Seventeen Makeup Review + Swatches

My first Seventeen Makeup product was the Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick which I still love. I remember swatching it in-store and being absolutely impressed and of course,  I quickly purchased it. I still use it as a nice highlighter but more as an eyeshadow because it is incredibly pigmented. I was delighted when I was recently sent some lovely Seventeen makeup products to try and I am still as impressed (or even more) with the products I got to try. I am so glad I was able to get some pictures of me wearing some of these products this time around as I feel it is better than just swatches alone.

Seventeen Makeup is sold only in Boots (at least to the best of my knowledge) because it is a Boots Own Brand which is amazing. I have always associated Seventeen with a younger audience but I do have to say I think the products cuts across to mid-20s,  30s and anyone who likes soft natural and everyday makeu. I am very pleased that shades in the lip palette and brow shades are quite suitable for dark skin. I received five lovely products including: Easy on the Eye Palette in Birthday Suit*, All Out Pout in Fancy Free*, Brow's That Brow Kit*, Falsifeye HD Mascara* and Long Lash Mascara*.

Easy on the Eye Eyeshadow Palette (Birthday Suit)* // Link //£7.99
I was actually attracted to this eyeshadow palette because  the outer packaging is so eye catching. I have always seen it in Boots but for some reason, I never got to swatch it. This was my very first time swatching it and I really like it.  As the name suggests, it is proper natural eyeshadow palette and it's perfect for soft  makeup looks. I think this is a really good palette for beginners or anyone who likes everyday makeup looks because the pigmentation is buildable. Inside the palette, you get 12 eyeshadow which are all complementary to each other. There are 8 powder eyeshadows with three finishes including matte, pearl and shimmer. There are also 3 metallic cream shadows and 1 primer. They really help with the pigmentation of the powder eyeshadows. The look I created in this post was done with the one cream shadow and three powder shadows- Lid, Crease and Brow Bone. On their own, I wouldn't say the powder eyeshadows have the best pigmentation but with the cream shadows, they are well pigmented. I am really pleased the cream shadows were included in this palette because it means I can travel with this palette alone and know I am covered. The eyeshadows are not individually named inside the palette (I guess to save space which I don't mind) but you can find their names at the back of the palette. I really like this palette so much more than I expected and the packaging is really sturdy. I am also delighted that it comes with a nice mirror which is helpful for applying my makeup.

Brow's That Brow Kit* // Link //£5.99
I am a big fan of brow kits because they are easy to use and good to travel with. I was really curious to give the Brow's That Brow Kit  a try although I was very apprehensive of the greyish brown shades in the kit. The packaging is really sturdy with a nice mirror which I like as many other brow kits have way smaller mirrors. Inside the palette, you get the following-  brow powder, brow wax, brow highlight powder, dark brown pencil and a brow brush. Now, I know they don't look that dark in the picture but they really are when they get on the brow. I thought that the brow wax would be a perfect match for my brows but I was wrong. It's not as dark as it appears when applied on my brows and this surprised me a lot. However, the brow powder which I thought would be ashy was a perfect match for my brows. I really like how pigmented this brow powder is and it applies so natural on my brows. I use the brow pencil to outline my brows before I fill them  in with the brow powder. The pencil itself is also a good match to my brows but it is so teeny tiny. I would totally buy it if it was sold alone (in full size) as it is really good quality. It's slightly difficult to use it because of it's tiny size but I still enjoy using it. The brow highlight powder is also nice and it really complements my complexion. I am quite impressed with this brow kit and I would recommend it if you have dark brown hair. If you have a darker complexion to mine, it may not be the best shade for your brows but I think many people can work with it. I am really loving how natural my brow looks as you can see from the picture.

All Out Pout Lip Palette in Fancy Free* // Link // £7.99 (now on offer for £3.99)
I am so late to the Lip Palette trend. Everywhere I go, I seem to find beautiful lip palettes and I have built a little collection already. The All Out Pout Lip Palette is a really pretty one with bold lip shades that complement my complexion. Inside the palette, you get 6 lip colours including Glitter Gloss, Bubblegum Pink, Pastel Pink, Fiery Fuchsia, Glistening Nude and Soft Mulberry. I love the three bottom shades as they are so flattering on my lips and I am so surprised at how long lasting they are. The first two shades are not my favourites but I still use them every now and then. They would definitely suit people with a fairer or paler complexion. My favourite thing about this palette is the formula. It is so easy to apply and it does not sit heavy on my lips at all. I know it is there but it is not greasy or too glossy (my preferred lipstick/lipgloss choice). Also, the lasing power,especially of the bolder shade, is quite impressive. I had it on through the day and it only slightly faded towards the end (and I ate and drank as usual).  Each of the palettes also come with a free voucher (£2 off) a Seventeen Mascara which is very handy. I would definitely recommend this lip palette because it is so convenient to use (and travel with), has a good formula and beautiful coverage. I always use clean hands to apply the lip colours in this palette because I think it works best for me compared to using a lip brush. I feel my fingers give the colours a more even coverage/finish and I absolutely love the results. I can't fault this palette at all.

Long Lash Mascara in Blackest Black*// Link //£6.99
Whenever I get a new mascara, I always look at the wand and bristles because I can tell if I would like it or not. I actually thought I may not get along with this mascara but I was so wrong. The Long Lash Mascara is described as a mascara with a special mini brush that captures even the tiniest lash to provide intense and bold lashes. It totally does what it says in my opinion. My lashes are really tiny and curly (I know I have mentioned this a lot!!) so I am always quite picky with my mascaras. The Long Lash Mascara really has a good grip on my little lashes and it gives them a lift, length and volume which I love. I am really impressed with it and this has made me realise that I need to always give things a try and not just go off what they look like. The results are long lasting and they don't feel clumpy at all. The only thing worth mentioning is that the mascara takes a little while to get dry. I just give it some time before going about my day (or I apply it before my face makeup). If you are looking for a mascara that is an all rounder, you would love this especially if you have little lashes.

Falsifeye HD Mascara in Blackest Black*// Link //£6.99
I saved one of my favourite products for last and it's none other than the Falsifeye HD Mascara. I have heard so many good things about this mascara and it was on my shopping list before it got sent to me. The Falsifeye HD Mascara is designed to give lash to lash separation from corner to corner and also gives volume and length for High Definition Impact. A very impressive description and I was more than curious to give this a try. I like the pretty packaging as it's monochrome with a dash of pink. The wand is a plastic one and it gives my lashes such an amazing boost that many drug store mascaras fail to give. True to its description, it actually grips my little lashes and lengthens them from root to top. I love how it separates my lashes because I absolutely hate clumpy lashes. I prefer the formula of the Falsifeye HD Mascara to the Long Lash one only because it dries faster. I don't have to wait for it to dry because I am ready to roll once it is applied. The slightly tapered shape of the wand means that it can get into the two corners of my eye lashes. If you were contemplating getting a new mascara or giving into the Falsifeye HD hype, I can tell you it's worth trying out. I really can't fault this mascara at all- I love it. I have even layered the Long Lash and the Falsifeye Mascara together for more effect and they don't feel clumpy at all!!

Overall Thoughts
I am really very impressed with the entire range and I know I would be going back to check out more Seventeen products. I really love how beautiful their revamped packaging looks and they are also sturdy. They are super affordable and I can't quite believe that the Lip Palette is £3.99. The quality you get is way more than the price. I would definitely recommend checking them out in Boots and they always have offers because they are a Boots Own Brand. That's pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed this round up. Have you tried any products from Seventeen?
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