Laura Geller The Delectables Eyeshadow Palette Review (Shades of Cool)

I was kindly gifted with the Laura Geller The Delectables Eyeshadow Palette in Shades of Cool* sometime in October when the range launched in House of Fraser (see post here). Now that I have had a good time to test it out, I thought it's time for a review. You may have seen it featured in my Christmas Gift Guide (Part 1) and it truly makes an amazing gift for any makeup lover. I have been loving Laura Geller Beauty products because they look amazing on my complexion especially as I have a deeper complexion. I even had a chance to meet Laura Geller herself last month and I wrote all about it here. I loved her brand so much more after meeting with her and I could see how passionate she was about what she does. I do have a separate post coming up where I would be showing you all the bits from Laura Geller beauty I am currently testing out.

You all know what I am going to say already----> It has such beautiful packaging. I love, love brands who create high quality products with amazing packaging. It just shows they have put in good effort which I always appreciate. It has a cardboard packaging but you can't tell because it feels very sturdy. The outer package has the beautiful colours of the eyeshadows so you can get a glimpse of what to expect inside and it slides out to reveal the eyeshaow palette itself. Although I do have quite a few eyeshadow palettes which are made of cardboard/hard paper packaging, the texture of this packaging is different. It has a textured feel to it which I really like and it also feels very slim/compact making it easy to travel with.

Inside the palette, there is a nice mirror and a little eyeshadow brush which has two ends; a slanted side and a regular eyeshadow shade brush side. I am not huge on makeup brushes that come with palettes or compact but this one is not bad. I like the slanted edge for picking out the dark eyeshadows as eyeliners and it works well because it is precise. The palette itself contains 14 eyeshadows with various finishes including matte, shimmer and satin. I love eyeshadow palettes that have different finishes as they work well with each other. Now I do have to mention that it is not an entirely cool tone eysshadow palette to my delight (but I know some people may not like this). I am not a huge fan of completely cool toned eyeshadows in general as I don’t think they completely complement my complexion if I wear them on their own. My complexion has a warm undertone so anything completely cool toned looks so off on me. You can see why I was delighted when I found some nice warm eyeshadows included in this palette. For me, it means I can confidently travel with this palette and be sure that I don’t need anything extra.

What does Laura Geller Beauty say about the Delectables Shades of Cool Palette?
The Laura Geller website describes the Delectables Shades of Cool as a cool toned eyeshadow palette which is made up of weightless baked eyeshadows that can be used wet or dry. They are paraben free, long wearing (no smudges or creases) and they provide a vibrant, rich luxurious eyeshadow pay off on the lids. They are pure baked in Italy with a silky creamy formula and the shadows are cruelty free and paraben free. I completely agree with this description of this palette. I love baked eyeshadows because they look quite unique on the eyelids compared to a regular powder eyeshadow.
                                               Top Row Shades (L-R)
Marble- This is a light beige or ivory matte shade which is perfect as a brow highlighter for my complexion
Slate- This is a light brown matte shade which works well in my crease a mild transition colour.
Smoke- This is slightly darker brown shade with some shimmer in it which I like on days when I am trying to be demure.
Frosting- I love this shade so much because it brings my eyes to life. As the name suggests it is a golden brown shade with beautiful shimmer in it (not glitters)
Graphite- This is where everything starts getting cool toned. I would describe it as a metallic silver shade with vibrant glitter in it. I sometimes imagine it has some blue in it like steel blue. It’s a really pretty shade and looks amazing as an eyeliner when used wet.
Midnight- This is a greyish black shade with a satin finish. It is really perfect for a smoky look if that’s you kind of thing. If you are not a fan of very black eyeliner, this works well (wet) as a greyish black eyeliner
Blueberry- I think this is one of my favourite shades on this row. It is a dark navy blue shade which looks like black on my lid. I like it because it gives that blue black finish which I love.
                                               Bottom Row Shades (L-R)
Macaron- This is a beautiful creamy beige shade with some shimmer in it. I also use this a brow bone highlight and I like how it complements my complexion
Candy- This a light (slightly warm) pink which is one of my favourite shades with some shimmer in it.
Bronze- This a true golden bronze shade with a satin finish. It appears to have some shimmer in it as well which I like as it makes it appear more vibrant
Lilac- I love any shade of purple and this a pinkish purple shimmer shade which I enjoy using on my lids.
Amethyst- This is also another true purple/violet shade which is cool toned. It works well on the lid and also for a smoky effect.
Plum- I don’t think I have anything similar to this warm toned/reddish plum shade. It’s a brilliant shade and it’s very versatile
Carbon- Last but not least is a rich black shade with a matte finish. This is the best for a smoky look or a proper black eyeliner when used wet.

