Selfridges/Fragrance Lab- The Festive Collection Perfume Review

I already showed a sneak peek of the Selfridges/Fragrance Lab -Festive Collection Perfume  in my High End Beauty Haul  where I promised to review it. Before I purchased it, I don't think I had ever heard about the Selfridges and Fragrance Lab Collaboration. Apparently, Fragrance Lab was set up in Selfridges sometime last year with an aim of creating personalised fragrances for people based on their personalities. Their personalities/characters were determined by asking the individuals to complete a questionnaire and at the end, their "signature" perfume/fragrance created fresh in the Lab, based on their answers, was presented to them. Of coruse, I did not attend the session because I believe it is a little expensive and I just picked this up online. I also didn't really know what to expect but I just took the plunge because I thought it was an interesting concept.

I have to say this is one of the cutest perfume packaging I have ever come across especially from a non-designer brand. I know Selfridges is a high end department store but I would not classify these particular fragrances as high end. They come in a lovely box complete with a bow and the signature yellow Selfridges signature/logo on the box. The outer package is definitely one I would be keeping way after the perfumes are finished because it is cuter and strudy (rare combo). It would make a perfect gift as you don't need to do any wrapping; it's just perfect the way it is. Inside the package, I got a trio of 50 ml perfumes (150 nl in totaland they are all Eau de Toilette (EDTs) but they last really well/long on my skin and I am very impressed. The perfume bottles are really simple and minimalistic and I actually like how they look. It is definitely not the fanciest bottle but it really looks much more expensive than it is. They also do not have individual names which is such a shame.

Description of the Fragrances 
These perfumes are part of the Festive Collection which I believe may have been launched during Christmas. Selfridges describe the Festive Collection as a "limited edition fragrance that has been specially created as part of the Fragrance Lab Project, conjuring up images of a Victorian Christmas- from rich mahogany to festive spices". Selfridges claim that each fragrance in the trio reflects a character that respects products with a rich heritage and sense of familiarity. 

It was originally £50 for the trio which I think was still really reasonable given that you get three amazing/long lasting 50 ml fragrances. It went on sales on Boxing Day for £20 and that's when it found its way into my shopping basket. I am so pleased I actually got these as I thought they may not be nice because they were reduced. They are seriously amazing and I think they are sold out now but there is still one set here on the Selfridges website for £12 (and yes, it's also for a set of three 50 ml perfumes).

My Thoughts
As mentioned, I did not really know what to expect when I placed my order but I was pleasantly surprised with these fragrances. They are just one of those fragrances that grew on me because I wasn't crazy about them when I picked them up at first. Within a few days of trying them, I absolutely fell in love. I am not sure what the notes in these fragrances are but they lean more towards woody and musky scents which I really like. I feel they can actually be a unisex fragrance but I guess it's all down to people's preferences. The lighter coloured perfume (yellowish/green) has a lighter scent and I think I can smell some vanilla and amber in its notes. They are long lasting (I know I have mentioned this a lot but they surprisingly do) and I actually thought they were Eau de Parfum. They are great for everyday wear especially during this season (A/W) although I see myself wearing this all year round. Such an amazing bargain! That's it folks! Have a wonderful weekend...xx


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