Nude by Nature Gift Sets ( Wanderlust Christmas)

I have been incredibly lucky to be invited to a lot of Nude by Nature events and been gifted almost everything they stock. I never take it for granted and I am so grateful for everything. These past few months I attended three events hosted by Nude by Nature. The first event was back in October to celebrate their launch in Debenhams, the second was a Masterclass in Debenhams and the last one was an intimate night with Justine Jenkins (their Makeup Artist Ambassador). You all know I love taking photos at these events so I will be sharing photos on them in another post. For today, I wanted to share some of the gorgeous gift sets Nude by Nature have recently launched. They all look so incredible and I know they will make amazing gifts both for this season and all year round. The good news is you can find Nude by Nature products via Nude by Nature website, Debenhams (online and in-store), Feel Unique and ASOS.

Brief Overview of Nude by Nature
I have quite a few posts here on the blog talking about who Nude by Nature are and what they stand for so I will try not to be repetitive. You can check out all my Nude by Nature posts here if you fancy. They are Australian's number 1 Mineral Makeup brand and I am not surprised at all because their quality is absolutely on point. The philosophy behind the brand is to deliver benefits that go far beyond just the cosmetics. Their ingredients have amazing skin benefits and I have never had any reactions to them which is amazing. Some of these ingredients include the native Australian Kakadu Plum (which is full of Vitamin C goodness), Lilly Pilly, Quandong an Anti-oxidants. One thing I know from using Nude by Nature in the past 6 months or more is that they do not compromise on quality at all and I know this based on the way my skin responds to the makeup. That's why they always say their products not just make you look good but they are good for you. Their products are mineral based, 100% cruelty-free and PETA-certified and this also includes their super soft brushes. I already mentioned that they are an Australian brand so you can imagine that all their makeup products are inspired by the gorgeous Australian nature and landscapes. You can learn more about the brand and their ethos over here.

The Wanderlust Christmas Collection //Link
Nude by Nature have one of my favourite makeup packaging (rose gold) and all their products looks so gorgeous on my dresser. I love photographing makeup products and some are quite difficult to get a nice shot but Nude by Nature products are so photogenic. I feel I like I can even close my eyes and still get a nice shot of them (just kidding) because they are so aesthetically pleasing. Anyway, I could not even imagine them developing anything else that will beat their existing packaging until I saw their Wanderlust Christmas Collection. I am very impressed and I feel like whoever is designing their packaging needs a massive hug/handshake/kiss and pay rise. They look so beautiful not just in pictures but in real life and they will make perfect gifts for this season. I cannot imagine anyone who would not be over the moon if they received any of these sets.

The Wanderlust Christmas Collection Kits have been designed to suit every look from radiant to subtle colours, bringing the look of faraway paradise to women. I absolutely agree with their description as I can see myself using almost everything in these kits. I think these sets are really good value and you can tell that they have not just thrown random products together but a lot of thought has gone into the development of these kits. The collection contains the following gift sets: Classic Collection*, Bondi Shores Deluxe Contour Kit*, Radiant Collection*, Starter Kit, Follow the Sun Kit*,Nude by Nature Brush Set, Splendour 12 Days of Christmas*and the Nude by Nature Wanderer Brush Collection*. I was very kindly gifted majority of these kits and I thought I will show you what they contain in case you were thinking of purchasing them.

Follow the Sun Deluxe Illuminate Kit*//Link //£45
The Follow the Sun Kit is designed to create a luminous glow that blends flawlessly over makeup and instantly delivers a touch of radiance. Inside the kit, you get the following: Sheer Light Illuminator (15ml), Sheer Light Pressed Illuminator (3g), Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in Champagne (full size) and a Limited Edition Deluxe Kabuki Brush. I love that Nude by Nature have included full size products in their kits and the minis are proper deluxe sizes. I have tried all the products already except the Sheer Light Illuminator. As expected they have amazing quality and a good lasting power. I love the Touch of Glow Sticks because they are multi-functional. I use them as highlighters, eyeshadows and eyeshadow bases. I love them because they look so natural and provide a nice highlight without glitter. The Kabuki Brush is also my current favourite for picking up and distributing power all over my face. It's an amazing size with fluffy bristles but they are densely packed so you have full control of your makeup application. The entire set has a value of £74 but it retails for £45 so it's a mahoosive bargain.

Bondi Shores Deluxe Contour Kit*//Link //£50
The Bondi Shores Deluxe Contour Kit is designed to define and enhance your natural features and I absolutely agree. The kit contains the following products: Contour Kit (full size), Perfecting Primer (15ml), Natural Glow Loose Bronzer (2g- super deluxe size) and a Limited Edition Angled Contour Brush (travel size). This is one of my favourite sets because it contains one of my absolute favourite Nude by Nature products - The Contour Kit. I use the Nude by Nature Contour Kit everyday I wear makeup and I have made a massive dent in the one I already have. You can imagine my delight when I saw this kit contained another back up. I also have the full size of the Perfecting Primer and I have to say it is quickly becoming a firm favourite. It is a smoothing primer so it really allows my makeup/foundation apply smoothly and it leaves my face hydrated which is needed this season. I am keen to see how it will perform during the warmer season when my combination-oily skin goes very shiny. I can't wait to test out the entire kit and create some looks which I will share on Instagram as always.

