Body Shop British Rose Range Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would have caught up with my previous post on Body Shop's Mother's Day Event and British Rose Range Launch. I was kindly gifted with a super generous selection of products from the range including makeup. I have tried them out for almost a month and I thought it would be amazing to share my thoughts on them. For reference, I was given the following:  British Rose Shower Gel*, British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam*, British Rose Body Essence*, British Rose Body Butter*,  British Rose Eau de Toilette*, British Rose Eye and Cheek Palette*, British Rose Lip and Cheek Tint* and Colour Crush Nail Polish in British Rose*. I felt absolutely spoilt as you would imagine. I attended the event with my friend and she also got a generous British Rose Gift Set which she adores particularly the Body Butter (one of my faves as well). 

British Range Overview
The roses used in this range are responsibly sourced here in the UK from UK Farmers which is very commendable. They are organic roses that are hand-picked and air dried.  The best part is that fresh mountain water is used in the distillation process of the pure rose essence so you can be sure you are getting the most amazing quality. I guess this is why the fragrance used in the range just hits the right spot by not being too light or too sickly sweet/floral. I absolutely adore the fragrance and even if you hate roses, you would actually like this one . I recommend giving them a try when next you are in Body Shop. You can shop the entire range here.  According to The Body Shop, the range is designed to provide a beautiful glow to the skin while upping hydration levels.  I believe there are eight products in the British Rose body care range and they include: Instant Glow Body Essence*Instant Glow Body Butter*, Exfoliating Gel Body ScrubEau de Toilette*Exfoliating Soap, Shower Gel*Petal Soft Bath Foam* and Petal Soft Hand CreamThey are also some makeup in the range including the British Rose Cheek and Eye Palette* and the Lip and Cheek Stain*  (Bright Peony) and the Color Crush Nail Color* (British Rose 350) which are all absolutely amazing.

I know I have mentioned this before but Body Shop has been killing it  recently with their packaging. The British Rose packaging is a good mixture of various shades of pink and black . It's an absolutely delightful mix of colours that are very feminine, delicate and yet sophisticated; just like a rose. Apart from the colours, the packaging in itself is very sturdy and well made. I have travelled with a few of them and I have not experienced any problems at all. I particularly love that the Body Essence has a safety lock system so it can't be spilled even if something else rests on it.  I am very impressed!!

British Rose Shower Gel*// Link//£5.00
I am very obsessed with Shower Gels generally and it's a little crazy in my bathroom at the moment. I won't say I go through bottles and bottles of shower gels but I do love to try different ones every now and again. The British Rose Shower Gel smells so fresh and I love how the fragrance lightly lingers after I take my bath. It lathers really well and my little sponge does the rest of the job. I wish it had a pump so I don't have to pour it out in the shower. However, the lid is really secure and it dispenses the product easily (minimal waste). I can't fault this at all and it's a lovely Spring Shower Gel. 

British Rose Petal Soft  Bath Foam*// Link// £8.00
Most Shower Gels I own can be used both as Bath Gels/Foams,  however I am so delighted that Body Shop developed a stand alone bath foam. The winning point is its incredibly soft creamy texture. It's not called Pearly-Soft Bath Foam for nothing as it feels very luxurious. I just pour a good amount in the bath, add in a few extra bath essentials and soak in to the most indulgent bath. Seriously, it has taken the quality of my bath time up to a notch. I always used my usual bath and shower gels but there is something so different about using this pearly bath foam. Most importantly, it does not leave my body soapy at all which I am very pleased with. Similar to the shower gel, it leaves a lovely light fragrance on my skin which I maximise by using the rest of the range.

British Rose Body Essence*// Link //£15.00
If you read my Drops of Youth Range Review, you would have seen that I was very obsessed with the Youth Essence. You can imagine my sheer delight seeing that the Body Shop had launched a similar product but for the Body (a Body Essence). Basically, I secretly christened this product as a toner for the body mainly because it prepares my body for the rest of my body care. The texture feels so refreshing on my skin and I have been tempted to use it on my face (but I haven't yet; I can't say what would happen when the weather gets warmer). It feels like I am using pure rose essence on my body mixed with the lightest moisturiser ever. It does not feel greasy at all and it is the perfect prep for my body. If you are always concerned about greasy moisturisers and you hate them, this is one product you would love particularly if you leave in a tropics or any area with hot weather. This is also one of my favourite product from the range!!

