MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick Review

I am sure everyone has heard about the "Kylie Jenner '90s Lip Trend" which is basically a brownish pinkish nude lip colour which accentuates the lips and make it appear a little fuller than normal. However, this trend has made MAC Velvet Teddy, allegedly one of her weapons for achieving her look, consistently sold out in many a MAC Counter. Every single time I was near a MAC Counter, I always asked if they had it and it was the same answer "we have been sold out for ages and we don't know when it will be back". I tried to order from the MAC website during Christmas but I cancelled my order when I realised (a little too late) that Yodel was their delivery company #noshade. They still have it in stock on the MAC website so it's no longer very difficult to get. However, my lovely friend kindly got this for me when she went to the States and it was a little cheaper than here in the UK (I can never understand why). Anyway, I am so pleased I finally have this lipstick because it had been on my list for almost two years (way before this whole trend). Again, I have no pictures of me wearing it. This is mainly because I take majority of my photos on Saturday morning which means that I am still in my PJs and definitely not ready to take pictures. When I eventually take a shower, all the amazing sunlight is gone but I would make an effort this week to include more photos of me wearing products and not just swatches..:-0)...

I don't think there's much to say about MAC Lipstick packaging because they are basically the same. They are all black and shaped like a bullet; it's a really classy packaging. It is also a Matte finish lipstick. Many people describe this shade in various ways depending on their skin tones and how it appears on their lips but I would describe it as a brownish pink/mauve shade. It's very similar to a dusty rose pink shade and it looks universally flattering on many skin tones.

Texture/How I use
Although it is marketed as a Matte lipstick, it is much more forgiving on the lips than many other matte lipsticks I have tried especially MAC's Ruby Woo. I usually forget it's a matte lippie when I have it on because it feels really nice on the lips and non-drying. My lips have recently been playing up again so I use the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm under this lipstick and it makes it much better. It also does not interfere with the colour or application which is good. Of course, I don't apply MAC Velvet Teddy directly on my lips because it would just look strange. I always start off with lining my lips with MAC Lip Liner in Cork and this provides a really nice canvas for layering this lipstick. If you have paler skin, you can use MAC's Soar or Whirl Lip Liners which allegedly goes well with this lipstick and sadly, I heard they are also sold out #thankstokylie

It's not news any more that MAC have sneakily increased the cost of their lipsticks. It retails for £15.50 here in the UK and I think it's slightly cheaper in America (around $18 or less). If you have six empty MAC containers/packaging, you would be eligible for a free lipstick of your choice via MAC's Back to MAC so it's worth saving those empties. I have one more to go and I would be eligible again and I already know what lipstick I want.

Overall Thoughts
I am glad MAC Velvet Teddy is finally mine and I can continue building my Nude Lipstick collection again. I have a post coming up soon on some drug store dupes/alternatives to MAC Velvet Teddy if you are having trouble tracking it down. I really like this lipstick and it's one of those shades that looks really good on a wide range of skin tones just like Ruby Woo although you need to learn how to make it work well for your skin tone. Have a fab weekend ahead and I will catch you in my next post....xx


  1. I love the look of this - sort of can't believe I don't own it already given how much I love a dark nude lip. Lovely pics as always :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine || Palette Giveaway: Urban Decay, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced

    1. Hahahaha, I know!! It looks like something you should already have in your collection but if you don't, you can get it online from MAC..Thanks a lot for stopping over!!...xx

  2. I've got this shade, it's such a pretty shade but I'm not a massive fan of the lipstick itself. Surprisingly I don't think I'm a massive MAC makeup fan. x

    1. I totally get what you mean!! Some MAC Products are over hyped but I really love the MAC Velvet Teddy which is really suitable for almost all skin tones...thanks for stopping by...xx


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