The Lip Product Addict Tag and Lipstick Tag

Fun Fact: I hated wearing lipsticks when I was younger (but old enough to be wearing Lipsticks, FYI) because they made my lips feel uncomfortable and don't ask me what lipsticks I was trying out. Anyway, it all changed when my lovely Mum bought me my first High End Lipstick- Clinique's Rosette and I was completely in love and it did not make my lips greasy at all...Now, I just love lipsticks although I still stick to very nude and neutral colours but once in a while I go a lil bit cray cray with bright colours.  I love reading tags because I feel it sheds more light to people's personality and mainly because I am plain nosy. Both the Lipstick Tag and the Lip Product Tags have been floating around for a little while and I decided to do both of them because I loved the questions and why not. I am not sure who created the Lipstick Tag but British Based Bloggers Amelia Liana and EssieButton created The Lip Product Addict Tag. First off, I need to apologise about the photos. I took them all one evening after work because I just felt like which meant  the lighting was not the best and the true colours of these lipsticks may not be reflected in these pictures but then again, this is not a review, it's a tag. I tag everyone who has not done this and if you have already, leave your link below so I can check it out...Let's dive in...

                                                      THE LIPSTICK TAG

                                               How many Lipsticks do you own?
I recently did a clear out of my old lipsticks which I was not using because there is no point holding on to them. I never considered myself as someone who owned quite a number of lipsticks and on counting them. I have a total of 40 Lipsticks which I think is ridiculous. I know a lot of beauty bloggers have much more than that but still, I am quite surprised and this is excluding Lip Glosses and Lip Balms and any other lip products.

                                            What was the first Lipstick you owned?
I already answered his in the Intro. But yeah, my first proper lipstick (which I could actually wear)  was the Clinique's Lipstick in  Rosette which came in a nice gift set from my lovely mum. I still have it in my collection as you can see but I don't use it any more :-) but it is still very special to me. I actually popped into Clinique to ask if they still had it but they did not which is super sad because it was a nice shade and suited my skin tone.

                                             What is your favourite lipstick brand?
Based on all the lipsticks I have tried, I would have to give it to MAC because I love the wide variety of shades they offer especially for women of colour. I think it's the most affordable lipstick with good quality although the way their prices are slowly creeping up is a bit annoying. I still remember their lipsticks used to be between £10-12 and now, you would be lucky to get it for £15 as I think a few of them are not £15.50. Blimey!!

                                             What is your most worn Lipstick?
My most worn lipstick is usually my newest ones or a newest nude one and I usually rotate and go through phases.I was going to say MAC but I realise my  most worn lipstick for the longest period has to the L'Oreal Collection Privee and the Eva Longoria Shade was/is still one of my favourite shades. MAC is the next on the list and I am currently loving MAC's Spirit (It used to be Hug Me before that ran out)

                                                     What is your Favourite Lipstick Finish?
My Favourite Finish is Lustre. I love my lips feeling moisturised but not shiny. I am not a very big fan of Matte Lipsticks at all but I own a few and I try to exfoliate and moisturise my lips really well whenever I wear them. I also like Amplified finishes when I am out in the evening because it just lasts longer.

                                                 What was the last Lipstick you bought?
Last Lipstick I purchased was MAC's Lovelorn which I am a little obsessed with now for summer. I also got my MAC Ruby Woo again via Back to MAC. I have been wearing MAC's Love Lorn which was featured in my MAC Haul and I really like it.

                                     How many Lip products do you currently have in your bag?
I change my lipsticks every day so I only pop the one I just applied in the morning in my makeup bag for the day and it's usually a nude or neutral shade. However, I also have a bright lipstick which I leave in my makeup bag in case I need to go out after work or I just want to lift my mood (sometimes, a bright lipstick can do little wonders to a somewhat dull face). Permanently in my Makeup Bag  are: Kuddy Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Smoothie, Korres Lip Balm in Jasmine, MAC's Spirit (Nude) and MAC's Girl About Town (Bright/Popping Shade). I also have the cutest littlest Bobbi Brown Lip gloss which I got as a sample from the Bobbi Brown Counter. In total, that is about 5 lip products.

                                                  What is your favourite red lip colour?
I was going to say MAC's Ruby Woo but due to its matte nature, it's not one I reach for often. My favourite red lip colour is surprisingly is Avon's Really Rosy and I find that it's a really nice Red that complements my skin tone.

                                                   How do you store your Lipsticks?
I store them in an Acrylic Storage Kit which I can't remember where I bought it from but I think it may have been from Amazon. Formerly, I stored them in one of my Muji Acrylic Drawers which I am a little obsessed with but I changed it because I preferred to have them out on display so I can see what I have and use them as much as possible as there is no use having lipsticks you never use, is there?

                                     Which Lipsticks are you currently lusting after?
Don't even get me started on this because I have a lot of lipsticks I want especially from MAC and they include Lady Danger, Syrup, Diva, Patissere, and the new Kelly and Sharon Osborne range lipsticks. More importantly, I have been wanting to try Tom Ford Lipstick because the packaging is so lush and I have read many good reviews about it. I am currently lusting after Tom Ford's Spanish Pink which I just love its packaging and shade. Ultimately, I want to try Chanel Lipsticks which are just so beautiful..

