Biologique Recherche Skincare Review

This is one review I have really looked forward to sharing because it is a skincare range that has seriously helped my problematic skin. You may have seen some of these products featured in my favourites here and here. It all started when I heard about the revolutionary P50 Lotion and my obsession grew. You can imagine my delight when I was invited for a Bespoke Biologique Recherche Facial* (review here) in August; I absolutely could not believe it.  The bespoke facial totally sealed the deal for me and I was kindly gifted some generous samples to try out. I have used them for a little while now and I think it's a good time to share my experience with you all. I have written an introductory post about Biologique Recherche (BR for short) which you can find here so I won't waffle too much as this is already a long post.

I was sent deluxe samples of all the products that were used on me during the facial. They are all tailored to my skin type following the consultation and I was super pleased I could try them out at home. I already purchased the full size of the Biologique Recherche P50V lotion because I am totally in love with it. The next full size purchase would be the Masque Vivant as a Birthday Gift to myself. I also need to purchase the Serum Placenta but maybe I would pop that on  a wish list. I absolutely love all the products but the above three were the ones that stood out for me. In case you were wondering, I received five products in total- Lait U Vegetal Cleansing Milk*, P 50V Lotion*, Serum Placenta*, Creme Grand Millesime* and Masque Vivant*. If you are interested in trying out any BR products, you can find their contact details here for further information. I particularly like that they tailor all the products to your skin type and concerns usually after a consultation. I am not sure if you have to always come in for a face to face consultation but you can contact their lovely team here for more information.

Lait U Vegetal Cleansing Milk// Link // from £55
 It is described as a botanical milk wash which is designed to cleanse the skin of makeup, impurities and oil without dehydrating the skin or leaving an oily film/residue.  It contains hazelnut oil, sweet almond oil and wheat germ extract which work together to provide emollient, soothing and antioxidant effects on the skin. I used the first sample to remove my entire face makeup a couple of times and then switched to using it for my eye makeup only. I was being stingy with it because  I did not want it to get finished quickly. I just apply it across my dry face, emulsify with some water and take it off with a cotton pad (use a good quality cotton pad otherwise you would have fluff all over your face) and I am done. Sometimes, I just use a muslin cloth which does a good job as well. One thing I like about this cleansing milk is how effective it is at completely removing my makeup while keeping my face moisturised. It does not dry out my face at all and I really like it especially for the colder months. 

Lotion P50V// Link // from £55
It is nicknamed BR's Hero product because it was one of the first products the brand created and it remains one of their best sellers. It is designed to exfoliate, purify, cleanser and regenerate the skin while fortifying the epidermis. I really like it because it does not dry out my skin at all in fact I dare say it has a slight hydrating effect on my skin. It contains a poly-apha-beta hydroxy acid complex, plankton, yeast extract, horse radish, red pepper, burdock extract, lactic acid amongst other ingredients. It is also designed to be used immediately after other BR products as it helps improve their efficacy.I am sure you must be getting a bit tired of hearing about this toner but I absolutely love it.  It totally lives up to all the hype it gets. I have a full review planned so I am going to save all the bumf and details for that post.

Essentially it is one of the best chemical exfoliating lotions I have ever tried for my acne prone combination skin. It has really helped with exfoliating my skin which, in turn,  has helped with some acne hyper pigmentation I suffer from. It feels slightly tingly when you apply it and it is recommended that you may dilute it with equal parts of water on the cotton pad. However, I braved it for the first week and now it only feels ever so slightly tingly now. Sometimes I don't even notice any tingle. It has really helped with my hyper pigmentation which are slightly fading with the help of other products as well.

Creme Grand Millesime // Link// from £106-£180
 It is designed for devitalised and dull looking skin as it helps brighten, balance and regenerate the skin. It also has hydrating effects and boosts the skin's natural defence while enhancing epidermal regeneration. It contains the grand millesime complex, cellular oligopeptide, tepeschomite extract, with hazel extrcat, cucumber extract, hyaluornic acid, silk extract, etc. This combination of ingredients makes quite an effective product and I am not surprised that the full size retails for more than £100. I think this may be the only product that I have not used as consistently as the others. However, I have absolutely enjoyed using up the samples whenever I can. It feels extra hydrating on the skin and absorbs really well. I have used it during the day and at night and it works well either ways. I can't say I have observed a noticeable difference to my skin based on this product alone but using it with the other BR products makes my skin bright and glowing. If it were not very expensive, I may have considered purchasing the full size because I do like how it feels on my skin

