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As  we are approaching the end of the year, I thought it would be great to put together a post on some products I have hit pan on. If I reach for a product almost on a daily basis, it means I most likely love it so much and will hit pan sooner than later. There is that strange satisfaction that comes with hitting pan with products because you feel like you have got your money's worth. I also have a slight twinge of sadness because it means that a very loved product may be coming to an end. I repurchase some products but if I have a good alternative (most times I do), I tend to use it because I don't want to waste money. You can now understand where that slight twinge of sadness stems from. I saw this post on my lovely Twinnie's blog post - UmmBaby and I suggest checking out her blog, her own post and Instagram. She is amazing and I love all her social media links. Right, let's dive straight in...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade //Link //£15 (review)
I'd heard so many good things about this brow pomade and I am so happy I finally took the plunge and purchased it. I am so pleased with it and I think I might repurchase it when it runs out because it is one of the best I have tried out. Its pigmentation and lasting power on my brows makes it stand out among all the others I have tried and I love how it perfectly matches my brows. My shade is chocolate. I'd also heard that it was prone to getting dry after sometime but I have had mine for at least six months and it's still going strong. I use this at least 80% of the time and that's why I have hit pan. Love it!!

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit //Link //£6.50 
I was so pleased when I found out that Barry M had finally come out with this contour kit for medium to darker skin. I had heard many good things about the other shades so I was counting down until the newer shades arrived in store. I started out with the darkest contour powder and it looked muddy and ashy on my complexion but I decided to try the middle brown shade. Viola!!  It was perfect and I used it consistently for a super long time hence the dent in the middle. My favourite product within this palette is the peach toned highlight powder. I used it mainly to set my under eye concealer and it was perfection personified. The huge dent (what am I saying? rather the empty space) is a testament to how much I loved and used this product. I wish they just sold this powder on its own as I would purchase it for sure. I am not repurchasing this palette for now because I have more than enough contour kits in my collection. Once I get through them, I will be back.

Becca Dual Coverage Concealer //Link // £10 (Review)
I absolutely adore this concealer and this is actually my third one because it just works for me. I use it mainly to neaten up my eye brows after filling them in and it works so well with my complexion. No halo brows in sight and my eye brows look on fleek for the most part. I do find it quite difficult to find because I have a sneaky feeling that it has been completely discontinued and I am so sad about it. It has two sections- one section offers medium coverage and the other provides full coverage. The full coverage section is also good hiding blemishes and spot/pinpoint concealing. I do stick to using it for my brows though because I am not sure of where else to find an original one that comes with a good price tag.

Fake Bake Beauty Shine On Palette* //Link // £15 (Review)
I got this palette last year at a Fake Bake Beauty Event and I fell in love with it as expected. It comes with 8 products which I have so much use for. There is an eyeshadow (cream) section,  cream eyeshadow highlight, lip gloss and lip cheek section. My favourite products are the cream eyeshadow of course and I love how they work well with other Fake Bake Beauty palettes within and other palettes on in general. I have hit pan  in the pink eyeshadow (cream) and made some significant dents in the lip an cheek tint. It's such a lovely palette and I do have a long way before it runs out.

Kuddy Cosmetics Blush Palette //Link //approx £10 (Review)
I had to include this gorgeous Kuddy Cosmetics Palette even though it is only sold (as far as I know in Nigeria). It is actually such a gorgeous Blush Palette because it contains very flattering blushes especially for darker skin. The other four blushes are quite pinkish/purple which I don't mind when I am going out. However, the two shades (brownish pink ones) are my favourites because they are perfect for everyday. I have made a huge dent in the first shade and I remember using it almost everyday for a good while. I do need to start using it again because it is such a great palette.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage //Link // £27 (Review)
I had my eyes on this concealer for a good while because I'd read great things on how well it covered up dark blemishes. I finally took the plunge and I am so happy I did. It is quite pricey but I think it worth it. Similar to the Becca Dual Coverage Concealer, it has two sections. One section is lighter shade and the other is a slightly darker shade. I use this mainly for pin point concealing because that's what it works best for my complexion. I really like it and I was surprised I hit pan quite quickly but I do have a lot of product left so I am not so sad.

Lorac Pro Palette //Link //$44 (Shades Pewter and Taupe) (Review)
The Lorac Pro Palette is still one of my precious eyeshadow palettes and I still reach for it often. Whenever I travel, I pop it in my makeup bag just in case because it is my fail safe palette. I have already hit pan (and almost finished) two shades which are my most used shades- Pewter and Taupe. They are very pigmented (even the matte shades) and I love the way they apply although there are minor fall outs with some shades. Still, I love this palette and I am so glad I have hit pan on some shades and more to go.

MAC Eyeshadows //Link // £10 (Shades- Rice Paper and Amber Lights) (Review)
I still have a soft spot for MAC Eyeshadows despite trying other eyeshadows I adore. They do have good quality and pigmentation although I find that it's not consistent across the board. Nevertheless,  I still love the way they apply on my lids. The first one (not pictures) which I hit pan on was Cork which I loved so much that I had to repurchase it. The two that I have hit pan on are the Amber Lights and Rice Paper and they are one of my most used eyeshadows. I don't think I have ever found a like for like dupe for Amber Lights because it is so special and I will be repurchasing when I run out. I think I may actually repurchase Rice Paper as well because it is a good brow bone highlight without the glitter.

Nude by Nature Contour Kit*//Link //£25 (Review)
For a super long time, I only used Sleek Contour Kit because it was very suitable for my complexion. However, I decided to branch out and try other such as the Barry M kit. Earlier this year, I was introduced to Nude by Nature and very intrigued by all their collections. I was gifted this Contour Kit after attending a masterclass they hosted and I have not looked back since. The contour shade in the middle is such a perfect contour match for my complexion. It is not muddy, grey or over the top and it is so easy to use. I love that you can build it up to however much intensity you are after. For the past 6 months, it has been my go-to Contour Kit and that's why there is a beautiful dent in the middle. I also like the yellowish highlight powder which I use to set my under eye concealer.

Sleek Contour Kit and Concealer Kit // Link //£6.49 (Review- here and here)
I don't think this post will be complete if I did not include Sleek Makeup products. They are one of my favourite brands from the drug store and they usually look flattering on my complexion which is important to me. The first ever contour kit I purchased was the Sleek Contour Kit in Medium and I have lost count on how many I have repurchased. I also have one or two backups because I never want to hear that they are discontinuing it. I remember when the Concealer Kit was launched and I made my way to the nearest Boots. I am also glad I got my hands on it because it's a really good palette. There are quite a few shades to choose from and the texture is amazing. I completely finished the concealer in the middle and I loved the peach powder as well for setting my under eye concealer.

Overall Thoughts
These are all the products I have hit pan on as far as I know. I am thinking of doing a similar post but on foundations alone because I do have quite a few I have finished. I hope you enjoyed this post and I am keen on knowing what products you have hit pan on. Do leave your comments below...xx
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