Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder Review

For a long time, I thought HD Powders were just another gimmicky piece of makeup item until I was kindly given the Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder* in May 2014. It's actually the first and only HD powder I have tried so far and I am quite impressed with it. I am also happy to say my impression of HD powders has changed for the better and I am actually looking forward to trying more HD powders from other brands like ELF and Makeup Forever whom I heard will be launching in the UK in March...woop woop!!

It comes in a standard HD powder packaging which is a small round jar/tub with a lid and a perforated insert. It contains 20g of powder which may not sound like a lot but it really is a lot of powder and would last for a looooong time. It also photographs really well (blogger's love) and looks amazing on my dressing table/vanity. I only wish the perforated insert had a turnaround/swivel lid to prevent the product from making a little mess when you are travelling with it. It's not very terrible because the perforation does not let out too much product.

It feels exactly how a loose powder should feel but the only difference is how finely milled this HD powder is. It is so smooth that it almost feels invisible and I love how it applies with a brush. Although it is very light in texture, you notice an immediate difference to your makeup. It's just one of those textures that you need to feel to understand it. I am aware that's not a very helpful description at all but it is very light weight, smooth and finely milled- that's the summary.

The best brush to apply the Kuddy HD Powder is a fan brush  (in my opinion) because it would pick up the powder and flawlessly deposit it really well. I don't have a fan brush but I use my Sephora Pro Air Brush (review here) for this and it excellently does the job. If you don't have any of these brushes, then you should opt for any brush with a wide surface area and fluffy bristles which can pick up the powder lightly and evenly distribute it. I just pour a little powder into the lid and lightly swirl around it with my Pro Air Brush and tap off any excess before sweeping it across my face. I concentrate on my T-zones because that's the first place that shows shiny signs and then I gently pat the rest of my face. One swirl is enough for my whole face and I apply this powder as the final step in my makeup application.

I am always impressed each time I use the Kuddy Cosmetics HD powder as it gives my face a flawless and airbrushed look. It blurs out all my pores instantly and gives my face a "HD" look which looks really amazing on camera. I always use this any time I am filming a YouTube video because it really gives my face an overall flattering look. Most of all, it helps with my T-zone as it mattifies any shine that may want to come through. It does not prevent the shine all through the day but it delays it much more better than when I don't use it.

Cost/Where to Buy
It retails for 1500 naira which is such a bargain for the amazing quality you get with this powder. I have had mine since May 2014 and I use it everyday yet I still have a lot left. You can purchase it on Kuddy Online Iyaoloja and Kuddy Cosmetics Stores in Nigeria.

1. It's not available internationally; I think you can only get it in Nigeria at the moment.
2. I would prefer if the packaging had a secure inner lid to prevent any waste/spillage while travelling.

Overall Thoughts
As mentioned earlier, I am really impressed and very proud of Nigerian indigenous makeup and beauty brands. At first, I did not really know what to expect when I received this powder but I was pleasantly surprised and I would highly recommend it especially if you like an airbrushed finish to your makeup or you are struggling with a shiny T-zone...See you in my next post...xx
*PR Samples


  1. Replies
    1. Absolutely!! It's just sad that they don't sell this outside Nigeria yet but it never gives a "Casper-like" effect and I just love it!!...x

  2. I have tried Elf's one which i found awful but NYX also do one for £9 and i couldnt live without it x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Thanks Emma for the heads up about ELF's powder as I was about to place an order...I would try the NYX one instead!! Thanks for stopping by...x


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