell this paint fragrance because that's all I can smell. The good thing is it disappears after a few hours but it is so annoying. I honestly wish they could get rid of this smell. Nevertheless, I would still recommend it as a great matte finish and long wearing foundation that will suit many skin types and complexions. It is slightly expensive as it is not drug store but it is still affordable compared to other high end brands.
I hope you enjoyed this post and as I said, I do have a video where I spoke about these foundations including others not featured in this post. What is your favourite Matte Foundation? Let me know in the comments box below.


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