Pigmentation (Wet vs Dry)
The Laura Geller the Delectables Eyeshadow Palette is one with impressive pigmentation as you can see from the swatch. I always do my swatches without any primer to show its true pigmentation. Majority of them were done with one swipe but I had to do two swipes for the lighter shades as they don’t show up well on my hand (they are better on my lids). These swatches were also done using the eyeshadows dry so they do speak for themselves. When I use them wet, the pigmentation improves exponentially which I absolutely love. I definitely prefer to use them wet when I want an intense color pay off while I use them dry for every day wear. The good thing about using them wet is they also double as an eyeliner which is so creamy and glides on really well. I always use a primer with all my eyeshadows because sometimes my eyelids can get oily.  A primer is a must for me for all eyeshadows including MAC and even Lorac.

Wear Time (Longevity, Creasing /Smudges and Fallouts)
I already mentioned that I use a primer with all my eyeshadows so I believe it always helps improve longevity for all eyeshadows. However, I do think this Laura Geller eyeshadow can stand on its own without a primer especially when used wet. I have not experienced any creases or smudges while it is on my eyes and it pretty much lasts all day until I take it off. Surprisingly, it is relatively easy to take off using either a micellar water or an eye makeup remover. I also experienced very minimal fallouts although the matte shades were more prone to have fallouts than the other shades. However, it's so minimal and it does not make the palette look messy because it falls into the grooves of the eyeshadow pan/space. When you use the eyeshadows wet, there is no fall out whatsoever which is amazing. Another thing I am impressed with is that no film gathers on the shadow after using it. Sometimes when I use eyeshadows wet, I get an annoying film that prevents me from accessing the eyshadows properly. Thank goodness this Laura Geller Eyeshadow palette does not do this!!

I personally think it is good value for money at £35 and I believe it is exclusively sold at House of Fraser. This is a good time to buy this palette because there has been amazing discounts in House of Fraser and I remember seeing it for 15% off in House of Fraser which brings the palette to a really affordable price. I already mentioned I did not purchase it but I would definitely purchase the Nude version at some point because I am very impressed with this one. You can purchase it directly from the Laura Geller website (US), Cult Beauty, House of Fraser, QVC UK, etc.

The only con I can think of is the price versus the pan size. In the grand scheme of things, this may seem like an expensive palette. However, the pigmentation is really good, it is baked, and you need only a little. At the end of the day, it will be rather difficult to make a dent in this so you would be getting your money’s worth.

Overall Thoughts
I am really pleased I got a chance to experiment with this palette. I have an Instagram Post here where I used this palette to create a simple look for work and it looked stunning. I used it dry on that and it had really good pigmentation. If you are looking for an eyeshadow that would last a pretty long time, this is definitely one to check out. I really like that it has some warm shades in this palette to make the cooler tones wearable for me. It makes it very versatile especially for people like me who are experimenting with cooler toned eyeshadows. That’s pretty much it for today. I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried the Laura Geller the Delectables Eyeshadow Palette (Cool or Nude)? Let me know what you think in the comment box below...xx
*Gifted PR Sample, read my full disclaimer here.


  1. Such a pretty palette, love how pigmented the shadows are! Love that they work so nicely wet too, that is actually quite rare!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. I totally agree with you!! It's one palette I love for the sole reason that it can be used wet and dry. Thanks for stopping by...xx


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