Christmas Gift Guide- Makeup and Fragrances

As promised, here is my fourth Christmas Gift Guide.  You can check out my other Gift Guides here, here and here. I think this may have to be one of my favourite Christmas Gift Guides because I love makeup. The brands featured are sold in the UK and they will make outstanding gifts for anyone who loves makeup. I also threw in some fragrances because I adore fragrances.

I had to do a round up of some of my all time favourite makeup brands. I chose them because they have such beautiful packaging and quality. Most importantly, they have a good range of products that will suit different complexions and preferences. There is something for everyone including the loved one that loves natural (organic products) to the one who loves MAC Collections.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics* //Link // from £19 (review)
Vincent Longo recently re-launched here in the UK after a long while and they have created quite the buzz. I have two dedicated posts on Vincent Longo here and here. I just really adore the brand because their makeup is really unique. They are water-based so they look super natural on the skin and they don't cause any skin problems. There are so many products within the brand which I will highly recommend as gifts for loved ones. However, I will try and narrow it down or else this will turn into a full Vincent Longo post. My picks include the Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder Foundation* //£43.50, the Pearl X Eyeshadows* //£19 and the La Bella Luce Highlighter* //£24.50 and I know anyone who loves makeup will be thrilled to unwrap these on Christmas Day (or whenever people open up their presents). My review is linked above so you can check out the swatches as well and my favourite shades.

ILIA Beauty //Link //from £18 (review)
I was introduced to ILIA Beauty this year and it has been a love all the way. They are one of the fewest organic makeup/beauty brands that work so well across various skin tones. Their pigmentation, especially with their lipsticks and tinted lip conditioners, is out of this world. They have a wide range of products to choose from and you can buy them both online and in-store (Fortnum & Mason). If you have a loved one who loves organic beauty products, they will absolutely adore this range. Even if your loved ones are not too fussed about organic beauty products, ILIA beauty will absolutely win their hearts. My favourite products are their Tinted Lip Conditioners*//£22, Lipsticks*//£22 and their Illuminators*//£30 and I highly recommend checking them out. They have such a beautiful selection of shades to choose from. You can check out their collections over here.

Nude by Nature //Link // from £14 (review)
Where do I even begin with this super amazing makeup brand that has seriously swept me off my feet? I do have another post planned but I thought I will show you a sneak peek of what's to come. I have written quite a few reviews about Nude by Nature which you can find here, here and here. Nude by Nature is a natural and mineral based makeup brand who make incredible products. The pigmentation in their products is very impressive and the shades are all inspired by natural beauty of Australia. The best part is that their products are good for your skin so you know you can look and feel good.

They have a good range of Christmas Gift Sets which I really like because they are so well made and do not require any extra wrapping (just a bow or gift bag). The sets have such good value for their price and they even come in the cutest tin boxes!!! It's so hard to choose one but my favourites are the Bondi Shores Set*//£50, Radiant Collection Set*//£50 and the Follow the Sun Set*//£50 . Don't even get me started on the Wanderlust Makeup Brush Set*// £65!! (can't find a link yet but will update asap when I do)

MAC Nutcracker Collection //Link // from £15.50
MAC has been totally on top of their game when it comes to releasing new collections and I honestly don't know how they manage to do this. I have to say I am not usually tempted by all their collections but the Nutcracker collection tugged at my heart strings so bad. I was debating in my head if I need to get the Sweet Copper Face Compact or not and I finally gave in with no single regrets whatsoever. I believe the compact is sold out but they have other amazing products still in the range including the lipsticks. The packaging is just so beautiful and I know many people will love to receive at least one product from this collection. I also think they are quite affordable so totally worth checking out.

I feel like fragrances is always the default gift to get during holidays, birthdays, etc but it is also quite a difficult one to nail. I don't think I have ever received a fragrance I didn't like as a gift because I have a wide range of scents I love. However, there are some that I feel are special and will make amazing gifts for loved ones.

Lancome La Vie est Belle //Link // £84 (for 100ml)
I know I already featured this in my previous gift guide but I could not resist including it again as it is among my top 5 fragrances. I love everything about this fragrance from the bottle, lasting power and the way it works with my body chemistry. It is one fragrance I get the most compliments whenever I wear it and everyone just wants to know what I am wearing. Sometimes, I don't want to say because I don't want everyone smelling like me (cheeky!!) but the blogger in me takes over and I just launch into a proper mini review. It is a high end fragrance but it is totally worth every penny because it applies so beautifully and the lasting power is out of this world. The best part is Lancome offer beautiful gift wrapping (free of charge) so you don't need to do anything extra. If you are lucky, you may also get a gift with purchase; they are generous like that!!

Atkinsons Love in Idleness* //Link //£100 (review)
This is another fragrance that completely swept me off my feet and I didn't expect it at all. Of course , any fragrance that brings back a good memory will always hold a special place in your heart. For me, I can't quite remember what that memory is with this fragrance  but I know it is a good one and that's why I keep going back to it. It also has such a unique bottle and packaging which makes it an amazing gift idea. Atkinsons also have other amazing fragrances which you can check out here. They are expensive but they are very unique with a beautiful lasting power. I get so many compliments on this fragrance as well and I call it my feel good fragrance.

Escentric Molecule 01* //Link //£66 (review)
Have you ever finished a fragrance? I totally have and for me, it means I am completely taken with that fragrance. These two are actually my second set and I am so thrilled that they are back in my collection. Everyone is still talking about Escentric Molecule fragrances because they are very unique. Essentially, they smell differently on everyone because they work with each person's unique body chemistry. How special is that? I love it. If you have a loved one who is not into feminine fragrances and prefers androgynous scents, I will highly recommend getting Escentric Molecule as a gift for them. The best part is it can also work as a gift for that special man in your life!!

Overall Thoughts
That's it from me today and I do hope you all are enjoying the build up to Christmas. I have two more posts planned and that will be all for my Gift Guides. I am also planning a giveaway so do keep your eyes peeled for that. See you in my next post..xx
*Gifted PR Samples + Affiliate links used, read my full disclaimer here.


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