Birch Box June 2014

So I gave in and purchased a Birch Box Subscription. Yes, I finally did after I had put it off for a really long time because as much as I love to receive mini samples of products, I was not interested in some of the products that were on offer. However, all this changed when I realised that June's Birch Box included the original Beauty Blender.. I was like What!!! I had to get it but I had my  fingers crossed that I received it because the thing with Birch Box is you are not allowed to choose your samples although you can see a list of products that are likely to be included in your box. Also, this depends on your beauty profile which you should have filled when you join Birch Box and they try to match your box to your profile. You can subscribe to Birch Box here and the good thing is, you can cancel any time with no obligations if you feel it is not for you. Also, it is handy to subscribe to their newsletter to get info on discounts and codes.

What is Birch Box?
It is a beauty box subscription where you get 5 luxe beauty samples carefully selected and tailored to your beauty profile which you should have completed once you join. They usually add in an extra lifestyle sample which I think is amazing and adds to the surprise. I like the concept and I am super glad I got this box although I wish I could choose my samples but then again, it takes away the surprise element. It costs £10 per box and delivery charges cost about £2.95 so total cost is £12.95 which is not too bad considering the luxe beauty samples you get delivered to you door step. They usually have discount codes for free shipping or some money off which is why it is important to subscribe to their newsletter here. I normally don't do this but I would really like to commend their customer service. I received a newsletter which said I could get the Beauty Blender guaranteed in my box if ordered on the said day through a link which I followed and placed an order and I used the free delivery code. In my excitement, I forgot to scroll down the email to see the beauty blender code..Ooops!! I was distraught but decided to call their Customer Service to let them know what I had done. They said they would sort it out for me (and they nicely still left my free shipping code on for me). I was so pleased to see that the Beauty Blender was included as promised which is why I think they rock. I paid only £10 for all this goodness which is super amazing!!

Contents of my Birch Box
It came in a colorful packaging with the Birch Box logo embossed on it and inside this colorful packaging is the box of samples. Inside this box, there is a bag/pouch which contains all the products. The actual box is quite small but it fits in quite a lot. Before I proceed, it is worth mentioning that June's Birch Box is inspired by the World Cup hence the Brazil Flag inspired pouch which is really pretty. The Theme is Global Strikers and it has products from various parts of the world. It also comes with a pamphlet which tells you about the products and some other interesting information gleaned from across the world including my country Nigeria ( info on Shea Butter). Now let's explore what I got in my Birch Box...

OPI Nail Polish The Brazilian Collection (Shade-Kiss Me I'm Brazilian)
This came in a Birch Box Pillow Case/Box which I think is so cute. It is very tiny but I love it and the name is so hilarious. It's only 3.75 ml so it is super tiny and I know it looks larger in this picture but it is not. It is a warm pink shade which is perfect for summer and it applies really well despite the wand/brush but you have to be a bit more careful when applying it.

Korres Citrus Body Milk
I was really pleased to see this in my box because I love Korres because their products are just unique and smell beautiful plus they are 90% natural. Korres Citrus Body Milk feels really moisturising without a greasy feeling  and it smells like Citrus as the name suggests which is perfect for Summer.

Silk+Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask
I had never heard about this brand before now but I can see it is an expensive one because the full size retails for £55. Blimey!! I have not used it yet but I think it would come in handy especially now that I have had my braids taken out. I secretly hope I don't fall in love with it (although it sounds very promising..I mean a mixture of Shea Butter and Honey sounds too lush to be ignored) because I doubt if I can fork out £55 for a hair mask...Nah mate!!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser + Muslin Cloth
You can't imagine how pleased I was to see this in my box. I have been contemplating trying the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser because it has been well hyped in the blogging world and it is indeed worth every hype. I love it because it feels ever so gentle and the muslin cloth is just fab. Maybe a review? and I would possibly consider buying the full size

Beauty Blender+Solid Cleanser
Fun Fact: My boyfriend was visiting while I was un-boxing this and he said ohhh they even included a stress ball....Bwahahahaha!!! He thought the Beauty Blender was a stress ball (bless him) but to be fair, it  actually looks and feels like one. Let's just say I have not stopped teasing him about that.  I have heard so much about the Beauty Blender and I had come close to buying other variations like the Real Techniques version and Model Co version but I really wanted to try the original one from Beauty Blender. Now this kit which contains the solid cleanser retails for £26 which is not a small sum to part with and I think it is amazing that Birch Box has included this. I really like it and I may do a full review on it. It is seriously the ultimate makeup sponge applicator and makes blending really easy. It can be used wet (soak it in water and squeeze out excess water) or use it dry. The sharp edges can be used for hard to reach areas of the face like under the eyes and between the nose. It just blends your makeup be it foundation, cream blush, concealer, highlighter really well to give a flawless look although it takes a lot of time so I don't use it when I am dashing out. I have not tried using the cleanser yet but will report back for a full review... so stay tuned.

Personal Thoughts
Let's not forget the cute Brazilian Themed Flip Flop Key Ring which now houses my office keys. Now what do I think of this box? I absolutely love it and I am pleased with all the products which I have received. I was really sceptical about Beauty Boxes but this particular Birch Box has blown my mind and I can't think of any product in here that I won't use. It's just so amazing that all the products I had been pining to try were included especially the Beauty Blender and Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. I think I may be a beauty box convert...only time will tell...See you in my next post!!!


  1. stress ball hahhahahaha!! wao great items for such small amount haha!

    1. This is exactly what I was going to say! :-)

    2. Thanks ladies...I know!!! Men could be so funny but my new Stress Ball..ahem Beauty Blender is really holding up well and I love it!!

  2. Such amazing products you have received :D the beauty blender is a sure winner :D

    1. It sure is and I am really pleased with this beauty blender :-)

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    1. Thanks so much for such a lovely comment and I visited your blog and it is really lovely!!

  4. Nice presentation!
    The box is really lovely!

    1. Thanks Helena, I was so pleased I got this box because it contained many products I loved...x


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