British Rose Body Butter*// Link // £14 (There is a smaller size for £5)
Body Shop unarguably make one of the best Body Butters and I have not come across anyone who hates their Body Butters.  They have such a wonderful texture and they are super moisturising. I was not expecting any different from the British Rose Body Butter. It is amazing and I have gone through it really quickly (and messily as seen in the picture above). I feel the texture is so much more creamier than all the other Body Butters I have tried and I love it. Again, it smells so beautifully of Roses and it is a perfect moisturiser for Spring. I can't fault it at all and I would recommend trying it out whenever you are in Body Shop.

British Rose Eau de Toilette*// Link //£19.00
I think this was one product I was most delighted to try because I love fragrances and it did not disappoint me at all. It smells exactly like the Rose Fragrance you have always dreamt off. You know the type that definitely smells fresh and not sickly or too strong. As mentioned earlier, it hits the right note and I feel it is one fragrance I can wear all year round. However, it seems perfect for Spring and I have been wearing it a lot.. The major ingredient and note is Roses (of course) and I love it. I have also been layering it with other fragrances from Body Shop and other brands. The best layering mix is with the Black Musk and you guys, it is so beautiful. I have now proceeded to mixing my own special mix in my Travalo decanter using equal portions of both fragrances. It's such a fresh and sexy scent and no one can ever guess what I am wearing. 

British Rose Makeup*// Link
I have not tried a lot of makeup from Body Shop but I am very pleased that they have recently been catering to a wide range of skin tones. The British Rose Eye and Cheek Palette* (£20.00) is made up eyeshadows and blushes. I really wanted to like this palette because it looks so perfect for Spring but it is not the most flattering for my complexion. I would be passing it on to a better home because I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes so no point keeping one I won't use often.  I am still tempted to keep it because some of the colours look lovely on me and I do like the blushes but I know one of my friends who would love this palette. The eyeshadows themselves are better pigmented when you use either a primer or a base eyeshadow and I have tried it a couple of times with good results. If you have a lighter complexion than me and you prefer really light makeup, you would love this palette. The packaging though is so gorgeous and it has such a good sized mirror for makeup application. 

The next makeup product is the British Rose Lip and Cheek Tint* (£12.00) which is my favourite of the lot. I received the shade Bright Peony and it is the prettiest shade ever. It is one of the longest lasting tints I have tried and believe me, it does not budge (even when I eat and drink). It feels like a light liquid, applies easily with the doe foot applicator and stays put. I like that it does not set immediately so you have time to amend any mistakes. It's a pretty colour that I would definitely wear all year round and I am so impressed with the formula, wear and shade. The packaging is also super cute so you can pop it easily in your makeup bag.

Last but not least is the Colour Crush Nail Polish (British Rose)*  (£5.00) which is the perfect My Nails But Sexier shade. It is a pale light pink/rose shade which applies so easily. If you are into natural or nude shades, you would love this colour. It is surprisingly long lasting given that it is a very light formula and I used only one coat. I am very impressed and I think I need to check out some other Color Crush Nail Polishes.

Overall Thoughts
I feel extremely lucky to have been gifted a large selection of products from the Body Shop British Range. They smell so beautiful and I can totally understand why it was launched around Mother's Day. It is the perfect treat for any Mother and in fact,  any female (regardless of their age). I have enjoyed trying them out and I can't pick out which one I love the most. Perhaps the Body Essence and Body Butter and maybe the Eau de Toilette and Lip and Cheek Tint. Okay, I told you I can't make up my mind. They are all gorgeous and you do need to check them out in-store. Body Shop is known for  giving out lovely samples to try out so don't be shy to ask. That's pretty much my review. I hope you enjoyed this post and I would see you in my next post. Have you tried the British Rose Range?
*Gifted PR Sample + Affiliate Links, read my full disclaimer here.


  1. I definitely need to test out some of these products, the entire collection looks and sounds incredible!

    Heather, Porcelain Beauty x

    1. They really are gorgeous and such a treat to use everyday and on pamper days...xx

  2. Omg these products look so nice, I love the pink packaging!! I must definitely try them!


    1. I know right!! The packaging totally hooked me in but the products in themselves are fantastic...xx

  3. This collection sounds amazing, especially the bath foam! I love all of Lush's rose products so I'll definitely check this new line out next time i'm in Body Shop.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. The Bath Foam is so creamy and you would love especially during Spring. I have not checked out Lush's Rose range. I would give it a try soon...xx


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