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I am a huge fan of tights and leggings and anything hosiery because it allows me wear some outfits without feeling too bare or too risqué. I don’t have the best legs out there but sometimes tights make them look better (and heels). I have a lot of things I look out for when it comes to choosing good tights. I look out for one having a high waist because that prevents it from riding low when I am walking. I look for tights that are made from good material that would withstand wear. Of course, you get better wear with higher number of Dernier. For example,  60 Dernier tights will withstand pressure and wear better than 20 Dernier tights. 

I have to say I have always avoided so called “nude” tights because they are never really nude. I tried some in the past and that was the first and last time. The darkest shade made my legs look super pale and terrible. It looked like my legs did not belong to me at all. I even checked some expensive brands to see what their sheer tights offering options were and none looked right. Sheer tights are meant to look like your legs but still keep you slightly covered especially with this weather. If you wear a thicker dernier tightvwith a nice dress, it just does not look the same. Anyway, you can imagine my sheer (pun intended) delight when Own Brown asked me if I wanted to try out their tights. I said why not because I had done a quick search on their site and saw they actually make tights similar to my skin tone. Hurray!! At last. I could not wait to get them!!

Brief Overview of Own Brown
I am always intrigued by the back stories of brands and how their founders developed them. Own Brown was borne out of the quest for the perfect nude shade of tights for women with brown/dark skin  by the Founder, Nadine. Each time she wanted to wear a beautiful dress and have her lovely brown legs out under nude tights, it was difficult to find the perfect nude tights. She decided to develop the perfect nude shade for brown skinned ladies and the rest is history. it goes to show that instead of complaining always about something we don't like, we can always make that change (and be that change). I am very inspired by her story!! You can check out more about the founder's story here.

Ordering process and Website
You all know I am a huge fan of websites that are easy to navigate with helpful tips. Even if a product is amazing but with a crap website, I would have to be hard pressed to still order. However, I absolutely love the Own Brown website and I would tell you why. First off, it has a friendly interface and I love the gorgeous models used on the site. They took their time to find models with varying dark/brown skin complexions and you can just tell what shade you are similar to. That’s not all though. Each of the shades available are linked to similar matching foundation shades and I think that’s incredible. Sometimes, photos may be deceptive but when there are foundation shades similar to the model’s skin tone, you can hardly go wrong. It’s absolutely innovative and I love this concept. There are four shades available including Amani, Bintu, Kimya and Yemoya. I love the African names chosen to represent these shades and I actually have a friend called Amani (she is super gorgeous as well!!). You can get either Ultra Sheer Tights or Knee-Highs (and both of you wish) and I think their prices are reasonable. 

Although I was sent these tights for free, I still tested out the ordering process like a regular customer so I can report back to you lot. After admiring the beautiful site, I just clicked on the Find Your Own Shade feature/tab. This took me to a good description of the four shades complete with pictures and matching foundation shades. I actually found it really useful not just for choosing the right shades for my tights but also for foundation as well (hehehe). There is also a link to the relevant products under the blurb of the matching shades. I also like how the models pictures were there as well and I just found the entire feature really useful. Once I picked up my shade, I clicked on the product and it took me to the description page where I could choose my size. Now, I find this really useful because I am always different sizes everywhere. I am generally a size 12 especially on the bottom although I can sometimes get away with a size 10 top but I tend to stick to size 12. There is also a nice Size Guide chart (you have to click on the small icon beside the select size tab). The size guide matches various countries sizing patterns including UK, US, etc. I don’t know if it’s just me (or my hips and legs) but I had to size up and it was perfectly fine. Once I had chosen my shade, size and quantity, I was ready to check out. There are various methods for checking out including card details (it is a secure system) and Pay Pal which I prefer. Delivery within the UK costs only £1 which is so refreshing and incredible. I received mine the next day but it says on the website to expect it within 2-3 days.

What did I receive?
I chose the shade Amani Ultrasheer Skin Tone Tights* which is the perfect (like when I say perfect, I totally mean it) match to my complexion. It is the lightest shade available but I think it would still suit many people slightly darker than me. For reference, my usual MAC Foundation shade is NC45 or MAC MatchMaster 7.0 and I am just so in love with how nude it looks on my skin. Like you guys, do you know how long I have waited to have tights that are completely nude on me? It’s been way too long for sure!! I was sent the both Medium (M) and Large (L) but I prefer the fit of the Large. The Medium felt a little too snug for me and I did not want any accidents happening.

Specifications of the Ultrasheer Skin Tone Tights
The Own Brown Ultra Sheer Skin Tone Tights are 20 Dernier so they are really as sheer as they can get. They look like I am wearing nothing because they match so well. I am only 5 Ft 3 but I do like tights that are longer because they seem to sit right and have a low chance of riding up or down as I go about my day. The Tights are made from 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.  I have not washed it yet but I would definitely be following the instructions on the website (do not bleach; line dry and wash in a separate wash bag). You can check out their retailers here.

My experience
I do have to mention that it is important to take care of sheer tights because they can rip easily. I did experience a rip but it is not uncommon with Sheer Tights of similar Dernier Strength. Maybe it was my excitement and I totally forgot these were not my usual 40-60 Dernier Tights I am accustomed to wearing. You do have to take care of them of Dernier 20 tights and I am glad I had another pair to use as it would have been an absolute shame not to have one. If you get the perfect size (maybe size up), I doubt if you would have any issues with rips.

There are two option available for purchase and I thin they are very reasonably priced especially if you are a brown girl that has been hunting down the perfect nude tights. The Ultrasheer Skin Tone Tights retail for £9 and the Knee Highs retail for £5. The lovely ladies are offering all Fashstyleliv Readers 15% Discount which is super generous of them. Use the Discount Code "FASHSTYLELIV" at check out to get your amazing discount. It runs till the end of March 2016 so hurry up!!  As mentioned earlier, their delivery prices are also very reasonable. It's usually £1 for regular delivery (within 2-3 days), £1.50 for next day delivery with no guarantee and £6-7 or so for next day delivery with guarantee (e.g. special delivery). I am definitely pleased with this arrangement. I think mine was sent with the usual delivery or maybe first class and it came the next day via Royal Mail.

Just like any Ultra Sheer Tights, there is a chance that they may rip but you need to take care of them to prevent that. I know I have already mentioned this but buying your correct size or sizing up would definitely reduce the chances of any rips. Even if you size up, I feel they still fit well and won't necessarily fall off your waist. Regardless of these cons, I feel they are minimal compared to how lovely these tights are.

Overall Thoughts
I am absolutely thrilled to get actual Nude Tights for my skin tone. From the picture above, you can't even tell that I am wearing them but I certainly am. I am super impressed with how well it matches my skin and I know it may not be a big deal to some people but it is for me. It means I can wear actually wear some clothes that I would not otherwise wear. If you a brown girl or have darker skin, I would recommend checking Own Brown out. You can also follow them on their social media pages- Twitter, Instagram and Facebook You would definitely be seeing these tights on here for other outfit posts when I can rope someone in to take my photos for me. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried Own Brown Tights?
*PR Sample, read my full disclaimer here


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