Serum Placenta// Link // Full price from £55
I remember doing a double take when I read the label on this serum!! Yes, I know it does read Placenta but it is not as scary as it sounds. BR describe this product as the healer because it works as a repairing treatment to diminish imperfections. According to BR, it is perfect for use after exfoliations, peels, renovation treatments or acne scarring.  If you are wondering about the ingredients (you are not alone), well, it contains Placenta Biostimulin Proteins Extract. That's all the ingredients I can find on the website. The reason why I was interested in trying this is because I found out it works at reducing hyper pigmentation caused by acne and you all know I have some around my cheeks which are my biggest bug bears. First off, it is one of the most effective serums I have tried in a long time because it just resets my skin in no time. I don't know how it does it but makes my skin feel so smooth and works so well on improving the texture. It has a very interesting texture; very dissimilar to any other serum texture I have tried. It feels completely like a liquid which is a pro and con. It is a pro because it gets absorbed super easily but it's a con as well as it is sometimes difficult to apply.

I do love the packaging because it has a pipette that reminds me of something you would find in the lab. Now, the only bug bear I have about this products is the smell. It is so much better having used it for a little while but it's still difficult some days. This makes me so sad because I love the results I get. I can't describe how it smells but it's not a pretty one I can assure you. The closest thing I can think of is MacConkey Agar which is a culture some types of bacteria. When I was in Uni, I was not a fan of some sections of the pharmacology and microbiology laboratory because it smelt of this agar. I had to still stay in there because  I needed to pass my exams and qualify as a Pharmacist. It was hard but I got there in the end.  It's the same way I feel with this (well kinda) because it is an amazing product which has done wonders for my skin.  It is definitely a case of mind over matter!!  It  really works so well and a little product which goes a long way. Despite the smell, I am considering getting the full size because the results are very impressive.

Masque Vivant*// Link // Full Price from £55
Last but not least, the Masque Vivant is also designed to purify and revitalise the skin making it come alive in a short time. It contains yeast extract, cucumber extract, witch hazel extract and lactic acid. This is my number one HG product and I am a huge fan of it. I also mentioned this in my favourites post  and it is still  one of the best Masks I have tried hands down. I have not come across another product that provides the same results for me as this. Yes, it also has a dodgy smell but it is one that has grown on me that I actually like it which is shocking. It smells like standard Marmite and it is a really strong smell. It also tends to linger ever so slightly even when you wash it off but I honestly don't mind. My skin looks and feels so amazing.  If you are struggling with acne or blemishes, you seriously need to try this or a sample and I promise you, you would be making an order. It is very pricey but I love the results. It leaves my skin glowing, smoother in texture and any spots seem to have diminished or shrunken to almost nothing. The best thing abut this mask is that the results are not short lived. I can still feel and see its effects even a few days after I have used it. I always use this whenever I have a big day or event ahead and want my face to look glowing and fresh.

I use this mask like once a week although I am tempted sometimes to use it a bit more. I start off with cleansing my face, patting it dry and then using the P50 toner (yeah stay with me). Then I apply the mask and leave it on for 30-45 minutes (recommended time is 15  minutes but I love using it for longer). It goes dry but not too tight and I rinse it off with cold water and terry/muslin cloth. You guys!! My face feels absolutely brand new. It's incredible!! I am sure you are wondering why I used the P50 exfoliating lotion before it. Well, that's exactly how the Amie Biller (Head of Training , BR) used it on my face during my facial (including rinsing off with cold water). The P50 lotion works in synergistic way with the Masque Vivant which is exactly why I use it this same way. Also, if the masque feels too harsh for you (it should not), you can mix it in with baking soda; this method also also provides amazing results.

Overall Thoughts
I am absolutely impressed with the entire range and I wish money was not a factor as I would buy all the products I want in a heart beat. I have already purchased the full size of the P50 lotion because it has been on my wish list for the longest time ever. I am also making plans to purchase the Masque Vivant full size because I really like the mask and as I said, it is the best I have tried. I feel with these two in my stash, my skin would be hard pressed to misbehave. I would recommend trying out the Biologique Recherche products because they are indeed very impressive. They are pricey so it is best to try and get a consultation and some samples as well. They are very generous with their sample sizing because they last for a long while. That's pretty much it. I do hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any product from Biologique Recherche?
*PR Samples, read my full disclaimer here


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