Beauty Resolutions for 2016

I know many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year but I have left mine for later because I find that I stick to them when I have tested them out for a short time. Many of these beauty resolutions or things I want to change don't bother me a lot but I would be glad if I experience an improvement. One of these resolutions is not beauty related per say as it is more of wellbeing and I know quite a few women have this issue as well. Right, let me stop rambling and get on with the post. Do let me know in the comment box what beauty resolutions you have, planning to start or have been done and dusted.

1. Minimise Bloating around my stomach
 I have to admit this has been a recent development like towards the end of last year. I know that bloating is somewhat a health related issue and it can happen at different times of the month. My bloating is just very naughty and has been happening rather frequently which is why I have adopted some new lifestyle changes to reduce any incidences. I have a whole post on bloating which I would post later this week. When my period is approaching, I find that I could potentially get bloated but if I am mindful and take care of my body, I don't get too bloated. One new change I have incorporated to my lifestyle is trying out the  OptiBac Probiotics One Week Flat*. I actually received this in December which would have been perfect for the festive bloat but I decided to use it in February instead. I have to say I am very impressed and I used to have little faith in any bloating reduction claims. OptiBac Probiotics 'One Week Flat' is a food supplement which contains natural bacteria (live cultures) in powdered sachets.

They can be taken daily as a one week course or a monthly course. I had the one-week course and I really enjoyed using it. I was really excited to try this and I am happy to report that I saw a good difference. I took it every morning with breakfast by dissolving it in a glass of water. It does not taste like anything at all which I was pleased about. It just dissolves almost clear and I just drink it like I would a regular glass of water. The first day I noticed that I did not feel bloated after my lunch (because that's when I usually feel bloated). I was super impressed but keen to see if it would last long (and it did). I was consistent for the next few days and I got the same amazing results every day which I loved. At the end of the seven day course, I felt so much lighter, less bloated and happy with myself. I still have less bloating even though I have completed the 7-day course. I have to mention I also upped my exercise and drank more water to ensure I maximised the effects. The best part is I still don't feel as bloated as I used to which I attribute to OptiBac Probiotics 'One Week Flat' for at least helping kick start the whole process. It is suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, yeast free, flavourless, no artificial colours and safe for pregnancy. I can't fault at all and I would recommend giving it a shot if you are looking to kick start bloating reduction. As always, it is best to consult a doctor before use if you have any serious medical conditions. You can purchase OptiBac Probiotics 'One Week Flat' from their website here , check out their stockist here or Superdrug and the OptiBac Probiotics 'One Week Flat' retails for £8.99

2. Grow out my brows (and lashes)// Link //£15.00
I am not a hairy girl at all and I have never actually shaved my legs (I know this would surprise many people but I am really not hairy at all). This is mainly because there is barely anything on there and I think I inherited this from my Mum. I am surprised my 'fro is actually quite healthy and grown out. The downside of not having a lot of hair is that there is also little growth in areas where you indeed need and want hair. My eyebrows and lashes are some areas of my body where I would like more hair but alas! they have a mind (and growth) of their own. I recently started using the Shavata Brow Strengthener* (£15.00) and I have to say I am seriously impressed. It is made of 100% Organic Castor Oil and it comes in the cutest tube ever which allows for easy dispensing. It retails for £15 which may be classed as expensive as it can be argued that it’s just Castor Oil but I beg to differ. It’s not very easy to get certified Organic Castor Oil as there are many dodgy ones on the market that claim to be organic but they are not. I think it is amazing to find a reputable source. Also, I find that the tube complete with a roller ball makes it super easy to dispense and less messy. I can travel with this and pop it in my bag without fear of any wastage or spillage.

Although I was kindly sent this tube, I would definitely repurchase it when it runs out. I have seen such amazing results with my brows especially in areas where there were some sparse growth. I had my brows threaded and they are all grown back in a  super short time. They are not just grown back but they look healthy and I honestly cannot fault it. I even use it in my lashes and I have seen some improvements in the volume and slight improvement in the length. I doubt if I would ever be able to apply Castor Oil directly to my lashes/brows if it did not come in this lovely tube from Shavata. One thing I do have to mention is that you need to use it consistently to see sustained growth. I use mine at night as part of my skincare and it is does not feel heavy or greasy at all. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend trying it out.

