January 2015 Favourites (Non Beauty)

I can’t believe we are approaching the end of January already but I am really glad it is ending. I don’t know about you but January always seems like the longest month for me because it feels like forever before I get paid at work. If you work in a regular 9-5 job (and get paid at the end of the month), you would probably have been last paid a week or so before Christmas. This means you have endured a six week gap before you get paid at the end of January * a big high five*. Anyway,  I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favourite non-beauty items just before the usual January 2014 Favourites goes up.

Q&A a day 5-Year Journal
I heard about this journal a few years ago but I just forgot to get it. I think somewhere in my mind, I thought it was huge. It’s quite the opposite as it’s really small and easy to pop in your hand bag if you wish. The Q&A 5-year journal is essentially a journal that lets you make an entry for five years. It’s not your typical diary where you write all about your day and all (I had so many diaries when I was younger). Every day you get new questions to answer which gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day. One of my favourite questions so far was "what makes "you" you? I love how easy these questions are and you don't have to think deeply to answer them because they are fun.  I really love this journal and I can't wait to read what I have written by this time next year since it will also be on the same page. I also thought it would be nice to start in 2015 so by 2020, I would have completed it BGG and it would be amazing to look back on what changes I have made in my life. I got mine from Amazon for only £10.49 with free delivery.

Oliver Bonas Scarf
My first Oliver Bonas scarf was given to me by my lovely colleague in my former office and I loved the scarf so much (it's actually the one on my profile picture). One day, it went missing just like that. I was so sad because it was a really sentimental gift from her (it was my farewell gift) and I think I may have left it on the bus to work. So, I really wanted to get another Oliver Bonas Scarf even though they are a little pricey and cost £24. During their sales, I got this Soft Blue Printed Scarf for only £5.00. Can you believe it? Nah, neither can I.  It was originally £24 so I felt really pleased to get such a huge discount. Most Oliver Bonas Scarves are very soft and feel silky even though I think they are just polyester/cotton. This scarf goes with a lot of outfits and adds some colour to my overall look since I usually stick to neutral colours. I think this scarf will be even more amazing during Spring.

Oliver Bonas Socks
These socks were actually what drew me into the Oliver Bonas store because they just looked so comfy and colourful. I don't think I have ever had such colourful socks and I am slightly obsessed with them. They are quite long which is good especially for just chilling at home. They come in this amazing packaging/box which I love to leave them in when they are washed and clean.  It just feels extra special bringing them out from this box (I am so silly). They go on my feet immediately I get home and it makes me feel very relaxed. They were also on sales for £4. I may have even worn it under my Boots to work a few time; they are that comfy...hehehehe

Lauren Ralph Lauren Caldwell Equestrian Wallet
I got this lovely wallet during Christmas and I absolutely love it. I generally love wallets and I tend to change my wallet once a year. This is my first designer wallet even though I think it's one of the diffusion lines from Ralph Lauren. It is a bi-fold wallet which means it does not have a zip closure but it has a small click button or closure which secures the wallet. The only snag is it won't close if you overload it which is really good as it forced me to downsize my wallet to the barest essentials. I love the design and all the lovely compartments it has for cards. It has a small zipped compartment at the back for coins and any other random stuff you want to throw in. It looks small but it's actually a normal size wallet and it can hold  a whole lot more than you would expect. I may do a separate review with more pictures of it. It is a really good quality and I know it will last for ages.

During A/W, I love to burn candles because they put me in a good mood and they actually keep me warm. I am not really too fussed with candles but I like scented/fragranced ones. If they also have lovely packaging, that's even more incentive to purchase them#bloggerissues. One of my current favourite candles is from Our Own Candle Company in Ho Ho Ho (I think it's a USA brand) and I was drawn to it particularly because of its packaging. It smells lovely and burns evenly without tunnelling (what happens when the edges of the candle don't burn along with the middle). It smells faintly of mulled wine and it has lasted me for a long time. I am quite anxious to get my hands on the packaging (Kilner Jar/Cup)  when it is burnt out because it will be useful for my smoothies. Its original price was £12 but I got it on sales for £6 in a store called Chickidees in Bentalls Centre, Kingston.

Artificial Potted Succulent Plant
Ohhhh did you think it was just a blog prop? Well, it has served well as a lovely blog prop and has made a few features on the blog already. However, it is one of things I have been loving this month as it is really different from the normal plants/flowers I would go for. It's a fake plant obviously but I think it looks very realistic and it photographs really well. I got it from Sainsbury's for only £2. I buy majority of my blogging props from Sainsbury's Home section because they just have the best hidden gems. That's pretty much all I have been loving this month. What have you been loving this month? See you in my next post...xx
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  1. The Ho Ho Ho candle!! I don't even care if it smells good, the jar is perfect (yes, #bloggerissues)!!

    1. I am absolutely the same...I now burn this candle everyday because I am desperate for the jar/cup...xx

  2. Beautiful journal and such a cute idea :) - really want to get this now! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. Thanks a lot!! It is really cute and I wonder why I didn't get it any sooner!!...x

  3. I am so in love with your diary, I need to get a pretty one like this too!

    1. You should get it as it's really portable and mostly, it gives you something to look forwards to...xx


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