Chit Chat and Life Update #5

I have been the worst blogger ever!! I took off without a word  but I honestly needed the break before I had a breakdown. I thought I might as well just give a little update of what I have been up to.  P.S. Most of the pictures have nothing to do with this post but I love pictures so I always include them in blog posts..hehehe

Education Update
I mentioned in this post that I was starting a pharmacy conversion course. I have been a pharmacist for the past 8 years but my qualification is an international one which requires me to complete an academic year of study. It is the same for many countries and other professions like Medicine and Law. I opted for University of Brighton because it was the best choice for my lifestyle and work. I started in September and I finished in June and believe me, it was one of the toughest years ever. I was still working full time but compressed hours so it was a little bit crazy but I thank God for seeing me through. I am awaiting my final two exam results but I am positive I will scale through.

Career Update
Now that I am done with my course, I will be moving into Hospital Pharmacy in August 2016 and I am super excited. Hospital Pharmacy is my favourite part of pharmacy and that’s the section where I have worked for the most part of my pharmacy career even back in Nigeria. It just genuinely makes me happy to make a difference in someone’s life and although it can be tough, I absolutely enjoyed it and I know I will continue enjoying it. The shift means I will be leaving my current job at the end of July and I don’t know how I will make it through on that last day with a dry eye. My current organisation is one of the best I have ever worked in and my team and manager are just incredibly loving and supportive. I have grown the most and developed skills and a rare confidence that I thought I could only achieve in my dreams. So, I have mixed feelings; I am happy to go back to hospital pharmacy but super sad to leave my organisation and team mates. It’s always a tough call but I know it’s for the best.

Blogging Update
From the end of May, I had to take a little break so I could study for my final exams and when I was done, I went on holiday. I missed my blog and reading all the lovely comments from you lot. I was not even active on social media as such but in a way, it was amazing. I feel much energised to get back to blogging on a proper schedule. I have backlogs of blog posts, photos and products to talk about. So, do bear with me for a couple of days while I sort out my schedule and create new content in a more consistent way. I shot two videos before I left for my holidays but I have not got around to editing them yet but they will be up soon.

Holiday in Nigeria
I already mentioned that I whisked myself away for a much needed holiday and R&R back in Nigeria (my country). The last time was exactly two years ago (May 2014) since I was back home so I was sorely missing home. I had such a beautiful time seeing my family and friends and just enjoying my country. It was a short visit so I am still feeling slightly homesick as you do when you come back from such an amazing time. I did not really take photos or even blog because I just wanted a proper break so I am so sorry there are no photos per say. Well, I took a few photos with my DSLR camera but I am not sure if I want to share them on here as they are family photos. However, I do have some iPhone photos of my cornrows and braids which I cannot get enough of. I wish there were not so expensive to make here in London as I would totally stick to them. They were super affordable in Nigeria  so I made my hair twice in two weeks. Woop Woop!!

Events and Product Reviews
While I was away, I received tons of emails to attend events and products to try out so you can imagine that there will be quite a few posts on them soon. I think June/July and the end of the year have so many events and launches lined up and I am super excited to attend. I have also been trying out some products which have been absolute gems in the past months and I will be talking about them.  That’s pretty much my update and I hope it was not too boring. I just wanted to have a little chat and let you know what I have been up to. See you in my next post…xx


  1. awesome!! love the update!! thats great that you had a wonderful vac in nigeria, and congrats to finishing the didactic part of ur program! good luck on ur clinicals!!
    Oreleona | BLISS de la Leona

    1. Thank you so much hun and I am so happy I am done with my program as it was one hell of a ride..P.S. I still miss Naija...xx


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