Radiant Collection*//Link //£50
The Radiant Collection is designed to spread the glow so you can feel radiant! I think this collection has the best value because all the products are full size which is amazing. Inside the collection, you get the following: Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation (full size-30ml), Translucent Loose Finishing Powder (full size) and the Liquid Foundation Brush (full size). I am sure you may be wondering about the foundation shade in the kit. I was curious as well and I found that there are three shades of foundation to choose from which include W2, C2 and N3. I know it is not a wide range but I do have to commend them for making an effort by including different shades. Sadly, none of the shades suit me but Nude by Nature very kindly gifted me my perfect shades in the Loose Foundation Powder and Pressed Powder Foundation. I will be reviewing them separately. I am glad the Translucent Loose Finishing Powder is a universal shade so it will suit everyone.

Classic Collection* //Link //£50
The Classic Collection is designed to create a flawless, radiant and nourishing complexion and it features Nude by Nature iconic products. Inside the collection, you get the following: Radiant Loose Powder  Foundation (full size), Perfecting Concealer (full size) and a Retractable Travel Brush. I tried the Radiant Loose foundation earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. I did notice it was not a perfect match but I was ever so kindly re-matched to my perfect shade. The shade of the Loose Powder Foundation in the kit I own is N4 which is smack in the middle of the spectrum of shades Nude by nature have. I think that was really smart of them and I thought this may not be a wearable shade for me. However, I was so wrong as it has such a beautiful yellow undertone and can be used to set my under eye concealer, to highlight and bake.  I am so pleased about that and I know most people will find some kind of use for this shade. The collection also offers two other choices of the Loose Powder Foundation in W4 and N5. I also love the retractable brush especially for touching up my makeup and I know it won't be messy in my makeup bag. The concealer I got came in the shade Creamy Beige which I gave to my friend who loves it.

Wanderlust Brush Collection* //£65 (still looking for a link)
I cannot even describe how gorgeous this Wanderlust Brush Collection is!! I think this is seriously the ultimate gift this season for anyone you know who loves makeup brushes. The Wanderlust Brush Collection is a deluxe 15-piece brush set which provides all tools needed to build a flawless complexion, natural contour and definition. I love that it is a complete set of both eye brushes and face brushes so you can just have this alone and know you are sorted. The only down side in my opinion (which may not be a big deal to many people) is that the brushes don't have names on them. In a way, it is a good thing because you can use the brushes for whatever you fancy but I think makeup beginners would love it if they had names. Their other brushes have names and I love them because they are so well made and I have not experienced any bristle shedding from them. Anyway, back to these gorgeous brushes.

They have a rose gold and cream theme going on and they are really stunning. I love that they come in a brush roll (faux leather) because this means I can travel easily with them without worrying about them. Inside the kit, you get the following brushes: Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Lip Brush, Buffing Brush, Concealer Brush, Liquid Foundation Brush, Small Eyeshadow Brush, Large Eyeshadow Brush, Tapered Blending Brush, Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush, Stippling Brush, Medium Blending Brush, Small Blending Brush, Fan Brush and a Faux Leather Brush Roll. I think this brush kit is such good value because each brush works out at just under £5. I have not tried them out fully but I can let you know that they are so fluffy and light weight. I will definitely be reviewing them on here.

#Wanderlust Competition
Nude by Nature are running a super exciting competition which I found out about via these kits and I wanted to talk about it. Basically, each Nude by Nature Christmas Kit has a picturesque postcard inserted into it and Nude by Nature are offering customers the chance to win a holiday for two in Australia. In order to win, all you have to do is simply submit a photo and/or video on Instagram with a caption celebrating a moment that captures "where life has taken you" this holiday season along with these hashtags #wanderlustbynature #mebynature. Of course, you can tag Nude by Nature as well when you share your moment. The most creative photo/video and caption will win. I believe the competition is running from October 2016- Jan 2017. I am very excited about this and I can't wait to share mine. Can you imagine if I won? I'd be so thrilled as I have never been to Australia!!

Where to buy 
I already mentioned earlier that you can purchase Nude by Nature products from the Nude by Nature website, Debenhams (online and in-store), Feel Unique and ASOS. If I know of any discount codes, I will update this post and share them on Instagram. I am keen to see if they will do some sort of sales for boxing day and if they do, be rest assured I have your back.

Overall Thoughts
What can I say? I feel absolutely spoiled by Nude by Nature and I am overwhelmed by their kindness in gifting me so many products. I have set aside a few products for a giveaway which is coming up soon on the blog because I want a reader to enjoy them as much as I have. I have introduced Nude by Nature to my friends and family and my sister absolutely loves their products. That's pretty much all from me today. Have you tried the Nude by Nature Wanderlust Christmas Collection?
*Gifted PR Samples + Affiliate Links, read my full disclaimer here.


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