3. Using a Facial Oil Frequently
I recently noticed that my skin looked its best last year when I incorporated facial oils in my night time skincare routine. Facial Oils are usually avoided by many because they feel greasy, messy and people fear it may break them out (particularly people with either oily skin or acne/blemish prone skin to both). Well, I am sure you may have heard this over and over again but oils do not necessarily break you out if you have oily/combination skin. Of course, it is best to use the best quality oil to get the best results. I have a few beautiful oils on rotation which I use it mainly at night and I love them. The Balance Me Radiance Face Oil* (£30) is one of my favourite oils and I love that it comes with a pipette because it allows for easy use/dispensing. It is a lightweight oil that also gets absorbed really well into my skin and works effectively. It is really lovely to use and it is 100% natural oil so you can be sure that nothing would be breaking you out. The second one in my stash is the Grown Alchemist Rosehip and Camellia Seed Oil* (£25) which I am currently obsessed with. It is what I describe as small but absolutely mighty and it has been helping with my hyper pigmentation. I would be posting a full review once I am done testing the entire range out. Last but not least is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil* (£29) which I am also testing out. This has to be the lightest oil in my stash and it can be used both on the face, body and hair. It is light enough to be worn in the morning for that healthy glow but I do stick to it mainly at night. Facial Oils are a real game changer for my skin and I am keen to carry on with them even during summer (fingers crossed).

4. Taking Care of my Hands and Nails
I had no idea I go through so many hand creams until I recently looked through my Empties Box and saw loads of hand creams.  I have already written a whole post on my hand creams here. I have hand creams everywhere you can think of- My Night stand, Handbag, Desk at Home, Desk at work, Bathroom, etc. They are everywhere because my hands get super dry and during Winter I take extra care. I have been lucky to test out a wide range of Hand Creams and I am focusing on those that keep my hands and nails more moisturises for a longer time. One of my favourite hand creams for both hands and nails is the Elemental Herbology Hand Nutrition Cream* (£16). I love how beautiful it smells and I am quite pleased it works well on the nails and cuticles. The second hand cream I love is the Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream* (£9.99) which is absolutely amazing. It smells so beautiful and has a slim package that you can easily slip into your bag. Last but not least is the Amouage Fate Hand Cream* (£55). It is just divine and I love to use this at night. It's a very expensive hand cream but it is so worth it. It really keeps my hands very moisturised and my hands feel so soft in the morning. It is one of my feel good hand creams and I also use it for my pamper sessions.

5. Caring for my Eyes: 
I feel like taking care of my eyes goes beyond using an eye cream and all whatnots. This is more about ensuring my eyes are as healthy as possible utilising both lifestyle changes and skincare products. I don't particularly have dark under eyes circles and I am very lucky about this given that my eyes are subjected to quite a lot of stress. I also don't have eye bags and I intend to keep it that way and not cause further distress to my eyes. I do have some very fine lines around my eyes which are more like laugh lines because I am a laughing jackass. I know the infamous Resting Bitch Face (RBF) prevents wrinkles but I would choose fine lines and wrinkles that allegedly come with laughing a lot rather than a RBF . In terms of skincare, I have been very dedicated to using an eye cream for almost two years now (every morning and night) and I have seen such improvements in my under eye. Last year, I got a chance to try the FOREO Iris Eye Massager* (£99) and I have not looked back since. It's one of the best innovative devices I have tried and it gently makes my eye cream work even better. I have a full review of it here if you fancy a read. I have used the same eye creams for a long time (and repurchased them). The first is the L'Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream (£11.75) which is one of the best drug store versions I have tried and the second is the Lancome Pearl Light Eye Serum (£46). The latter is super expensive but absolutely worth it. I had the sample for a little while and it made a massive difference to my eyes.

That's pretty much some of my beauty and lifestyle resolutions for this year. I have actually been sticking to them for a good while so I feel confident writing and talking about them. I am keen to see if I continue with all of them through the year. I would love to hear what your beauty resolutions are. I hope you have had an amazing weekend so far and see you in my next post....xx
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  1. My brows just don't seem to grow at all, i would love fuller brows.
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    1. You should definitely try the Shavata Brow Strengthener as it has helped my super sparse brows look fuller and healthier. You just have to sue it consistently for the best results...xx

  2. Replies
    1. They really are and thanks for stopping over...xx


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