L'Oreal Color Riche La Palette Lips Review

I recently spoke about my new obsession with Lip Palettes and I know I am so late to the game. I have no idea why on earth I have never thought about investing in one  these past years. I guess most of the ones I came across were either super expensive, had bad quality or super dodgy colours. I now have a little collection of Lip Palettes which I love including the Fake Bake Beauty Lip Palette and the Seventeen All Out Pout Lip Palettes.  I feel like Lip Palettes are really easy to use on the go and when you are travelling. I have to say the Lip Palette that made me fall absolutely in love is none other than the L’Oreal Color Rich La Palette Lips. The packaging is undeniably beautiful and I just had to pick it up. I bought two and have had them for a few good weeks as my closest Boots store seem to have new releases like a week before they are released. I am not complaining at all, bring it on Boots.
I was really tempted to write “Let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging” but I am restraining myself. But seriously, how incredibly gorgeous is the packaging? It definitely drew me to purchase these palettes and when I opened them, I fell in love. The packaging is a gold (not real gold of course) casing which opens to a beautifully sized mirror. I love the way the packaging closes (complete with a satisfying click) and I have never had any accidents when travelling with this palette in my bag. I am not a fan of the tiny lip brush inside but I guess it’s a good addition. It seriously reminds me of something from YSL and I am not surprised as YSL is under the L’Oreal umbrella. I won’t be surprised if they are made in the same factory. In each palette, you get six lippies which I know would last a good while. I have used them quite a lot and I am yet to make a significant dent in them (and they still don't look messy).

I am going to make a very bold claim here- this Lip Palette has the best formula and texture I have ever tried. It feels almost like a balm when it comes to application but it does not sit heavy on the lips at all. It applies so smoothly and seems to get well absorbed providing some needed moisture and mild hydration. I  actually went back to check my stash to see if I had a proper lipstick bullet under the Color Riche range but they were not the same at all. I definitely prefer this formula. The best thing about this lip palette formula is that it is very forgiving on dry lips. It does not sink into any cracked or chapped lips and it gives a really smooth application. They have a nice finish- not matte at and not glossy. I would say it is more of a satin finish.

Coverage and Lasting Power
I am not too fussed about the coverage of lipsticks as I am happy to reapply my lipstick if it is wearing off. To be honest, I did not really have any expectation in terms of lasting power or coverage of these lippies but I was pleasantly surprised. It surprisingly has a good amount of pigment to show up even on the darkest lips. My lips are quite pigmented particularly my upper lip and sometimes lipsticks don’t appear well on them. However, these lipsticks (even the pale colours) appeared well on my lips. I am also impressed with the lasting power particularly the darker shades. I remember the first time I tried it out, I was shocked to see it still looking fresh after lunch (and I had a proper meal not a sandwich). I don’t want to say they almost feel like a stain but their coverage and lasting power are reminiscent of a light stain (in my opinion and based on my experience). The lighter shades don’t last as well on my lips but I honestly don’t mind reapplying.

                                                     What Shades did I pick?
I believe there are only two beautiful shades and believe me, that’s more than enough. These shades include Nude and Red (simple names that one can remember). I got the Nude shade first and then picked up the Red one late because I could not resist at all. I do have to commend L’Oreal for actually ensuring that the Nude shade truly represents a good nude for many skin tones. I totally understand it could be incredibly difficult especially with a small palette but they actually killed it this time. The nude for darker skin is actually nude and I was absolutely delighted about that.

Nude Shade// Link // £12.99
I don’t think there is much to say other than this has become one of my most reached for products. It is so practical and I can wear all the shades (not all are nude on me of course) except one shade. The good thing about having various nude shades for different skin tones means you can experiment and mix and match. Of course, the darkest shade is one of the few My Lips But Better shades that fit me so well. It looks so chic and sophisticated and I always reach for it on an everyday basis. It is a rich dark brown shade which reminds me of the ever popular ‘90s lips that is currently trending. I love this palette a lot.

Red Shade// Link // £12.99
I know this palette looks super red and it may even be scary but the shades are not scary at all. I feel like I should not even ever bother buying red lipsticks because this palette has me covered. There are warm reds, cool toned reds, blood orange reds, a classic red and of course, a dark red. I love how the reds look so different on my lips and I know it would be the same for many people. I also mix two colours to give me an ombre effect and it’s amazing. The beauty about these palettes is that you can easily switch from day to night or casual to classy with a quick swipe.

How I use them /Application
I know people may think this is gross but I find that using my fingers are the best way to apply these babies. I have a couple of lip brushes which I use when I want a super precise application. I always prefer brushes that have lids when I want to reapply on the go because they won’t mess up my makeup bag. My favourite one is the Nanshy Lip Brush* which looks so sleek and does an amazing job. The Real Techniques Lip Brush is pretty but the lid keeps coming off so it is a no-no for travelling or placing in my makeup bag. Believe me, it is so much easier to use your fingers (clean fingers though) as it gives such a beautiful application. I don’t need to line my lips at all especially for the darker shades. I have to admit I do use my lip brushes when it comes to applying the Red palette because red lipstick can go wrong very quickly.

Cost// Link //£12.99
They retail for £12.99 which I thought was a little expensive before I purchased them but I changed my mind when I used them. They are such an incredible value for money in my opinion and if you are new to makeup, these products are a good way to invest in some good lippies. Boots and Superdrug always shave offers on their makeup so you don’t have to pay full price for them. I am very impressed and I feel like I should just buy some backups in case they decide to discontinue these babies.

Overall Thoughts
I did not imagine that this post would be this long but I got carried away. I always get carried away when I love a beauty product a lot and even more if I enjoyed taking the photos. I hope you enjoyed this post and do let me know if you are into Lip Palettes as well. Have you tried these L’Oreal La Palette Lips?
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  1. The Nude palette looks perfect, I have to try this!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. The colours look very nice and the swatches seem pretty decent! I have been much more into lip palettes just because I can mix colours to get my perfect shade :) lovely post!!

    Kathy x

    1. I totally agree!! I think that's the beauty of having a lip palette as you can create various new colours. Thank you for stopping by...xx

  3. The Nude one is calling to me Liv! Its got such a beautiful range of shades and you're right - the mixing possibilities are endless. I love the look of the packaging too. Great pics as always hun.
    Sal UmmBabyBeauty

    1. Thanks so much Twinnie!! I love the Nude one as well and it is very much my everyday lip wear and the packaging just adds the extra ooomph to an already amazing product!!...xx

  4. those mauvey and rose tones are giving me life!

    1. Yassss!! Me too and I love all the shades as they work differently on various skin tones...xx


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