February Favourites, Empties and Repurchases

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and everyone who has been a mother figure to someone. Mothers are so amazing and I love my Mum so much and we are so much closer as I have become older. I just realised I had not posted my February Favourites on here. I actually filmed a video on YouTube and forgot (as usual) to post it on here. I have linked it below and you can watch it it via this link if you are reading on your phone.

I also filmed an Empties and Repurchases video which I always enjoy watching. I feel like I can give a proper review when I have used a product to the last bit. I also added in the products I decided to repurchase so you need to watch the video to know what products made the cut.  I have linked the video below and you can watch it directly here.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and it would man the world to me if you subscribed here. Have a lovely week ahead and see you in my next post tomorrow..xx


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