                                            LIP PRODUCT ADDICT TAG

                                  What is your favourite Balm/Treatment?
Without doubt it would have to be Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm because it is the most nourishing lip balm ever which has been hyped and re-hyped in the beauty and blogging world and it is so worth it. I mean who would not like a mixture of Honey, Shea Butter and Grapefruit? It instantly soothes and sorts out any dry/chapped lips and although it feels a little heavy initially, it gets absorbed really well and easily. I treat my lips by exfoliating with my Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn and use the Nuxe Reve de Miel. Korres Lip Balm is left in my makeup bag because it is lighter in texture and packaging than the Nuxe.

                                              Best Eye Catching Red?
I have to give this to MAC's Ruby Woo because it one lipstick that would definitely make you stand out apart from the fact that Red is one shade that requires confidence to pull off but Ruby Woo's shade suits many skin tones and it looks very flattering. The only snag is how drying it could be on application and during the day as you wear it, asides that, it's absolutely fab.

                                    Best Luxury and Best Drug Store Lipstick
I don't own many high end lipsticks as such but my favourite High End one is Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge 06 and I have more than 6 samples of this because they always give this out in the Lancome Counters as part of Gifts with Purchases and they are one of the most beautiful lipsticks I own. Even the sample packaging looks lovely with the Lancome characteristic flower/rose. It's a true Warm Pink Rose shade which looks so flattering. For Drug Store, my favourite has to be L'Oreal Paris Lipsticks especially the Color Riche range which is very good quality and I love 179 Cherry Tulle and the packaging is just pretty.
                                                          Best MAC Lipstick?
Ohhh Ohhh, I didn't see this one coming and it's pretty hard for me to pick, not that I have a huge collection of MAC lipsticks or anything of the sort but I really like the few ones I own. I would have to give it to Vegas Volt because it is one shade that is versatile and can be worn even to work for me. Generally, I stay away from bright lipsticks because of the nature of my full time job but Vegas Volt is one that still looks lovely, bright and still classy/professional. It's a peach toned lipstick and I love it!

                                                The Most Disappointing?
This is not really a Lipstick but a Lip balm and that's the Maybelline Baby Lips which was hyped everywhere and I wanted to try it. I like the girly packaging and it does the job but I doubt if it lived to my total expectation even though it's okay but I had really high hopes and it just seemed to me like a normal lip balm after I had used it for a while. It's nothing to moan about because it was not expensive but still...:-|

                                                             Liner-Yes or No?
Absolutely Yes if there is a sentence like that. I have never not lined my lips because I just feel it looks much better especially with nude lipsticks. I use an unknown brand which I purchased from PAKS Cosmetics and it is amazing and cheap which is a combination I like. It fits perfectly with my skin tone and has made many unbearable lipsticks easy to wear. I am looking to try MAC's Cork Lip Liner as well.

                                                            Best Gloss
I am going to cheat and choose two because they both make me very happy. First is the Jemma Kidd High Gloss Lip Gloss in Coral 15 which I think may have been discontinued which is a big shame because it is so amazing and it doubles as lip gloss and a lip tint. Second is the Kuddy Cosmetics Lipgloss in Smoothie which I received from Kuddy Cosmetics and it is amazing!!

                                                        Something Extra
I recently bit the bullet and bough the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lip Gloss in Peach Pink (longest name ever). I generally stay away from anything matte but this is so different. It is matte granted but it does not dry out my lips at all and most importantly, it is ever so long lasting and you have to take it off with a makeup remover. It does not matter if you eat or drink, this matte lip gloss is going nowhere and I think it deserves its own review...Hope you enjoyed this tag and See you in my next post..Have a lovely weekend..x


  1. A post about lippies is always a win for me! When I read "it all changed when my lovely Mum bought me my first High End Lipstick- Clinique's Rosette and I was completely in love" I was like OH MY GAAWWDD HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE???!!!! That sentence = my story (mum, clinique, rosette). I had to re-read that sentence a couple of times, just to make sure that I read it right haha :-)
    Ruby Woo has been on my radar for such a long time. But I'm afraid of entering a MAC store, because I have so many things on my wishlist, and am afraid I'll exit the store with loads of make-up and no money haha

    1. OMGGGGGGGGG, I cannot believe our stories are the I know why we are kindred spirits...*I kid, I kid* but seriously, how is that even possible? I still love Rosette and I can't seem to find it..shall we start a petition to Clinique to re-issue/re-release this shade as it holds so many sweet memories for both of us and our mums as well...I am in if you are!!! I never go to MAC stores except without just cash and no cards or else, I would be bankrupt! #forreal...xx..P.S. Count down begins!!

    2. Why not! haha and yesss the count down begins. I'll be booking my ticket one of these days and I'll be visiting London around the 4th/5th till the 11th/12th or so :-) x

    3. I booked it and I'll be in london the 2th of september and I'll leave for brussels on the 9th (change of plans, a month later, oh well I don't mind) :-) xx


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