Paul & Joe Beauty Christmas Collection 2015

I was kindly invited to the Paul and Joe Beaute Store* to preview their Christmas Collection back in November and it was such an amazing collection. First off, Paul & Joe beaute products have one of the best packaging I have ever seen. They remind me of very beautiful Asian  makeup packaging with a Western Twist to it  and I think that’s exactly what they were hoping to capture (they absolutely nailed it, if you ask me). I have never really had a chance to try out any of their products until last month and I am seriously impressed. To be honest, they are so pretty that you never want to use them. I just want to stare at them and admire them but alas! I have used the ones I own and I can tell you they are amazing.

Brief overview of Paul & Joe Beaute
Paul & Joe was founded by Sophie Mechaly (formerly known as Sophie Albou) in Paris around 1995. The brand started out as a fashion house specialising in men’s wear before launching a women’s wear range. If you are curious about the name Paul & Joe (like me), you would be pleased to know it was named after Sophie’s two sons which is so lovely. In 2001, Paul & Joe Beaute was launched and as they say, the rest is history. Paul & Joe currently has over 30 shops worldwide in many cities including New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. One striking thing about the Paul & Joe Beaute is their amazing packaging like seriously, one would hardly ever want to use them because they are super cute. The packaging has an Asian and Western vibe to it and I love it!! According to the Paul & Joe Beaute Website, their Beauty range is all about high quality formulas with particular attention to detail to the packaging so much so that they are immediately recognizable. I absolutely agree with this as I can tell a Paul & Joe packaging even if it has no label on it because they really stand out. The interesting thing is that they have incorporated cat designs (cat ladies & men would love this) into some of their products and packaging which is so cute as Sophie loves cats.

The Event Details
The event took place in the Paul & Joe Boutique in Brompton Road London and it was my first time in this particular Paul & Joe boutique. It is a really beautiful store in a choice location which I always love. The beauty range was well arranged in the store and they looked stunning. I was welcomed by the lovely representatives of Paul & Joe Beaute as well as their PR Company.  There were some lovely drinks and nibbles while we waited for the presentation. I really enjoyed listening to the presentation of their Christmas Collection as I also learnt more about the brand. I also learned a few tips about putting on makeup which I knew but hearing the reasons behind these tips was refreshing. For example, you should not apply the same layer of foundation around the face as the skin on the face has different depths to it. Areas around the eye and forehead have a lighter layer of skin compared to the cheeks so you should use a super light concealer/foundation and a light hand. Anything heavy would result in creasing because the skin can't take it. I also learnt that steam really helps refresh makeup and prevents the infamous cake face. Apparently, this is the method used during film production so the actresses look fresh always.  Lastly,  your makeup (especially foundation) usually looks the best after 20-30 minutes (following application) as that's when the skin's natural oils seep through and gives it a more realistic look. Amazing,  isn't it?

The Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Collection 2015
The Paul & Joe Christmas 2015 Collection is themed “Masked Ball Beauty (Le Bal Masque) which I am totally loving as it’s very different from the traditional Christmas theme. As you would have guessed, it features a masked lady wearing a mask that is cat eye shaped. The Paul & Joe Masked Ball Collection consists of  the following products- Satin Pouch (with the masked lady), Creamy Cheek Colour, Waterproof Eyeliner, Eye Colour (sheets of powder eyeshadow) and Rose Treatment Balm. The entire collection retails for £35 which is a really amazing value as you get good value for money. I was well intrigued by the Eye Colour which is essential 5 sheets of Powder Eye shadows housed in a pretty striped paper case/packaging. I tested a few of the eyeshadows and I can tell you they are pretty pigmented (more than some of the other eye shadows I tested). I was seriously impressed! It would be perfect for travelling or on the go although I still do prefer having eye shadows in a palette. However, I am very impressed by this innovation and who knows, it may be a trend soon.

Other Paul & Joe Beaute Collections and Products
We were also shown the rest of their swoon worthy collection including their lipsticks, primers, foundations, powders, etc. All of them looked exceptionally stunning and I was really surprised at how much attention was paid to every single detail. I even had a chance to play with their refillable lipstick which is something that I need in my collection. While I don’t think their foundations may suit darker skin tones, the rest of the products in the range are pretty universal and I am pleased about that. Their lipstick range has so many interesting colours that I know many people would love. 

I also had a peek at their body care range which featured bath salts, shower gels and body creams which were in equally stunning packaging. I just love pretty things and being surrounded by all this Paul & Joe Beaute products made me slightly giddy with excitement that I snapped, snapped and snapped away. I do hope you enjoy these pictures. Soon, it was time to go and I was kindly gifted the Paul & Joe Beaute Luxurious Body Care Collection* which I love so much as it’s perfect for a pamper day. I was also gifted this beautiful Masked Ball Theme notebook which I am saving as my Blogging Notebook for next year. You can find Paul & Joe Beaute on their Website, Selfridges, Beauty Bay and ASOS (which have loads of discounts). I had an amazing time as you can guess and I got to meet the lovely Laura from Laurzrah Blog (you should check her out she is amazing). A big thank you to Paul & Joe Beaute and Dowal Walker PR for inviting me. Have you tried any product from Paul & Joe Beaute?
*Gifted PR Sample, read my full disclaimer here


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