Elemental Herbology Vital Glow Review

I am so happy I am finally sharing a full review of the Elemental Herbology Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream* (super long name for a super effective product). You may have seen it featured on here a few times especially in my October Favourites and Christmas Gift Guide Part 1. I have been using it since September and you can’t tell because I have hardly made a reasonable dent in it (although I did take these pictures back in October). I have used it almost every night and I always look forward to pampering my skin with it. I was really delighted to get a chance to try it out especially as it is my first time trying any product  from Elemental Herbology. I have to say I am very impressed with it and I know it is one product I know will revisit when it runs out.

Overview of the Brand
As the name will suggest, Elemental Herbology is a brand that specialises in making products using plant compounds, herbal extracts, essential fatty acids, botanical oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The ingredients used are high quality and I feel this is really important when it comes to products you are putting on your skin. The brand was founded by Kristy Cimesa who has a background in Oriental Medicine and she is also an Accupuncturist and Holistic Therapist. According to their website, Elemental Herbology offers a unique skincare range founded on the origins of the Five Elements. It is also a quintessential British Brand which takes a holistic approach in creating their products. The products are made in England and they support the responsible harvesting and production of all raw materials ensuring that all their products are 100% free from synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens and preservatives. I think that's very impressive.

Don’t you just love pretty packaging? You can tell immediately that it is expensive from the looks and feel of it and indeed it is!  I really like the outer packaging as it reminds me of a perfect Christmas or Festive packaging complete with the white and gold theme. The packaging gives a good description of what the product does, its ingredient list and web address which I always find useful. What would have been amazing is having this information on the actual tub/jar because I know many people usually get rid of the outer packaging. The product itself is housed in sturdy and weighted glass jar where you get 50ml of goodness. It has a little transparent insert which protects the surface and a beautiful silver lid which really adds to the aesthetics of the packaging. Honestly, it sits really pretty on my dressing table and I feel so pampered every time I whip it out. The only down side with such a pretty glass packaging is that it's not the most ideal for travelling. Of course, there is always the option to decant it into a smaller, travel-friendly tub/jar. Also, I know some people may be concerned about products that come in a jar because they have to dip their fingers into it.  However, I am not fussed about that because I always wash my hands before use. If you are precious about it, you can always get a small spatula (they sell them on Amazon and Ebay).

As mentioned, the ingredients are high quality and sourced from natural plants and herbal extracts/compounds. The major ingredients which gives the skin the glow effect include: Plant C-Stem which is known for repairing UV damage and protecting the skin from environmental extremes; Natural AHAs (Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, etc) all from apples, sugar and milk which help exfoliate the skin and promote brighter skin; Granactive Retinoid which stimulates cell turnover and reduces pigmentation, pores and improves/plumps fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Kakadu Plym, Sacha Inchi Oil and Apricot Oil. I absolutely love that it contains two ingredients I really like (Retinoid and AHAs) because they help improve the texture of my skin and brightens hyper pigmentation. Most formulas usually contain only one of these ingredients but the Vital Glow contains both and I guess that's why it is such an effective formula.

Most of the night creams I own have a light to medium texture so I was surprised to find that the Vital Glow had a thicker texture. When I say it has a thick texture, I don't mean a greasy one rather it is more of a really rich texture which I know many people would love. I actually really like it as it's perfect as a night cream because it feels so moisturising on my skin. Although it is designed as a night cream, I love it so much that I have used it during the day on a few occasions. Now on to the smell, it does not have any added fragrance so it smells qute different to anything else I own. It smells very organic but not in a bad way more like an authentic natural fragrance which grew on me with continuous use. You all know I don't mind added fragrance to products as it does not irritate my skin but I am pretty glad Elemental Herbology have kept the Vital Glow as natural as possible.

How I Use it
It is very easy to use as you would expect. I remove my makeup, cleanse me skin, use a toner and use the Vital Glow and that's me done for the night. I did that for a few weeks and then decided to add a hydrating serum before I added the Vital Glow and it worked equally well. One thing I really about it is how well it gets absorbed once you give it a good lil' massage. It actually keeps my skin quite hydrated which is amazing and it remains that way till the next morning when I cleanse my skin. I already mentioned that it is designed as an Overnight Resurfacing Cream but I have used it in the morning and it did not interfere with my makeup.

I received this amazing cream in September and I used it consistently from that time till now to ensure I test it out toproperly. The first thing I noticed immediately after initially using it was how radiant (not shiny) my face looked. It really gives such a healthy glow which I love (and the reason why I was tempted to use it during the day). The fantastic thing about this glow is that it is sustained even when I wake up in the morning which I think is rather impressive. The main reason I was excited to try the Vital Glow was because I wanted something to help with the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks (my biggest bug bear). I have seen  really good improvements using the Vital Glow and I will continue to use it till they are well faded. If you are tempted to use this product during the day, ensure you always use a sunscreen because Retinoids and AHAs make the skin more sensitive to the sun (which can still cause damage to the skin even during A/W). I am very pleased with the results so far and I still use it every night. Sometimes, I alternate with the Vichy Skin Sleep (which I also love as a Night Cream)

Cost// £55 // Link
The Elemental Herbology Vital Glow costs £55 and it can be purchased directly from the Elemental Herbology website or other retailers including Space NK and LookFantastic. It is an expensive Night Cream but I do think it is absolutely worth it because it would last a really long time. I still have a long way to go with it despite using it consistently every night so it may be an initial painful purchase but it will definitely be a sweet investment in the long run. I can't really think of anything I don't like about the Vital Glow except of course the price and the fact that it may not be the easiest to travel with. However, you can always decant it into a smaller tub that's travel friendly.

Overall Thoughts
I absolutely love the Elemental Herbology Vital Glow and it is has already been added to my repurchase list. If you suffer from hyper pigmentation, and enlarged pores, this is one product I really recommend. You will not see immediate results for the hyper pigmentation until after a few weeks (or maybe a month) and they are sustained results (plus living a healthy lifestyle). However, you can be rest assured that you would see immediate benefits of a radiant and healthy glow. That's pretty much my experience!! Have you tried the Elemental Herbology Vital Glow?
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